Ryan Bailey

  • Pep Guardiola isn't sure if Alex Ferguson offered him the Manchester Utd job

    Ryan Bailey at Dirty Tackle15 days ago

    After winning a record 14 titles in four years at the helm of Barcelona, Pep Guardiola took a year-long sabbatical in New York to plot his next move. While on his American sojourn, the Spaniard met with Sir Alex Ferguson for dinner, where the subject of him taking over at Manchester Utd may have come up. Pep isn't actually sure if an offer was made, because, like 99% of people, he didn't fully understand Fergie's accent.

    "He invited me to a super restaurant," Guardiola said, using the German meaning of "super" to imply it was excellent, rather than evoking an establishment reserved only for superheroes and incredibly good managers.

    "My English is not so good and when Sir Alex spoke quickly I didn't understand him," he continued. "Maybe I didn't understand if I received an offer or not."

    The punchline received plenty of laughs when it was told on Monday at a press conference prior to Bayern Munich's inevitable Champions League victory over the Red Devils. The journalists in the room almost certainly shared Pep's pain, having experienced years of committing the Scotsman's famous drawl to print.

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