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  • The Player: NHL realignment, fraternizing with the enemy and the shootout

    The Player at Puck Daddy1 yr ago

    (The Player is an active member of a National Hockey League team. Anonymous by choice, he will provide insights about life in hockey on occasion throughout the season.)

    Many of you have written in with questions about life in pro hockey. Here are some answers in our latest mailbag edition:

    Q. What are your feelings about NHL realignment next season? (J. Smith)

    A: I would say I have mixed feelings about realignment.

    Geographically, it makes more sense, with the exception of the Florida teams being in a division with the teams from the Northeast. The way I understand it is that travel will be significantly improved for some teams – particularly for the likes of Winnipeg, Dallas and Detroit. The creation of a true Central Division is a positive thing for all the teams in that time zone. Likewise, moving Detroit and Columbus over to the East makes so much sense simply because they are in the eastern time zone. To have had them in the Western Conference at all was quite an ask for those teams.

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