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  • Forde's Fab Four: Where merit means more than school name

    Pat Forde at Yahoo Sports 1 hr ago

    Every week, I will play Selection Committee member, take a look at the College Football Playoff picture and offer what I believe the bracket should be if the season ended today. Call it Forde’s Fab Four, and feel free to disagree.

    This week is the Blow The Whole Thing Up And Start Over Edition:

    COTTON BOWL: No. 1 Utah vs. No. 4 Baylor

    I’m elevating the Utes from fourth to first off a bye week – which tells you what kind of week it was for the other teams I had in the bracket. But Utah’s biggest victories continue to get bigger, as Oregon bounced back with a victory and Michigan won its fourth straight game. Scoring 24 points against the Wolverines now looks like a pretty major accomplishment, because they’ve only given up 14 points since. This sets up one of the more unlikely marquee games in recent years: undefeated California at undefeated Utah on Saturday. Yes, really.

    ORANGE BOWL: No. 2 Northwestern vs. No. 3 Florida

    Dropped out: Mississippi, UCLA, LSU.

  • All bark, no bite: Georgia put back in its place by resurgent Alabama

    Pat Forde at Yahoo Sports 1 day ago

    ATHENS, Ga. – It was cute, really.

    The way the Georgia players rushed over and crowded the sideline to woof at Alabama when the Crimson Tide took the field for pregame warmups Saturday – it was like watching a 10-year-old boy put on his father’s suit. Like the Bulldogs were all grown up now, big and bad enough to intimidate the Tide.

    So much posturing. So much bravado.

    So little substance to back it up once kickoff came.

    Georgia came out talking the talk, then walked the walk – straight into a brick-wall Alabama defense. Final score of this soggy mismatch: Alabama 38, Georgia 10. Not only was the final score embarrassing to the nation’s No. 8 team, so was the display of fake juice.

    “We embraced it,” Alabama cornerback Cyrus Jones said of the pregame dust-up. “We liked that. We knew it was going to be a fired-up game.

    “The clock started, and you saw what happened.”

    “I’m disappointed for us as a team, players and coaches,” Richt said. “But I know our fans are sick about it and I don’t blame them.”

  • Louisville investigating allegations basketball staffer paid for prostitutes for players, recruits

    Pat Forde at Yahoo Sports 2 days ago

    Saying he was "disappointed, surprised and shocked" at allegations of a basketball staffer paying escorts to have sex with players and recruits, Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich confirmed that the school is investigating the explosive claims made in a book expected to be published Saturday.

    The book, "Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen," is being published by IBJ Book Publishing of Indianapolis. The book is written by Louisville resident Katina Powell – a self-described madam who allegedly provided girls to the Louisville team – and Indianapolis-based journalist Dick Cady. Powell alleges that former graduate assistant and director of operations Andre McGee paid her thousands of dollars over a four-year period to provide women to dance for and have sex with Cardinals basketball players – often in the players' on-campus dorm.

    Jurich and Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino held a news conference Friday evening to address the allegations, and to announce that the school has hired an outside investigator to look into the claims.

    An advance copy of the nine-chapter book was obtained Friday afternoon by Yahoo Sports.

  • Louisville investigating new book's damaging sexual allegations involving basketball team

    Pat Forde at Yahoo Sports 2 days ago

    The University of Louisville is investigating explosive allegations in a new book that claims a basketball staff member paid escorts to dance for and have sex with players and recruits, Yahoo Sports has learned.

    The book, “Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen,” is being published by IBJ Book Publishing of Indianapolis. The book is written by Louisville resident Katina Powell – the self-described madam who allegedly provided women to the University of Louisville team – and Indianapolis-based journalist Dick Cady.

    An advance copy of the book was obtained Friday afternoon by Yahoo Sports.

    "The University of Louisville first learned of these allegations when the Indianapolis Business Journal contacted the University’s sports information department seeking comment in late August," the school said in a released statement. "... The University, on its own initiative, notified the NCAA Enforcement Staff regarding this matter and has been in regular communication with them."

    Head basketball coach Rick Pitino said in a press conference Friday that the allegations made him "sick to my stomach."


  • The fascinating roots and gritty guts of what makes Georgia star Nick Chubb

    Pat Forde at Yahoo Sports 2 days ago

    CHUBBTOWN, Ga. – When you get to the delightfully Southern intersection of Booger Hollow and Chubb Road, take a right.

    From there, drive about two miles of twisting, narrow, northwest Georgia back road. The graveyard will be on the right, the church up just a little ways on the left.

    This is where you find the roots of the Nick Chubb story. Not the guts of the story, but the roots.

    They farmed, ran a sawmill, a grist mill, a post office, a general store, and a forge. In 1870 they built Chubb Chapel, which still stands. And as family members began to die, they were interred in the plot of land across the road from the church. Today there are a few dozen humble markers, plus other graves that appear to simply be marked by rocks. There are veterans of World War I, World War II and the Korean War there, and dates on the headstones stretch from the 1800s to the 2000s.

    These are the ancestors of the star running back who came out of these remote hills near the Alabama line with his own athletic mythology, in addition to a remarkable familial backstory.

  • Wetzel to Forde podcast: 10 best college football stadiums

    Pat Forde at Yahoo Sports 3 days ago

    In the latest podcast, Dan Wetzel and Pat Forde give their favorite college football stadium experiences. Did your school make the cut?



    Listen to the complete Wetzel to Forde Thursday podcast right here: ​

  • SEC East facing golden opportunity to take power back from West

    Pat Forde at Yahoo Sports 3 days ago

    The Southeastern Conference Eastern Division has the Southeastern Conference Western Division right where it wants it this Saturday.

    On home soil. In the Eastern Time Zone. And at least theoretically with a chance to turn the lopsided tables.

    Alabama goes between the hedges to play Georgia. Mississippi dips its toes into The Swamp against Florida. And Arkansas limps onto Neyland Stadium to face similarly wounded Tennessee.

    That’s three interdivisional games that present an opportunity for the East to look the West in the eye and be competitive. For the first time in, oh, six years.

    Since 2009, when Tim Tebow and Charlie Strong left Florida and Tennessee hired Derek Dooley, the balance of power in the SEC didn’t just shift from East to West. It fled. And it hasn’t come back.

    From 2010-14, the West won every conference title game and owned a 66-36 advantage in interdivisional matchups. Last year it was 10-4 West over East.

    It has played out a little more evenly so far. There has been just one East-West matchup so far, and the West won it: Ole Miss 27, Vanderbilt 16. But that was closer than many anticipated. And now this weekend will give us our first real returns to analyze.


  • Bad horseplay: SMU’s time as part of NCAA should be over

    Pat Forde at Yahoo Sports 5 days ago

    You finally got your wish, SMU.

    You’re No. 1 at last.

    All those years of striving for athletic glory, damn the rules and ethics, have at last paid off. Southern Methodist University has become the first school in NCAA history to reach double figures in major infractions cases. The significant penalties announced Tuesday by the NCAA Committee on Infractions conclude the Mustangs’ 10th major case (pending appeal).

    That breaks a tie with Arizona State for the distinction of being the most-penalized school in the 62 years the NCAA has been policing violators.

    Hang a banner for that, SMU. Have a parade. Stage a pep rally. Maybe invite Craig James and Eric Dickerson back to drive free Camaros around campus for nostalgia’s sake. If you’re a Mustang, probation is handed down like an heirloom.

    But SMU stays scared straight for only so long. Then it’s back to business as usual.

    OK, maybe I saw that coming. I sure wasn’t the only one.


  • Forde-Yard Dash: Making sense of September and mapping out October, conference by conference

    Pat Forde at Yahoo Sports 5 days ago

    Forty names, games, teams and minutiae making news in college football (rabbit’s feet, horseshoes and four-leaf clovers sold separately in Fort Worth):


    We are heading out of the season’s first month, which means the trek to the postseason is about one-quarter over, which means sports writers and broadcasters will misuse the term “quarter pole” for the next several days. (It’s horse-racing lingo that refers to the pole that is a quarter-mile from the finish line, not something that marks the first quarter of a race.) With that pet peeve out of the way, The Dash is ready to provide the Authoritative October Study Guide so you can be the smartest fan in the known universe for the very important month ahead.


    September Revelation: Matthew Dayes, North Carolina State running back. Was only third on the team in carries last year, watching Shadrach Thornton and QB Jacoby Brissett do most of the work, but this year the junior has produced four straight 100-yard games and scored nine rushing touchdowns for the undefeated Wolfpack – against admittedly soft competition.

    BIG 12






  • Wetzel to Forde podcast: Why isn't Utah ranked No. 1?

    Pat Forde at Yahoo Sports 6 days ago

    After 'the most impressive win of the year,' the Utes still didn't get much respect. What gives? Dan Wetzel and Pat Forde decipher where the Utes should be after their rout of Oregon.