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  • King's Korner - Three names to crown in fantasy football in Week 2

    Shaun King at Roto Arcade 9 mths ago

    Welcome to the second edition of King’s Korner – where I give you all the information and insight you need to succeed in your fantasy football league.

    Here’s my list of three “kings” I’m crowning in Week 2:

    Minnesota QB Teddy Bridgewater (MIN) – Yeah, I know what you’re saying – Teddy was terrible on Monday night . If you actually look at the numbers (23-of-32, 231 yards and an interception), it’s not so bad. If Teddy h2o can complete passes at that kind of clip against a Lions D that gave up 440 yards and two touchdowns to Philip Rivers, look out. Bridgewater could be in for a 300-yard, 2 TD day.

    RB Justin Forsett (BAL) – The Ravens face the Raiders Sunday, who last week gave up 63 rushing yards and 2 TD’s to Jeremy Hill – and he only played a half of football. Forsett was solid in Week 1 against a stout Denver D, and I think he could do it again. Sign me up for 140 all-purpose yards and a score.

    Finally, here’s my own “jester” – a guy to avoid - for Week 2:

    What would you say to Mr. King: hail or fail? Send him your take on Twitter @realshaunking.

  • Shaun King's 2015 NFL mock draft 3.0: Playing GM for a day

    Shaun King at Yahoo Sports 1 yr ago

    I will assume the role of general manager for all 32 NFL teams in this mock draft, my third one of 2015. My philosophy: teams should utilize the draft primarily to upgrade their talent, factoring in need only when it properly meets skill.

    Expect the first round to have multiple trades, but I didn't factor any into this mock. Hope you enjoy and feel free to let me know your thoughts @realshaunking.

    1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers The pick: Jameis Winston (QB, Florida State) – There were recent reports stating that Tampa may be leaning toward selecting Marcus Mariota or trading this pick. Believe none of them. Winston is the best QB prospect to enter the NFL since Andrew Luck. Tampa has multiple holes on its roster but none bigger than at QB.

    3. Jacksonville Jaguars The pick: Amari Cooper (WR, Alabama) – The top priority is to see Blake Bortles succeed. Cooper is a complete WR in his route running, speed, hands and production. Adding him to the Jags' offense makes Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee better. I was tempted to go pass rusher here but providing a young QB with an elite weapon won out.


  • Shaun King's mock draft 2.0: Amari Cooper holds WR lead; Randy Gregory remains in top 10

    Shaun King at Yahoo Sports 1 yr ago

    With the majority of free-agent signings behind us, teams' needs have changed. My second 2015 mock NFL draft reflects what teams acquired, or in some instances lost, via free agency.

    This mock does not incorporate trades, but I firmly believe there will be quite a bit of movement come draft day.

    1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Needs: OL, pass rusher, QB The pick: Jameis Winston (QB, Florida State) – No matter what you hear, the Bucs are not trading the first pick and they are drafting Winston. Head coach Lovie Smith all but said it Wednesday at the NFL owners' meetings.

    [Related: Grading all 32 teams' free-agent moves]

    9. New York Giants Needs: OL, pass rusher, safety The pick: La'el Collins (OT, LSU) – Coach Tom Coughlin has seen what investing in the offensive line has done for the Dallas Cowboys. Collins is an excellent run blocker and has the athleticism to become a solid pass protector.

  • Lesson learned. Why you always start your stars in the fantasy playoffs

    Shaun King at Yahoo Sports Fantasy Minute 1 yr ago

    Well, it’s all over. And this week, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Sure, we could point a finger at Aaron Rodgers for a crummy showing in the fantasy semifinals, or get upset that Jamaal Charles didn’t get in the end zone (although Knile Davis owners should rejoice) but that’s part of the game. We rode them all year and they didn’t come through. Sometimes, you just have a bad week.

    But, sometimes we learn the lesson at the wrong time. That lesson being to START YOUR STARS! Eddie Lacy had a decent week, with 97 yards on 15 carries and a score. Unfortunately for some of us, he was casually slotted in the bench position in lieu of, in my case, Chris Johnson. Yes, that’s right. Chris Johnson. How dare we! We drafted Lacy in the first round for a reason. We banked on him to come through in situations like this, and over-thinking put him on our bench. Shame on us. In a do-or-die situation, it’s just better to take the thinking out of it, and play the guys who got us there.

    There goes the shiny, gold fantasy football championship trophy yet again.

  • As many of our fantasy seasons end, we can point the finger at two elite players.

    Shaun King at Yahoo Sports Fantasy Minute 1 yr ago

          It stings.  It was a long road to the fantasy football playoffs and it stings for it all to end this way.  After nearly three months of tinkering and scouring Yahoo Fantasy rankings and videos, we had our opening round playoff game. Then in on the same Sunday, saw our fantasy championship celebrations vanish as two elite quarterbacks delivered coal to all the NICE boys and girls.     When we sat down for our drafts in August, we had a game plan. For some of us, It was grab Peyton Manning at the tail end of the first round. In fact, in fantasy leagues across Yahoo, Peyton’s average draft position was 11.2.   And could you blame us? The man tossed 55 touchdowns and nearly 5500 yards last year.     For others, it was nabbing that top tier running back in the first round, and then quietly selecting Drew Brees in the second. (His average draft position was 17th overall)       Needless to say, we were invested in these two as fantasy owners. You expect your top 2 or three picks to drive your fantasy squad to the championship.  Here’s how our fantasy heroes fared in the...

  • In the playoff hunt? Don't pin your championship dreams to these guys.

    Shaun King at Yahoo Sports Fantasy Minute 1 yr ago

    Here we go again. Another week, another group of fantasy running backs to consider. But I’m here to tell you why at least two of them will be unreliable for you as you approach your fantasy playoffs.

     If you’re in the hunt for the postseason, you may be tempted to invest in CJ Anderson or Isaiah Crowell in hopes they establish themselves in time to go off in Weeks 14, 15, and 16. My advice?


    In the case of C.J. Anderson, you’re really deciding if you think Peyton Manning will get moody. Having played with Peyton for a short time, I can tell you it all comes down to his mood in the playcalling. If C.J. blows a pass block assignment, it’s next man up for Peyton’s offense. You just don’t know what you’re going to get there, and we can’t bank our fantasy hopes on that.

    If you are in the playoff hunt, you know these last two weeks of the regular season are crucial … and these guys just might blow it for you.


  • Please! For the sake of fantasy owners... just pick a Running Back!

    Shaun King at Yahoo Sports Fantasy Minute 1 yr ago

    It isn’t easy being a fantasy football owner. In reality, all we’re looking for is a little consistency. Sure, the ubiquitous lineup tinkering makes the fantasy game something we come back for every season. But if an NFL coaching staff can’t make a decision, how are we as fantasy owners supposed to? I’m looking at you Tampa Bay, Minnesota and Cleveland.

    Let’s start with Tampa Bay, where it’s been a carousel even Busch Gardens owners are jealous of . First, it was Doug Martin, then Bobby Rainey filled in, then Martin came back, now it’s Rainey again, with whispers of Charles Sims and Mike James. Will this turn into a four-headed running attack? Please no. 

    Next up, the Vikings. Yes, the Adrian Peterson suspension changed everything. It forced us to actually fill that RB1 spot occupied by AP for all but one week in the fantasy regular season. So, we went out and got Matt Asiata, who gave us four touchdowns in three weeks. Enter Jerick McKinnon, who took over the feature back role, but hasn’t scored a touchdown all year. Matt Asiata usurps three trips to the house again in Week 9! Really?

    Please, make a decision! Because I can’t make mine, until you make yours.


  • Ranking the NFL coaches: No surprise at No. 1; NFC West well-represented in top 5

    Shaun King at Yahoo Sports 1 yr ago

    There are so many ingredients to consider when compiling a midseason power ranking of NFL head coaches: How much do you weigh past success versus current reality? How much credence do you give longevity? Does postseason failure completely make sustained regular-season success meaningless?

    And on and on.

    Here are my conclusions (from bottom to top). Please feel free to chime in and let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section or via Twitter (@realshaunking):

    32. Tony Sparano, Oakland Raiders This was easy because although Sparano is a good coach, interim coaches are rarely retained. So in essence this is a team ranking as much as a coach ranking.

    31. Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars Gus is a helluva coach. The passion and energy the Jaguars play with is a testament to the job he is in the process of doing in Jacksonville. He has the most upside of anyone on this list. However, the NFL is a bottom-line business and 5-19 is hard to defend.

    26. Joe Philbin, Miami Dolphins A game below .500 through his first 39 games with the team. Miami has improved under his leadership, but I still have issues with him not knowing what was going on in his locker room last year.

  • At long last, your fantasy football workhorses have arrived

    Shaun King at Yahoo Sports Fantasy Minute 1 yr ago

    Well, fantasy friends… we’ve done it again for you. If you happened to take a gander at Fantasy Football Live this week (Sunday’s at 11:30 AM ET/8:30 AM PT only on Yahoo! Sports), you would’ve have received even more iron-clad fantasy advice.

    In King’s Korner, we said it’s time to lean on Brian Quick. Sure, the Rams came up short against the Eagles on Sunday, but YOU probably didn’t if you had Quick in your lineup. The former Mountaineer chewed up 87 yards on 5 catches and made two trips to the land of six. But seriously, don’t miss us on Sunday mornings. It can only end in championships.

    On another note, how refreshing was it to see our fantasy studs show up win Week 5? Gronk, Ellington, Jackson, Thomas, and Lacy – all stars that made it out of the fantasy football witness protection program. Most of us owners burned early round picks on these guys and, finally in Week 5, they make a splash.

    It’s goes to show you, fantasy experts love being right on mid-range fliers like Quick, but it’s more satisfying when the fantasy studs we expect big things from come through. Now, let’s see if they can keep it going… if for no other reason than I hate losing.