Pacquiao used steroids? Mosley denies saying that on Twitter

Steve Cofield
Boxing Experts BlogMay 23, 2011

The crazy world of 140 characters. Sarcasm stinks on Twitter and it's very easy to get burned once what looks like a critical statement goes viral. Shane Mosley found that out after his comments about Manny Pacquiao, @sugarshanem, blossomed into what many were labeling a steroid allegation.

Mosley says his Tweet was misunderstood:

"There has been some media coverage recently, stating that I accused Manny Pacquiao of steroid use on Twitter.  This is not true.  I personally respond to my followers on Twitter, and there was an article sent to me which I Re-tweeted.  I did not write the article and did not say that I agree with it.  I have defended Manny Pacquiao publicly regarding these type of allegations, stating that they have never been proven true," Mosley told Yahoo! Sports through a P.R. person.

"In our post-fight press conference I told the world that Manny won because he was the better man that night. Manny and I have a mutual respect for one another as true warriors and gentlemen.  We both strive to be the best we can be at boxing, as family men, and as humanitarians."

The initial reports were shocking considering the fact that Mosley is working a deal to have Pacquiao's promoter Top Rank Promotions assist him with his new promotion. Bob Arum and Mosley pledged their allegiance shortly after the Pacman fight at the MGM.