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  • A golf pro saved a man's life who had driven his car in a water hazard

    Shane Bacon at Devil Ball Golf3 days ago

    A head golf pro has plenty of duties that they don't teach you during your PGA training. Your life is your golf course, and that might mean giving lessons to juniors, cutting holes when your maintenance man calls in sick, and picking up range balls when nobody else is around to do it.

    One thing you don't expect to do is save someone who just drove their vehicle into one of your water hazards on the golf course. That scenario went down at the Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club in Calgary, Alberta this past Saturday when head pro Josh Gardner had to act fast to save a life of someone who drove their vehicle into one of the lakes on his property.

    Gardner was giving a lesson when he heard a bang, and saw the minivan go airborne and land in the middle of a lake on his golf course. Gardner acted fast, jumping in to save whoever was in the sinking vehicle.

    , Gardner unbuckled the man in the driver's seat, pulled him out of the sinking car and swam him to safety as the car was quickly disappearing. The 40-year-old man in the vehicle was taken to the hospital and appears to be fine, all thanks to a head pro who acted fast and got this guy out of his car as quick as he could.

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  • Bud Cauley's Sunday hole-in-one earned everybody in the stands $100

    Shane Bacon at Devil Ball Golf4 days ago

    It's unusual for any golf course to end on a par-3. The normal finishing hole is a long par-4 or even a risk-reward type of hole like the par-5 finishing hole at the BMW PGA Championship, but you don't normally see a golf tournament decided with this distance.

    Since the Greenbrier Classic is one of the few that concludes with a par-3, they ran a promotion this week for fans sitting around the 18th green. If a PGA Tour play knocks his tee shot in for a hole-in-one and you are in the stands on the 18th, you win a cool $100.

    Bud Cauley made this promotion a reality on Sunday when he hit a beautiful tee shot on the final hole that landed a few feet short, rolled out perfectly and dropped in for the hole-in-one.

    The fans got some cash in their pockets, Cauley closed with an eagle for a smooth final round 64 and the Greenbrier got to boast that their awesome promotion on the final hole paid off, literally.

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