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  • Police arrest man they said forgot to log off Facebook on computer in home he was robbing

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    26-year-old Nicholas Wig allegedly broke into a St. Paul, Minnesota home last week and stole several items, and he might have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for one dumb act. Police say that the Minnesota man, while inside the home of James Wood, logged onto Facebook but then forgot to log off. As WCCO CBS Minnesota reports, this helped lead to his arrest.

    When homeowner James Wood arrived back at his house, he discovered it had been ransacked. Credit cards, cash, and a watch were missing. Strangely enough, a pair of wet sneakers and a pair of wet pants not belonging to Mr. Wood were left behind. “[I] kind of started to panic,” the St. Paul resident told WCCO. However, when he went on to his computer, he noticed an important clue as to who had done the deed, telling the station, “He pulled up his Facebook profile, he left it up.” That’s right, Mr. Wig had forgotten to log off his account.

    Police arrived and arrested Mr. Wig, who was wearing Mr. Wood’s watch at the time. He faces up to 10 years in prison and $20,000 in fines if he is convicted.


  • Wanted man turns himself in after being inspired by reality show

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    Alaska State Troopers is a show on the National Geographic Channel (Nat Geo) about, “ one of the toughest law enforcement agencies in the nation, patrolling alone on unforgiving terrains. Responding by land, air, and sea—with backup sometimes days away—these troopers patrol hundreds of miles of rugged terrain in bone-chilling temperatures to protect the people and wildlife of Alaska.” Apparently the show has made quite the impact on at least one man. As KTUU Channel 2 News reports, a wanted man turned himself in to the agency after watching some episodes of the show.

    KTUU reports that the charges Mr. Fahey faces include, “Forgery in the second degree, Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance in the fourth, Theft in the second, Felony Escape in the second, three counts Failure to Appear for original charges of Driving With License Revoked, and Probation Violation.”

  • Park ranger loses job after he was seen dancing while on the clock

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    Deryl Nelson, a park ranger for the City of Chattanooga at Coolidge Park, was known to some in the area as the “dancing park ranger” for his enthusiasm for getting down while on duty. It all started about a year into his job, when the Tennessee resident joined a large group of people dancing to Los del Rio’s seminal classic, “Macarena,” and the group responded well to it. From that point, he would often dance while on the job in uniform and it was apparently fine until this month when a mother shot video of him and complained, as WRCB Channel 3 Eyewitness News reports.

    Mr. Nelson says that dancing was just a manner in which he expressed himself, describing it as, "Clean fun. It's nothing like, you know, doing any bumping and grinding.” Regardless, the public works department determined it was inappropriate and fired him for two violations: “conduct unbecoming of an employee,” and “inefficiency or negligence in performance of duties.”

  • Man makes nearly 10,000-mile-long journey to get into his HSBC bank account

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    Robert Lewis was once a resident of Hong Kong. The man, while living there, opened up a bank account with HSBC Bank. However, when Mr. Lewis left Hong Kong in 2011 for Wagga Wagga, Australia (where he currently resides), he stopped using the account. Last April, though, he tried using his ATM card and realized it wasn’t working because of a security upgrade. When he tried accessing his account online to get a new one, he learned that he was not allowed to because he didn’t have an internet security device. As the South China Morning Post reports, trying to get an HSBC internet security device would lead Mr. Lewis on a very long journey.

    More info: South Morning China Post

  • College rowing team rescues woman in the Mississippi River

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    Four members of the University of Minnesota’s rowing team are being hailed as heroes after they rescued a woman they had come across in the Mississippi River. Last Wednesday, two coaches and two rowers were practicing on the water when they came across an injured woman who had become tangled in tree branches along the shore. As KMSP FOX 9 reports, the woman who was rescued had already been in the water for a while.

    The Star Tribune reports that it was at 7:15 AM that the rowers saw the woman, who was only wearing a T-shirt and underwear. While the woman was conscious, it appeared she was suffering from a broken leg, possibly broken ribs, and hypothermia. “I can’t imagine her lasting much longer,” assistant coach Peter Morgan told the Tribune. “There are not many people on the river. We are very thankful we were there.”

  • Boy fakes kidnapping because he didn’t want to go to the dentist

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    Last May, police in the French village of St. Gervais came across a young boy who was hiding. When they asked why he was hiding, the boy launched into a story of how he had been abducted by a stranger in the nearby town of Bagnois and had only just managed to escape. As The Local reports, it wouldn’t be until after police officers launched a full investigation that they realized the 12-year-old hadn’t actually been kidnapped. He was just trying to skip out on a trip to the dentist.

    The Local, relaying a report in the French newspaper Midi Libre, writes that that the boy gave a detailed description of the supposed kidnapper, down to his height and wardrobe. The child also described the car that the suspect was driving. He told police that he had been on his way to his dental appointment when a stranger forced him into his car and sped off.

    More info: The Local

  • Teen accused of graffiti allegedly tags the courtroom he’s being prosecuted in

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    A teenager accused of vandalism might have just gotten in even more trouble. As the Los Angeles Times reports, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department arrested 18-year-old Francisco Canseco on charges of graffiti vandalism of several locations, including inside the San Diego Superior Courthouse. The San Diego Superior Courthouse is a notable place for Mr. Canseco to have allegedly tagged, because it happens to be the very same place the Southern California teen was being prosecuted for acts of vandalism.

    More info: Los Angeles Times, KPBS

  • Russian lawmaker proposes high heel ban

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    Oleg Mikheyev, a member of Russia’s parliament, is suggesting a ban that is angering a lot of people in his country. Mr. Mikheyev, in a proposal sent to the Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Union, Vikto Khristenko, asked for a ban on high heels, or at the very least, strict regulation on how high heels can be. As reported by the Agence France-Presse (via The Times of India), Mr. Mikheyev wrote, "Footwear should have heels that are two to four centimeters high, five centimeters high at the most.” Converted to our system of measurement, that would mean heels couldn’t be higher than approximately 2 inches.

    More info: AFP (via The Times of India), The Moscow Times

  • Tourists claim they took a photo of a ghost while visiting Alcatraz

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    While visiting San Francisco, California last April, British couple Sheila Sillery-Walsh and Paul Rice decided to check out Alcatraz Island and its infamous former prison. It immediately left an impression. “Alcatraz Penitentiary is a must-see for any tourist,” Ms. Sillery-Walsh told the Daily Mail. “However as soon as we entered the prison, everything felt very eerie. I didn’t feel comfortable there.” If you think the photograph Ms. Sillery-Walsh is what she says it is, you won’t blame her for feeling uncomfortable.

    KRON 4 News points out Alcatraz officials have dismissed claims of ghosts and other supernatural elements in the past, but notes that former guards and park rangers swear that the island and prison are haunted.

  • Woman suing Kohl’s because they won’t stop calling about the $20 she owes them

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    Lisa Ratliff of Ypsilanti, Michigan is probably going to stop shopping at Kohl’s. The 29-year-old woman says she intended to pay off a $20 balance on her overdue credit card bill, but when she started getting multiple reminder calls on a daily basis, she got so annoyed she decided to take the retail chain to court. As the Detroit Free Press reports, Ms. Ratliff has filed a lawsuit claiming that Kohl’s, “ violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a 1991 law that makes it illegal to call a cell phone using an auto dialer or prerecorded voice without the recipient’s consent.”

    More info: Detroit Free Press, WJBK