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  • Gary Bettman on Coyotes sale: more interest than ever before

    Nick Cotsonika at Puck Daddy1 yr ago

    DETROIT – NHL commissioner Gary Bettman continues to insist that the league is not exploring the relocation of the Phoenix Coyotes and there are multiple parties that could buy the team. In fact, he said Sunday that action is hotter than ever before.

    “There seems to be more interest at this particular point in time than we’ve seen throughout the process,” Bettman said Sunday.

    Of course, this is the same commissioner who scorned speculation that the Atlanta Thrashers would relocate – right up until the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg and became the Jets. Of course, this is the same NHL that has owned the Coyotes, covered their losses and failed to sell them for years. And of course, just because the action is hotter than before doesn’t mean it will be hot enough for a deal.

    But give Bettman a few things: As a lawyer, he is precise with his language. He is difficult to pin down, and he is persistent.

    “We’re not planning on moving Phoenix as we stand here today,” Bettman said.

    As we stand here today …

    Is any decision imminent?

    “No,” Bettman said. “When it becomes imminent, we’ll tell you. We apparently aren’t operating on the same time frame that a lot of [reporters] are.”

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  • NHL looking to expand on ‘European business plan’

    Nick Cotsonika at Puck Daddy1 yr ago

    DETROIT – The NHL is not only considering more outdoor games. It is considering more overseas games. Chief operating officer John Collins referred Sunday to a “European business plan” and ideas ranging from resurrecting the World Cup to starting something like a champions league.

    But first the NHL has to reach a deal to go to the Sochi Olympics, which are less than a year away now. There remain several open issues between the NHL, the NHL Players’ Association, the International Ice Hockey Federation and the International Olympic Committee. The four organizations will meet this week.

    “We’ve got to get to it sooner rather than later,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said, “because doing next year’s schedule is obviously impacted by whether or not we go to the Olympics.”

    A primary issue appears to be insurance – who will pay to cover the contracts of NHLers putting their bodies at risk. But it goes beyond that. It includes branding and media rights for the NHL, access to venues for NHL officials and families, and transportation to and from Sochi. Bettman would not provide detail of how much progress has been made so far.

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  • Dodger Stadium Winter Classic? NHL wants multiple outdoor games

    Nick Cotsonika at Puck Daddy1 yr ago

    DETROIT – The NHL isn’t satisfied with the return of the Winter Classic – not even a rescheduled match-up between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings, expected to draw a record crowd of more than 110,000 to Michigan Stadium on New Year’s Day.

    The League wants more. It thinks the fans want more. And so it could hold multiple outdoor games in the United States as soon as next season, raising revenues and the sport’s profile in more markets.

    “It’s not necessarily a new conversation,” NHL chief operating officer John Collins said after a Winter Classic news conference at Joe Louis Arena. “We’ve been looking at this and talking about it for a while. But I think now we’re looking at it real hard.”

    The Fourth Period reported the NHL is close to a deal for a game featuring the Los Angeles Kings at Dodger Stadium. Player agent Allan Walsh tweeted the deal was done and the game likely would take place on Hockey Day in America.

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  • NHL GMs debate shootout rules, expanding video review for blown calls

    Nick Cotsonika at Puck Daddy1 yr ago

    TORONTO – First, he called it “Groundhog Day.” Later, he called it “another Groundhog Day.”

    NHL director of hockey operations Colin Campbell has been to many meetings of the league’s general managers. They talk about the same issues. They make slow progress.

    After a seven-hour meeting Wednesday, there were three concrete ideas: Heightened awareness of goaltender interference by referees on shootouts; video review to see if the puck stops in shootouts; and, perhaps, expanding video review to include four-minute high-sticking penalties in the future. There were three other ideas that could be implemented soon but aren’t certain. The rest will have to wait until Gary Bettman sees his shadow or something.

    The three with potential:

    • Hybrid icing: The GMs recommended it. The rule would whistle icing plays dead unless the offensive player is winning the race to the puck, preserving the race but protecting defensemen from dangerous hits. The rule was tested in the American Hockey League during the lockout.

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  • NHLPA ready to discuss mandatory visors; players not in favor of hybrid icing

    Nick Cotsonika at Puck Daddy1 yr ago

    TORONTO – Is the NHL Players’ Association ready to support a grandfathered visor rule?

    The union at least will ask its members what they think. If they are in favor, the rule likely would go from the competition committee, to the NHL Board of Governors and into the book.

    But we’ll see.

    “We’re definitely going to look at talking to the guys about grandfathering them in,” said Mathieu Schneider, the special assistant to NHLPA executive director Don Fehr, at the NHL general managers’ meeting. “We’d probably do some type of poll.”

    The NHL has been in favor of mandatory visors or at least a grandfathered rule, and the NHLPA has encouraged its members to wear visors. But the league cannot force the players to wear visors without their consent, and the last time the NHLPA polled its members, they were heavily in favor of personal choice over a grandfathered rule.

    If a grandfathered rule is introduced, players entering the NHL would be required to wear a visor the same way they were a lower levels. Those already in the league would keep personal choice.

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  • Corey Perry explains ejection vs. Wild: ‘I don’t go out there looking to hurt guys’

    Nick Cotsonika at Puck Daddy1 yr ago

    ST. PAUL, Minn. – Corey Perry said he had seen the replay a couple of times. He can only hope NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan and the Department of Player Safety see it the same way.

    “I was committed to the hit,” Perry said Tuesday night after getting tossed for drilling Jason Zucker in the Anaheim Ducks’ 2-1 victory over the Minnesota Wild. “It’s one of those things. I didn’t change my path of direction. I was committed. I tried to let up. It’s hard. It happens so fast. It’s unfortunate.”

    Did he intend to hit Zucker in the head?

    “No,” Perry said. “I don’t go out there looking to hurt guys. That’s not the way I am. That’s not me as a person. It is what it is.”

    It was ugly.

    [Related: Anaheim's Perry suspended four games by NHL for hit on Jason Zucker]

    The puck caromed off the right-wing boards in the Anaheim zone. Zucker threw the puck back up the boards toward the blue line, and he kept looking to his right as he curled to the left.

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