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Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne Lead Floyd Mayweather to the Ring (Again!)

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The boys pose for a locker room snap. (Credit: Instagram)

They're a little more than boxing buddies.

Floyd Mayweather called on heavyweight pop singer Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne to walk him to the ring on Saturday night for his showdown against Marcos Maidana at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas.

The "Believe" singer and the "Young Money" rapper flanked the unbeaten boxer as he made his way down to the ropes, in what would be a more challenging fight than expected.

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Justin Bieber hangs in the ring with Mayweather. (Credit: Getty/Instagram)

The Biebs, who was rocking a fedora, a pair of shades, and a bright colored ensemble, took the opportunity to snap a couple ringside selfies with his pal once he had secured a win. He was also spotted giving Mayweather a supportive pat on the back as he faced the media frenzy.

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Bieber and Mayweather. (Credit: Getty Images)

Bieber posted the pics on Instagram and captioned one of the snaps, "He can't lose love u champ."

Lil Wayne also hopped in a couple photos and donned a pair of sunglasses to watch the fight, which was inside an arena.

Mayweather seemed happy about the support from his pals and took to Twitter to express his gratitude.

While Mayweather didn't lose the match, the margin for his win was pretty narrow. Perhaps the veteran boxer was a little distracted by all of the swagger from his A-list entourage?

Although, that's a hard case to make since this isn't the first time the two musicians have walked their boxing BFF to the ring. In September, they strolled with him to his fight against Canelo Alvarez. And nearly two years ago, the duo escorted Mayweather to his fight against Miguel Cotto at Las Vegas' MGM Grand arena.

Bieber and Mayweather have certainly struck up an unlikely friendship. Prior to the big fight, the boxer and the pop star got massages and pedicures together, which Biebs documented in an Instagram video.

Mayweather told the camera, "We call this the good life." The Michigan-bred fighter, who has often referred to the "Somebody to Love" crooner as a member of his "Money Team," might even be going into business with his pal. According to Yahoo Sports reporter Melanie Collins, Mayweather said he put a call into Bieber and Magic Johnson to discuss joint ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Watch out world, it looks like this is becoming a serious bromance.

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