Tim Brown

  • As Freeway Series opens, Angels and Dodgers starting to look like rivals

    Tim Brown at Yahoo Sports15 days ago

    LOS ANGELES – First off, they're not in the same town. They're not in the same county. If that dude up north with all the Bitcoins and the bright idea about six Californias has his way, they won't even be in the same state.

    They are separated by 31 miles as I-5 flies, which it never does, so that's not relevant.

    They've never played an important game against each other. Only once – five years ago – were they sort of close to playing an important game, and that died inside four days in late October, in an imprecise Vicente Padilla start in Philadelphia and a chilly two-error night in the Bronx. Over more than a half-century, that's about it.

    But, well, here they are, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels, generally overrun by the Los Angeles Lakers but typically not until training camp opens, each of them mid-summer relevant, each of them riding along in an era of West Coast baseball revival.

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