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Confirmed: Denver's defense is slow, soft, easily manipulated

Andy Behrens
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If you haven't yet seen the highlights of Larry Johnson's massive day against Denver, you can find them here, via

With no disrespect intended to LJ, let's just say that he's not actually as fast as the Broncos made him look in Week 4. The Denver defense is unusually generous.

Check out the clip of D.J. Williams attempting to tackle Johnson in the video above, near the 2:20 mark. That's not really something you want captured on film. It reeks of Archuleta.

So let there be no doubt: the Broncos will remain on the list of user-friendly defenses that we publish every Tuesday. The Lions and Rams will, too. You'll be picking on those teams all year.

Here are the NFL's ten most accommodating Ds, sorted by points allowed per game:

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