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  • A's survive, Derek Jeter exits, Nationals get no-hitter on final day of MLB season

    Tim Brown at Yahoo Sports1 day ago

    Of the many possibilities, only one ballclub played Sunday afternoon to avoid elimination. And so it was that Felix Hernandez lifted his arms to the people of Safeco Field, and bowed to them, and held his hands to his heart. The Seattle Mariners were knocked out by a final score from some 1,700 miles away, after 161½ games, and it was Hernandez who said the thank yous, and the goodbyes.

    The Mariners were out. Ten others were in. And chaos is overrated, unless you happen to regularly outfit yourself in northwest green and, every fifth day, a bedazzled paper crown.

    A hit from Derek Jeter, a wave from Paul Konerko, a no-hitter from Jordan Zimmermann, a batting title from Jose Altuve, an aborted warm-up routine from Adam Wainwright, and the final Sunday of baseball's regular season ended pretty much as it began.

    Oh, there was potential. There was drama. There were tears and celebration, regret and relief, trembling hands and promises for better. And that was just on the Oakland A's bus to the ballpark.

    And, yet, by late afternoon, the teams that were ahead stayed ahead, and the teams that were so teasingly close behind stayed there, too.

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    Sun, Sep 28
    LA Angels1 - 4Seattle
    Game Recap
  • MLB Power Rankings: Angels solid at the top

    Tim Brown at Yahoo Sports4 days ago

    On the trouble stockpiling Curly W’s, Clint Hurdle’s poker face and what’s left of the rotation in San Francisco:

    The rankings (records through Wednesday):

    1. Los Angeles Angels (98-61; Previous: 1) – To combat injuries, Hamilton gets a dozen shots. Feels a little better, but, dang, leaking like a sieve.

    2. Baltimore Orioles (95-63; Previous: 2) – Debate over benefits of Adderall ends when Chris Davis lifts pickup truck.

    3. Washington Nationals (92-64; Previous: 3) – Nats use up all the Curly W’s, postseason plan is for Shemp W’s.

    4. Los Angeles Dodgers (91-68; Previous: 4) – Prospect Joc Pederson makes Wrigleyville coffee run, reminds rookies they will not be handed a big-league job, but must urn it.

    5. St. Louis Cardinals (88-71; Previous: 6) – Lackey said to be unhappy about extra rest in regular season’s final week, because, well, he’s happiest when he’s unhappy.

    6. Pittsburgh Pirates (86-72; Previous: 11) – Hurdle won’t gamble with bullpen, knows when to Holdzkom.

    7. Detroit Tigers (88-70; Previous: 9) – Ausmus dials bullpen number, gets FEMA hotline.

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