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  • The Great Canadian Ratings Report: October trends hit NHL, NFL and CFL

    Chris Zelkovich at Eh Game1 day ago

    Two or three weeks worth of results aren't much of an indication of anything other than, say, a World Series. Two weeks there pretty much tells the whole story, whereas with something like television ratings, two weeks is barely a blip on the radar screen.

    But since we're in the business of analyzing small samples when it comes to sports ratings, two weeks can tell some stories. Here are two of them:

    The World According to Rogers

    So far the multi-channel, multi-game approach is producing typically strong ratings for the new Owner of All Things on Ice. Saturday night's Hockey Night In Canada early offerings produced an average of 2.2 milliion viewers, crushing all other sports programs by more than 1 million. On Friday, a Toronto Maple Leafs game pulled in 723,000 viewers in one province (Ontario, if you're geographically challenged.)

    But, so far, audiences for Hockey Night In Canada are actually lower than they were last season. And that 723,000 was pretty much what the Leafs averaged in Ontario last season. 

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