Tim Brown

  • More Dodgers drama: Matt Kemp out of the lineup, then in, after Yasiel Puig benched

    Tim Brown at Yahoo Sports15 days ago

    LOS ANGELES – Barely breakfast Friday morning at Dodger Stadium.

    Matt Kemp appeared to be unhappy. The legend Manny Mota shook his hand in the clubhouse, and Kemp could barely muster eye contact. He turned away. Juan Uribe wrapped him in a hug near the batting cage and Kemp shrugged. He was hardly in the mood to talk. He wasn't in the lineup, fresh off the disabled list, three guys in the outfield, but not him, and he definitely lugged an unhappy vibe.

    Don Mattingly appeared to be decisive. He'd go with the lineup that gave him the likeliest chance to win, one without Kemp for a day, like the way the Miami Heat feathered in D-Wade or some such analogy nobody quite got but, hey, he tried. This was a matchup decision, the right-hander today and a left-hander tomorrow, maybe a loyalty thing – the other three had been on the field for the better part of eight weeks – but above all the beginning of four healthy outfielders for three positions, what had once been called a luxury but at the moment Mattingly recognized as "a situation." Sure, Kemp was unhappy. Mattingly was decisive.

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