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  • These March Madness Trick Frisbee Shots are Too Good to Believe

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    In the trickster's latest YouTube video, he heads to Butler University's Hinkle Fieldhouse. What school embodies the craziness of the NCAA tournament more than Butler? In 2010, the Bulldogs became the smallest school to play in the national championship tournament since it was expanded to a field of 64. Butler lost that year to Duke. Then-head coach Brad Stevens led his team back to the finals against Connecticut in the following season, where they again fell short.

    The 10,000-seat venue was home to a Bulldog team that debuted in the Big East conference this year with a 14-17 record. It also served as a cool site for Smith to execute a bunch of ridiculous Frisbee throws.

    You are far from the first person to wonder if this is a fake stunt. If it is, no one has been able to provide any evidence. Smith's trick shots are so good that they seem unfathomable. He has been uploading videos of his antics for the past few years, accumulating over a half million YouTube subscribers.

  • Yachtsman Dives Off Mast — Says It's the Stupidest Thing He's Ever Done

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    Alex Thomson is known for his sailing. The British yachtsman has sailed professionally for 16 years. Designer Hugo Boss sponsors his race team and provided quite the backdrop and attire for a feat the company has called “#mastwalk.” For it, Thomson runs up the mast of his yacht as it cruises through the ocean. the mast slanted to a 60-degree angle. He calmly collects himself, throws his sunglasses into the pocket of his black suit, and dives about 30 meters (nearly 100 feet) down into the ocean.

    The stunt was performed near Cadiz, Spain. Video of the event has been viewed more than a million times since Thomson's YouTube channel posted it on March 3.

    "I was appreciating perhaps it wasn't safe at all, and there were some hairy moments when we were practicing,” he told CNN. The 37-year-old practiced with a stunt coordinator for two days. “I remember one time I was halfway up when the boat suddenly tacked, and I was just left hanging from the mast. Obviously, falling from that height from the mast onto the deck isn't advisable.”

  • InstaGramma: Betty Simpson Becomes Huge Hit on Photo-Sharing App

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    Eighteen-year-old Zach Belden started an Instagram account for his 80-year-old great-grandma, Betty Simpson, after she was diagnosed with cancer. He figured the popular social network would be a good way to keep family members updated on her progress.

    Little did he know that close friends and family would not be the only ones interested in keeping tabs on "grandmabetty33," who gained popularity on the Internet thanks to her selfies and videos. In them, she is not afraid to throw up a peace sign, stick out her tongue or simply express her gratitude for the support they offer online.

    "I just can’t believe it," Simpson said in one video about her follower count. She had 23,000 at the time. "I thank a lot of them. I love them."

    In another post, Grandma Betty dances to Pharrell Williams' inescapable song "Happy." Williams saw the video and followed Simpson. He also gave the grandmother a shout-out on Instagram. She instantly gained a few more "friends." Just five days ago, she had 13,000 followers. Her current count is 165,000 and still quickly climbing.

  • Dog Owners Capture Footage of Mischievous Pup Rolling Around on Bed

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    Spoiler alert: He did not. His owners, along with a cat in the room, clearly are not amused, but online viewers across the globe seem to find it hilarious.

    The video became popular on LiveLeak via Reddit and on YouTube, where it has more than 3 million views. Russian pet, YouTube channel "ignoramusky" posted the two-minute clip on Saturday.

    After a description of the scenario displays on the screen, we see the owner hit "record" on the camera and walk out of the room. No more than about 10 seconds after he is gone, the canine walks in to see a cat perched on the made bed. The dog only waits about 25 seconds before finally mustering up the courage to hop on to the forbidden territory.

    Cue "The Benny Hill Show" theme music and hilarity. The dog begins moving frantically around the bed, rolling on to his back and flailing his paw in the air. He has finally gone where he is not supposed to go, and he is enjoying every second.

  • Viral Hit 'First Kiss' Parodied with Cute Animals

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    With the production becoming such a big hit, it comes as no surprise that someone already created a parody. Naturally, it involves puppies.

    "First Sniff" hit the Internet on Wednesday. The YouTube channel Bosh uploaded the video of stranger dogs "kissing" for the first time. Like the original, the doggie parody is shot in black and white and scored with Soko's track "We Might be Dead By Tomorrow." The video is less than half as long as the human version.

    When it comes to awkwardness, the video pales in comparison to its predecessor. Still, some puppies seem hesitant at first. But in no time, the dogs are kissing, licking, and sniffing as if no one is watching.

    Viewers are voicing their approval. Cheyenne McFee commented, "This made me smile." Pachy C chimed in, "Best parody ever!" Thomas Planetrics simply added, "better than the original." The video has almost 1,400 likes, to a mere 35 dislikes.

    U.K.-based Mother London produced the parody. While it is not near the view count of the original, "First Sniff" does have more than 267,000 hits.

  • Hal Douglas, Voice Behind Countless Movie Trailers, Passes Away at 89

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    The phrase, “In A World…” was often associated with another voiceover icon, Don LaFontaine, who passed away in 2008. But this particular style of reading copy could also be attributed to Douglas. Over a career that spanned almost four decades, the actor voiced thousands of movie trailers, television promos, and commercials. His trademark deep tone could range from dramatic to comedic, earning him placements on everything from trailers for “Lethal Weapon” and “Philadelphia” to commercials for pharmaceutical products.

    “I even did the (commercials for) condoms way back when just the mention of the word ‘Trojans’ was horrifying,” Douglas told Casimir Nozkowski in a digital short entitled, “A Great Voice.” “I was also doing Chevrolet I think at the time, and they requested that I get myself off the condom (spots).”

    The title of the 2013 piece on Douglas’ work is ironic because he says at the beginning that he does not think of his voice as great.

    “Very throat-y, chest-y,” are adjectives that Douglas uses to describe the voice he uses. “The sound that I often use is difficult for engineers because it blends in with the band.”

  • News Reporter Surprised on Live TV by Young Man She Helped Get Adopted

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    Ke'onte Cook is 14. In 2007, Campos featured Ke'onte in a weekly segment she hosts called "Wednesday's Child." The feature aims to place children up for adoption in loving homes. Campos reconnected with Ke'onte two years later, after a failed adoption. This time, Carol and Scott Cook were watching the news and saw Ke'onte.

    "He just spoke to us through the video," Scott Cook told the TV station. "It just seemed like he was talking to us."

    The Cook family adopted Ke'onte. The teenager is physically active and has a new interest in studying journalism. And he already knows his way around a news desk.

    Last Wednesday, during Campos's final week on the job, WFAA revisited some of the highlights of her career. After airing an update on Ke'onte's story, the 14-year-old walked on-set and surprised the TV anchor.

    "I can't believe it's you," Campos said through tears as the two embraced on camera. "Thank you for the big surprise. I'm so happy that you're happy."

  • Meet the Girl Who Can Imitate Anything, from Languages to Pop Music

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    It all started nine days ago, with the upload of “What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners.” Forsberg tells us that she was always fascinated with languages and dialects; she speaks three fluently. So she decided to mimic a number of different ways that people talk to one another.

    Reviews were mostly positive but definitely mixed. The video gained 100,000 views overnight and since has been viewed 7.7 million times.

    Forsberg followed that up with a sequel in which she answers a few frequently asked questions. Just two days ago, she uploaded another video where she mimics 14 different “genres,” or in some cases, descriptions, of music. Both of those videos have eclipsed a million views.

    For more, check out our interview with Forsberg above.

  • Boston Marathon Bombing Survivors Bond During Cruise

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    The Boston Marathon bombings happened over nine months ago, but new stories of strength and resilience are still emerging from the victims and their families. Dave Wedge and Casey Sherman have reported on a recent trip that many of those affected took to France and the bonds that were created through tragedy.

    In the piece, written for Esquire, Wedge and Sherman chronicle an all-expenses-paid trip that survivors and victims' families took through the wine country of France. First responders also joined the cruise, which Boston-based Vantage Deluxe World Travel organized. The same company had hosted a similar trip for wounded war veterans a few months before the bombings.

    Lu and Ling Jun were aboard the ms River Discovery II. Their daughter, Lingzi, was one of the three people killed in the explosions. The story depicts the parents' constant struggle with the loss of their child. During the cruise, they not only reflected on Lingzi's passing but also experienced seeing firsthand those wounded by the attacks that killed her.

  • Vin Diesel Performs Beyonce, Katy Perry

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    The good news for actor Vin Diesel is that his movie “Riddick” topped the DVD sales list in its first week out. That yielded another positive: Universal Studios green-lit the next installment.

    How did Vin Diesel celebrate? Well, with a Facebook video in which he announces the news and dances to music by Katy Perry and Beyoncé.

    So, you could say he celebrated in an unlikely manner.

    Diesel, born Mark Sinclair, uploaded the seven and a half minute video in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Appearing in a near-empty room and wearing a tank top and camouflage pants, the action star raps Juicy J’s verse on Katy Perry’s single, “Dark Horse.” He then talks about his good news and segues to another song that was performed Sunday night at The Grammys: Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love,” which features Jay Z.

    “Good thing I didn’t go, I would’ve turned up!” Diesel says as he blasts the Beyoncé track in his house. The actor begins swaying back and forth before busting out a couple of claps and twirls.