You can now buy a T-shirt featuring Hank, the stray dog taken in by the Brewers

Amid all the usual weirdness of spring training, the Milwaukee Brewers have given us an unusual story that will make even non-baseball fans say "awwww." They took in a stray dog, named him Hank and he's become the team's honorary spring mascot down in Arizona.

These days, Hank is hanging around, cozying up with players, running with the Racing Sausages and getting chew toys that resemble opposing teams. He's also now been placed on a T-shirt, thanks to some enterprising folks back home in Milwaukee.

Brew City Brand Apparel has released two "Crank One for Hank" T-shirts, each selling for $16.99-$18.99. We just hope Brew City sends Hank some doggy treats for using his likeness.

It remains to be seen whether Hank will officially get adopted by the Brewers and travel back to Milwaukee. We're hoping he does and we hope "Crank one for Hank" becomes a thing. It'll be easier to cheer for Ryan Braun homers if he's cranking one for Hank, right?

On a related note: If you like dogs, sports and bracket contests, we recommend you go check out Yahoo Sports' cutest puppy bracket. Hank isn't in it, but that's cool, because he'd totally win anyway.

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