7-on-7: Record-setting Halloween in New Orleans (in the seats)

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The Saints beat the Steelers 20-10 in the Superdome on Sunday night, and at least one significant record was obliterated in the process. Three of the new record holders are pictured above. Details via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

An adjudicator from Guinness World Records verified that at least 17,777 fans attending the game Sunday night between the Saints and the Steelers at Louisiana Superdome came in costume, setting a record for the largest gathering of Halloween revelers.

According to the Guinness website, the record coming into the game had been set by 508 costumed people a year ago at a night club in Bloomington, Ind.

OK, so there are three important takeaways here:

1) If you're employed by Guinness in a record-verification capacity, your official title is adjudicator. That's a kick-ass job title.

2) The old record for "largest gathering of Halloween revelers" was embarrassingly small, and couldn't possibly have been the real record. I'm sure that lots of exciting things are happening every single day in Bloomington night clubs, but there's no way that a party attended by 508 people was actually a record setter. Doesn't seem like that would even be the Indiana state record. Guinness did well to bump it from the book.

3) As a percentage of total attendees, 17,777 isn't all that impressive. The Superdome's official seating capacity for Saints games is 69,703. You would actually think that a New Orleans crowd on Halloween might accidentally have 17,000-plus people in costume, even if nothing was planned. This new record — while certainly better than the old record — is going to fall, perhaps next year.

Without question, the most remarkable thing that happened on the field on Sunday night was Drew Brees'(notes) performance. He went 20-for-22 in the second half against one of the NFL's elite defenses. Brees completed over 70 percent of his throws a year ago, so accuracy is expected. But still, 20-for-22 versus Pittsburgh is something.

Brees finished with 305 passing yards and two touchdowns, and the Saints looked like themselves again. Nine different players had receptions, Darren Sharper(notes) had a key fumble recovery, the running game was a three-headed mess, Sean Payton won a critical challenge, and records fell. Typical New Orleans, basically.

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Tennessee wide receiver Kenny Britt(notes) was a beast in Week 7, torching the Eagles secondary (mostly Ellis Hobbs(notes)) for 225 yards and three scores. But the second-year receiver suffered a hamstring injury in the first quarter of the Titans' loss to the Chargers on Sunday, and his head coach says he'll likely miss "an extended period of time."

Tennessee has a bye in Week 9, but two weeks off apparently won't be enough for Britt. His team is scheduled to face two of the NFL's worst pass defenses in Weeks 11 and 12 — Washington, then Houston — so let's hope he recovers relatively soon.

Percy Harvin(notes) sprained his left ankle on Minnesota's second possession in the loss at New England, but he managed to return to the field, finishing with six receptions for 104 yards. He clearly wasn't in top shape following the game, however. The injury could become a problem. Details via the Star-Tribune:

"It's hurting pretty bad," he said. "It probably was adrenaline [that kept him going] and wanting to win real bad."


Harvin fell to the ground after a 21-yard gain and had to be helped off the field by athletic trainers. He was unable to put much weight on his left leg, but he missed only one series and was able to finish the game.

"I couldn't do much, but I was able to fight through it," he said. "I'll go see the trainers [Monday] and the doctors and we'll know more then."

Harvin also tweaked his head coach in a not-so-subtle way following the game. Good times in Minnesota.

This shouldn't surprise anyone, but we need to report it nonetheless: Brett Favre(notes) sounds confident that he'll be able to play next week against Arizona, despite the broken ankle, the bad elbow, and the stitches on his 41-year-old face. Favre is expected to undergo tests for a concussion this week, but he's reportedly confident that he'll pass. On Sunday, he took a brutal shot to chin that appeared to have jaw-fracturing potential. It's a small miracle that he was able to speak to the press following the loss.

You know, as bad as things look for the 2-5 Vikings right now, they actually have a path to .500. Seriously. Check the schedule: ARI, at CHI, GB, at WAS, BUF.

Is there some part of the world that cares about whether Jerry Jones is going to fire his head coach today, tomorrow, next week, or next spring? The point is, it's clearly going to happen. If you're involved in a Wade Phillips termination day pool, here's some necessary reading from the Dallas Morning News. Phillips provided the epitaph for the Cowboys' 2010 season in his postgame comments:

"I'm at a loss right now," Phillips said. "If I knew what to do, I would've already done it."

Oakland punished another opponent on Sunday, topping the Seahawks, 33-3. In their last two games, the Raiders have outscored the opposition 92 to 17. That's something we might expect from, say, the Oregon Ducks, but not from Oakland. Incredible.

Unfortunately for Tom Cable's squad, the Raiders did not escape Week 8 uninjured. Nnamdi Asomugha(notes), one of the NFL's elite corners, hurt his right ankle when he stepped on Golden Tate's(notes) foot. X-rays were negative. An MRI is scheduled for Monday; Asomugha reportedly couldn't put any weight on his right foot following the injury. If he misses time — and that seems like a strong possibility — we can all feel much better about starting Dwayne Bowe(notes) in Week 9.

Honestly, I never thought we'd see a Rams Report Card where Steven Jackson received the lowest grade. Seems like Jackson should receive extra credit for the awesomeness of his eyewear, and the fact that he was playing just six days after surgery. If that were my kid, I'd write a note to the teacher. Jackson's effort deserved better than a C+.


Photos via US Presswire (Saints fans) and AP Images (Britt)