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  • Unbought Grey Cup tickets may be given to Canadian Forces members in a move recalling 1999

    Andrew Bucholtz at 55 Yard Line2 days ago

    Tickets for Sunday's Grey Cup still aren't sold out, with around 4,300 remaining as of Wednesday afternoon. While part of that's thanks to the huge venue, empty seats do pose a problem for atmosphere and perception, and there isn't an easy way to deal with that. If you deeply discount tickets or give them away normally, it offends the fans who already shelled out $175 to $445 for seats. Grey Cup committee chair Jamie Pitblado appears to have found an ingenious solution, though; he told Lowell Ullrich of  The Province that if tickets aren't sold by the weekend, the committee's contemplating giving them away, perhaps to Canadian Forces members, as they did at the 1999 Grey Cup:

    Pitblado said if the game is not sold out by the weekend his committee will consider giving away tickets as they did in 1999 when members of the military were given a chance to watch for free.

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  • Ranking and analyzing the ten Grey Cup return touchdowns, part II: the top five (videos)

    Andrew Bucholtz at 55 Yard Line3 days ago

    The return game is getting a lot of attention ahead of this week's 102nd Grey Cup thanks to Hamilton returner Brandon Banks notching two spectacular punt return touchdowns (on returns of 93 and 88 yards) in the Tiger-Cats' East Final win over Montreal Sunday. However, it's notable that in over a century of Grey Cup games, there have been very few return touchdowns: the official CFL Grey Cup record book from 2011 lists just 10 (five kickoff return touchdowns, four punt return touchdowns, and one missed field goal return touchdown), and the 2011, 2012 and 2013 games haven't added to that total. Banks, who was named our First Star of the week, certainly has the talent to potentially add to that list (and we may be due; 10 touchdowns in 101 Grey Cups is about one every 10, and we haven't had one since 2005), but it's not easy to do; a lot of the big-game returns have been pretty special. Here are videos and analysis of the top five returns in Grey Cup history. Make sure to see our other post on this for a look at the other five touchdowns, which are also quite memorable.

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