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  • Daily Dime: Eight hitters under a blood red sky

    Scott Pianowski at Roto Arcade 1 day ago

    This is what I wanted to do: build a Daily Fantasy Lineup with all of my hitters from the Coors Field special between the Giants (hiya, Rusin) and the Rockies (we’ll get you, Vogelsong). The game total is set for 11 runs, well ahead of everything on the Thursday card.  

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    I couldn’t get Buster Posey or Nolan Arenado into the mix, but I did get eight hitters I like, plus two pitchers I can live with. 

    Who’s with me? Here are the starters; we'll defend them below. 

    The beauty of the San Francisco side of the stack is that it doesn’t even cost that much. Pagan and Tomlinson are the 1-2 hitters and go for a collective $21. We have to accept Juan Perez at $7 just to make the salaries fit, and Posey and Marlon Byrd were an eyelash out of the price range. But we also get Matt Duffy hitting third ($17), and three key pieces of the Colorado offense (Hundley, Paulsen, Cargo). There’s a lot of platoon advantage in our Great Eight – only Hundley doesn’t enjoy it Thursday night.

  • Shuffle Up: Julio and Maclin, then you'll be cackling

    Scott Pianowski at Roto Arcade 2 days ago

    If you're new to the Shuffle Up series, welcome aboard. Let's settle on the general rules, then get you some prices. 

    [Rankings: Top players overall and by position]

    The first thing to know: the dollar values are unscientific in nature. I'm just looking for a way to compare the players to one another, in a manner that's easily digested. You might need to bid more on these guys to land them in an auction; maybe you can get them for less. Season to taste. Adjust to your league. 

    Players at the same price are considered even. And these prices aren't necessarily meant to be compared to players at other shuffle positions. Each positional shuffle is its own entity. 

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    Assume a half-point PPR format, a compromise between standard formats and full-fledged PPR. 

  • Daily Dime: Chris Sale and a bunch of Diamondbacks

    Scott Pianowski at Roto Arcade 3 days ago

    Another heavy slate of DFS baseball, coming right up. Be sure to double-check weather and lineups before you make those final commitments.

    Chris Sale, SP, at MIN (Duffey), $65: His ERA isn’t pretty against the Twins this year, but maybe there’s a lot of noise in that: he still has 32 strikeouts and just five walks against Minnesota, covering 23.2 innings. Positive regression is in order.

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    Scott Feldman, SP, vs. SEA (Elias), $33: After emptying the wallet for Sale, I need to go cheaper with the second pitcher (especially with a Colorado game in play). Feldman’s profile is ordinary, but he’s also a -175 favorite working at home against a losing club. That’s the appeal here, chasing some win points. The Astros also have the second-best bullpen ERA in the American League.

  • Daily Dime: Loading up on the Mariners at Chicago (weather permitting)

    Scott Pianowski at Roto Arcade 6 days ago

    If you're doing the daily jig under the lights Saturday, we wish you luck. Here are some plays to keep in mind, focusing on the Yahoo $200 DFS budget. Be sure to double check on the weather and lineups.

    Hisashi Iwakuma, SP, at CHW (Samardzija), $50: Japanese Ice, for the win. It's time to stop fearing the Chicago offense and park. The White Sox are 27th in scoring and dead last in home scoring. And the Mariners should get their share of runs against the Shark Sandwich. The only concern here is the possible weather, so make sure you double-check the forecast, please. 

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  • Running Back Shuffle Up: Peterson and Lynch share the yellow jersey

    Scott Pianowski at Roto Arcade 7 days ago

    The Shuffle Up series welcomes the 2015 NFL season. Here's an extended look at the running back position.

    We've given you extended commentarty, but for this version, it's in a spreadsheet. Peruse, copy, make it your own, shift the names around.  

    Next week, I'll have the wide receivers. Enjoy your shuffle, shufflers. 

  • Closing Time: Francisco Lindor, better than advertised

    Scott Pianowski at Roto Arcade 8 days ago

    I’m trying to figure out what Francisco Lindor has to do to get everyone’s attention in the fantasy world. Paint a masterpiece? Save a baby from a burning building? Take the Cavaliers to a World Championship? Spend Labor Day with The Keatons? 

    The 21-year-old shortstop was a Top 10 staple on everyone’s prospect list before the season, though to be fair, Lindor’s defense was the main element driving the story. But that isn’t to suggest he can’t be a factor with the bat. A .284/.350/.402 line at Triple-A, with a couple of homers and nine steals (albeit on 16 attempts) paved the way for Lindor to join the Indians in the middle of June. 

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    A steep learning curve held Lindor back for his first three weeks (.503 OPS), but the Tribe stuck with him, thrilled with his defense and content to let him find his way on offense. Lindor kept the No. 2 spot in the order all through his opening slump, a testament to the patience of skipper Terry Francona. 

  • Daily Dime: The unstoppable Michael Brantley

    Scott Pianowski at Roto Arcade 9 days ago

    Here are ten recommended Yahoo DFS plays for Wednesday, and yes, Virginia, they collectively fit under the Yahoo Daily cap. Be sure to double-check on lineups and weather before you make your final commitments.

    Shelby Miller, SP, vs. COL (Flande), $44: The idea is to go with an affordable ace, keep money left over for hitting. Miller checks in as a strong -144 favorite, and the Rockies generally don’t hit much away from home (29th in weighted on-base average). Miller has a 2.01 ERA in his 12 home starts this year.

    Jeff Locke, SP, at MIA (Narveson), $33: The attack-Miami theme didn’t work Tuesday, but we’re still talking about an offense that’s 28th in the majors in runs. Like Miller, Locke checks in as a -144 favorite. There’s a lot more volatility on this side, but I’m just hoping for a six-inning start, a lead, and hopefully a victory. And I'm excited about the eight bats I'm assembling. 

  • Daily Dime: If you can't beat the Mets, meet the Mets

    Scott Pianowski at Roto Arcade 10 days ago

    Here are ten recommended Yahoo DFS plays for Tuesday, and yes, Virginia, they collectively fit under the Yahoo Daily cap. Be sure to double-check on lineups and weather before you make your final commitments.

    Nathan Karns, SP, vs. MIN (Santana), $43: I’m going to look to save a few bucks as I complete the mound spots, aiming for a meatier hitting component. But I’m not forgetting about the almighty win points; Karns is a -145 favorite in this spot. Karns gets the check mark in consistency (11 useful starts over his last 13), while Ervin Santana has given away 26 earned runs (and seven homers) over his last seven assignments. The Minnesota offense has also been dreadful on the road (21st in scoring). 

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  • Yahoo Fantasy Freak Show podcast

    Scott Pianowski at Roto Arcade 11 days ago

    In Monday's podcast bursting with fruit flavor, Brandon Funston and Scott Pianowski start off with the seismic Jordy Nelson news. What's the new price for Davante Adams? How are the other Packers affected? 

    Buzzy situations are covered in several other cities; we do extensive audits in Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Philadelphia, Carolina, Tampa Bay and Atlanta. Big names (Le'Veon Bell, Cam Newton) and smaller names (remember the Titans), we work both sidelines. And we close with a Jeremy Maclin throwdown, always a fan favorite. 

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    Give it a listen, make it a habit. 

    And dig our iTunes and RSS feeds.

  • Daily Dime: Zimmermann and Wacha, plus lots of Diamondbacks

    Scott Pianowski at Roto Arcade 12 days ago

    Some DFS players will build around Clayton Kershaw for Sunday, and that’s perfectly reasonable if you feel you can find the bats. I’m going to center around a couple of secondary aces, and then look to build with first- and second-tier offense. Be sure to check the lineups and weather before you make final decisions. 

    It would be nice to have some Mets and Rockies at Coors Field, but we don't have their lineups available yet. Feel free to substitute that game into your offense, liberally, as you can. 

    Michael Wacha, SP, at SD (Rea), $51: The Padres offense has been frisky over the last few days, but it’s still a good spot for your right-handed starter (San Diego is 25th in weighted on-base average for that split). Petco Park helps a pitcher in two ways –  obviously it will corral a few mistakes, but it also encourages the moundsman to pound the zone and pitch aggressively.