Solis suffered nasty knee injury in wacky first-round loss to Klitschko

Steve Cofield
Boxing Experts BlogMarch 21, 2011

So much for the cries of impropriety. After just three minutes of action, heavyweight title challenger Odlanier Solis had to retire from his fight against WBC champ Vitali Klitschko. His doctor says in spite of people claiming something was fishy, Solis suffered a severe knee injury towards the end of the first round.

"I haven't seen a knee torn apart like this in a long time," senior physician Dr. Joern Michael stated after doing an arthroscopy.

The diagnosis included an ACL rupture, articular cartilage damage and meniscal tear in Solis' right knee.

With 19,000 in attendance in Cologne, Germany, a huge build up to the fight and a large audience viewing on, there was a lot of frustration about the surreal ending to the fight.  Former champ Lennox Lewis thought there had to be a pre-existing injury and said Solis was afraid to pull out before the fight.

According to Solis, his manager and the doctor the injury was suffered during the fight.{ysp:more}

"I was just unlucky," says Solis. "I didn't even feel the shot that he landed on me and it certainly did not take me out. I felt that there was something wrong with my leg and I lost my balance. When I went down I knew immediately that there was something wrong. I promise that I will be back soon and even stronger — if I get a second chance I will win the title."

Solis and his promoter Ahmet Oner want a rematch.

"Vitali knows exactly what it means to lose a fight due to an injury," Oner said. "He has been asking Lennox Lewis for a re-match for years and years and it didn't materialize. We hope that Vitali will not put Solis in a similar situation like he has been in. Solis has earned a second chance."

Solis is now 17-1. It's unlikely the 39-year-old Klitschko will find an opening to face Solis again in the future.

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