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  • Six Degrees Of Canadian Bacon: tracing CFL history and the league's connections to movie stars

    Andrew Bucholtz at 55 Yard Line4 days ago

    How many players does it take to connect through all of CFL history? How about to Hollywood? In both cases, the answer is probably less than you think. Inspired by Matt English tracing back 63 years of NHL history through three players (Jaromir Jagr, Guy Lafleur, and Jacques Plante), I embarked on a quest to get back to the origins of the CFL (officially formed in 1958, but effectively formed in 1954 when the B.C. Lions came into being). As I discussed on Twitter, it's possible to trace all of CFL history from 1954 through the present through four B.C. Lions teammates: Paul McCallum (in the CFL from 1993 to present), Lui Passaglia (played for B.C. from '76-'00, teammate of McCallum in '93 and '94), Jim Young (played for B.C. from '67-'79, teammate of Passaglia's from '76-'79) and Norm Fieldgate (played for B.C. from '54-'67, teammate of Young's in '67). However, that's just the start of what's possible. 

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  • CFL teams get into the Academy Awards spirit in a special edition of #MemeWarMonday, creating #CFLOscars for "Best Hair," "Best Fight Scene" and much more

    Andrew Bucholtz at 55 Yard Line7 days ago

    Sunday's 87th Academy Awards

    It's #MemeWarMonday! We're making our own #CFLOscars. We'll kick off. The award for best tattoos goes to @ChadOwens2 pic.twitter.com/dOPVkF1PyG

    The Saskatchewan Roughriders had a good response featuring a certain green Oscar:

    Our favourite Oscar is Oscar the Grouch #MemeWarMonday @TorontoArgos @REDBLACKS @calstampeders @Wpg_BlueBombers http://t.co/QBPeDwHwTw

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