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Jeff Mayweather says the Floyds’ dispute can’t be settled until after the fight

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HBO jumped all over another chapter in the war between father and son. The ugly scene between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his father made for uncomfortable television to say the least.

It wasn't phony or drummed up for the reality show. The Floyds haven't spoken since Aug. 16 and Jeff Mayweather, brother of Floyd Sr., says that's the way it has to be for now.

"I've got to try to do it after that fight," he said. "By that time, the egos will probably be cooled down, and all that stuff. This fight's important for Floyd and there doesn't need to be any press about those two -- I mean, the negative press," Mayweather told the Grand Rapids Press. "They don't have to be like they were before, when they had a great relationship at one time, but they should at least be civil."

Jeff says if he had been there the day the major brouhaha went down, he could've stepped in to make peace.

On top of that, he believes Camp Mayweather should've instructed HBO to scrap the argument from its latest installment on the 24/7 series. Once the footage hit television and the internet there was no turning back.

"That's the reason the healing might take some time," he said. "The Mayweathers are supposed to be a dysfunctional family, so something like this plays right into HBO's hands, with what they're marketing and what they're selling."

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