Our 10 favorite moments from John Rocker’s Ask-Me-Anything session on Reddit

Mike Oz

John Rocker did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit on Tuesday, in which anyone could show up to the popular web forum and ask Rocker anything. Anything! About baseball, PEDs, racism. Whatever.

It went as well as you'd expect — which, if you know Rocker's reputation, you'd know it wasn't going to be anything other than a total trainwreck. It wasn't as goofy as Jose Canseco's AMA, but it was much more confrontational.

Rocker — whose baseball past includes attempting to tell off all of New York, threatening a reporter and admitting to steroid use — approached the Reddit Q & A like a dude walking into a bar looking to fight everybody in there. He knew what he was getting himself into, and came out swinging.

These days Rocker has a book out and does radio analyst work for ESPN and The Sporting News, but he wasn't there to shill for himself. He was there, mostly, to trade barbs with people who didn't like him. And isn't that the point of the Internet?

That in mind, here are our 10 favorite moments from John Rocker's Ask Me Anything:

1. When he set the tone for the whole session. This is the second question.

2. When he went for the "Mom's Basement" diss.

3. When he reiterated his opinion of New York.

4. When he told us how thick his skin is.

5. When he listed off women he dated to prove he wasn't racist.

6. When Rocker said he and A-Rod are friends. Because of course.

7. When he said he knows dirty players but isn't going to tell us.

8. When we realized John Rocker doesn't watch our favorite show and we were happy.

9. When he gave us Kenny Powers facts.

10. When he signed off.

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