Alberta floods: Momo the cat saved by owner Kevan Yaets from sinking pickup truck

Jesse Michaels
Senior News Editor
Daily Buzz
Kevan Yaets crawls out the back window of his pick up truck with his cat Momo as flood waters sweep him downstream and submerge the cab in High River, Alberta on June 20, 2013 after the Highwood River overflowed its banks. Hundreds of people have been evacuated with volunteers and emergency crews helping to aid stranded residents.

Amidst the disaster of the flooding in Alberta, there's a small measure of good news: a man and his pet cat escaped a sinking pickup truck, and it was captured in dramatic fashion by Canadian Press photographer Jordan Verlage.

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Momo the cat and his owner Kevan Yaets had to swim to safety, after Yaets' truck was swept away by the flooded Highwood River in High River, Alberta. The city's name is unfortunately playing out in reality with the river's overflowing banks.

According to, the images of the rescue have made their way across Canada and have been published on the NBC News website in the U.S.

Y! Geekquinox blogger Scott Sutherland writes that tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes in southern Alberta over the past 24 hours, as swollen streams and rivers overflowed their banks, some with so little warning that residents had no choice to flee to the roof of their houses to await rescue.

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Residents in High River were some of the hardest hit, as the water flowed over the banks of the Highwood River, forcing them to evacuate to the local high school.