Beijing Olympics will allow only local fans to attend games due to COVID-19

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If you want to attend the Beijing Olympics, you better live in China. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) released updates on the event Wednesday which stated tickets will "be sold exclusively to spectators residing in China’s mainland."

In addition to living in China, fans will also need to meet the "requirements of the COVID-19 countermeasures" laid out by the IOC. Those requirements are still being determined, and will be released "in due course," according to the organization. 

The IOC believes limiting the Games to local fans will make the Beijing Olympics safer. It also believes the move will "facilitate the growth of winter sports in China."

The Tokyo Olympics, which were held in July, operated without fans. The IOC considered allowing local fans to attend the Games, but eventually decided on no fans after Japan declared a state of emergency in early July due to rising COVID-19 cases.

IOC unveils vaccination policy for athletes at Beijing Olympics

The IOC also released some vaccination policies for athletes. Those who are fully vaccinated will enter a closed-loop management system — essentially a bubble — upon arrival. Athletes who are not vaccinated will need to quarantine in Beijing for 21 days.

Athletes can apply for a medical exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine. The IOC will review each case.

All athletes and members of the workforce in the bubble will be subject to daily COVID-19 testing.

Olympics rings in Antwerp.
Only local fans will be allowed to attend the Beijing Olympics. (Photo by DAVID STOCKMAN/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)