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  • Protection order against Kurt Busch upheld

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles 9 hrs ago

    The protection order against Kurt Busch has been upheld by a Delaware judge.

    Busch was appealing the decision in favor of his ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscollthat came the week before the Daytona 500. After commissioner David Jones' findings were released on Feb. 20, Buschwas indefinitely suspended by NASCAR.He unsuccessfully appealed the suspension and ended up being suspended for three races.

    Busch was reinstated before the Sprint Cup Series race at Phoenix following a decision by the Delaware department of justice to not press criminal charges citing a lack of evidence.

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  • Report: Big 12 to sanction schools who show 'controversial' replays

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 10 hrs ago

    A day after the Big 12 said it was going to punish schools whose fans storm the field, the conference is reportedly going to crack down on another practice and punish schools who repeatedly show 'controversial' replays in-stadium.

    Part of the Big 12's new sportsmanship policy: Schools can be subject to penalty if they show controversial replays too much in a venue.

    Baylor athletic director Ian McCaw said replays weren't banned entirely, however. The Big 12 has not yet issued a statement defining what it would deem excessive use of replay or how it would determine what would cross the line into too much.

    They're not banned, Ian McCaw said. Just have to balance entertainment value with further inciting an angry crowd.

    Punishments could be in the form of a fine, similar to the possible punishments for teams whose fans rush the field.

    No matter the intentions, it feels like a rule for the sake of a rule. And when are rules to address not-so-outstanding problems ever a good idea?

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  • Taylor Swift will be on Tony Kanaan's car at Detroit

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles 11 hrs ago

    Taylor Swift is going to be on an IndyCar at Detroit this weekend.

    No, she's not going to be riding on the top of it (think of the TV ratings if she was), but her picture will be on the side of Tony Kanaan's car for the IndyCar Series' doubleheader races in Detroit. Kanaan's car is sponsored by her "1989" tour.

    The Swift (no pun intended) sponsorship is because Kanaan's Chip Ganassi Racing team has a sponsorship agreement with Big Machine Records. His teammate Sage karam will have Rascal Flatts on his car this weekend.

    Swift is also performing in Detroit on the same day as the first race. The IndyCar race starts at approximately 4 p.m. ET and Swift has a concert later that night at Ford Field. Maybe she'll show up to the race before her concert.

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  • Happy Hour: What race did you prefer last weekend?

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles 13 hrs ago

    Throughout the week you can send us your best questions, jokes, rants and just plain miscellaneous thoughts to or @NickBromberg. We'll post them here and have a good time.

    Have you recoverd from Sunday? It was a fantastic day of racing, if we say so ourselves. Sometimes the longest and greatest day in racing can be a drain. Sunday didn't seem like it was one. We were ready for another race after the 600 was over.

    OK, maybe that's an exaggeration. But the point is made.

    Before we get to the fun, we've got some penalty news to report. Jimmie Johnson's team was penalized for sideskirt modifications in the All-Star Race. The penalty? The No. 48 team got the last choice of pit stalls after qualifying on Friday. The team has now appealed the penalty, which means the punishment is deferred until when or if the penalty is upheld.

    Even if the No. 48 team doesn't think it has a case, appealing is a good move. Johnson is the best driver at Dover and pit selection is more important there than at Pocono and Michigan.

    We're going to go through J.T.'s email graph by graph here. Because it's quite fun.

    Possibly both?

    Oh, where to begin...

  • Eilar Hardy, formerly of Notre Dame, transfers to Bowling Green

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 16 hrs ago

    Former Notre Dame DB Eilar Hardy will play his final season at Bowling Green.

    Hardy announced he was transferring from the Fighting Irish in January. He was one of five players suspended for academic fraud in 2014. He was invited back to Notre Dame's roster in Octoberand cleared to play by the NCAA in November. He was the only player involved in the fraud investigation eligible to play in 2014.

    "We are excited to welcome Eilar Hardy to Bowling Green and our football program," Bowling Green coach Dino Babers said in a statement "Having lost so much to graduation last year from our secondary, he will provide experience and leadership for that group. He has played at a high level his whole career and we are excited that he has chosen to become a Falcon."

    He's a native of Ohio and was a four-star recruit in the class of 2011.

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  • Auburn not increasing number of officially-recognized titles

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 19 hrs ago

    Auburn won't be claiming any more national titles in football.

    A year ago, athletic director Jay Jacobs said the school was in the process of looking at its football history to officially recognize more national championships, saying "We want to do what's best for Auburn, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks or says."

    Auburn even formed a committee to look into adding more official titles. It appears it decided doing nothing was best.

    "We've earned what we've earned and people can count it different ways, but we've earned what we've earned," Jacobs told "Those players on those teams, like me in 1983, it doesn't matter if you hang a banner or not. I know what we did."

    The 1993 team went undefeated but was on probation and ineligible for the postseason. The 2004 team was undefeated but No. 3 in the BCS and missed out on the BCS Championship.

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  • Big 12 teams will now face field-storming fines

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 19 hrs ago

    Don't rush the field after your Big 12 school wins a big game unless you want your school to get a fine.

    The conference said Wednesday it's added penalties for schools whose fans storm the playing surface after games. While it's been a fairly-regular occurrence in football,the incident that has gotten the most noteriety was in basketball.

    Kansas State beat Kansas at home in February and the crush of K-State fans trapped Kansas coach Bill Self against the scorer's table. Self also said multiple Kansas players were "hit" by KSU fans. Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby reprimanded the Wildcats after the incident.

    "I don't know that there's anything off the table in dealing with those issues," Bowlsby said about penalties for field-storming via the AP. "I think I've been given broad prerogatives to deal with those issues."

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  • American Athletic Conference finalizes new concussion policy

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 20 hrs ago

    The American Athletic Conference ratified a new concussion policy at its spring meetings Wednesday.

    According to a release by the conference, the policy encompasses the protocol in the NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook and also includes other provisions. Schools in the conference will be required to give the a conference an emergency action plan for each athletic site and there are also staff education requirements.

    “This policy was developed to serve the best interests of student-athlete welfare,” AAC commissioner Mike Aresco said in a statement. “We asked a group of extremely knowledgeable, well-respected and capable experts to study this issue and draft a policy that creates the best health and safety protocol.  An important objective of the policy is providing for the education of all those who work with our student-athletes in any capacity on the issues surrounding concussions.”

    The conference also said there are additional football protocols as well. Officials will receive annual education, there will be a sideline communication plan for each game and team medical staff and EMTs assigned to the game will be required to have a pre-game in-person meeting.

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  • College Football Playoff title game bids for 2018-20 official

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    The cities bidding on the right to host the College Football Playoff Championship in 2018, 2019 and 2020 have been finalized.

    The College Football Playoff announced that nine cities submitted bids for the three years. Houston and Santa Clara (the site of the San Francisco 49ers new stadium) were the two cities that bid on the rights to every year.

    Here's the breakdown:

    Nine communities have submitted bids to host the #CFBPlayoff National Championship in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

    “We are pleased that the leaders in these communities recognize the significance of the event, and we are excited about what we know will be a competitive bidding process,” CFP executive director Bill Hancock said in a statement. “In its first year, the national championship game brought tremendous opportunity to North Texas as the epicenter of college football, and we know that success will continue in the future.”

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  • Michigan DB Jabrill Peppers was hungry Tuesday night

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    Michigan defensive back Jabrill Peppers just wanted some food on Tuesday evening.

    The former five-star recruit posted a complaint about his lack of money to Twitter, calling the NCAA's stipend checks "lil indentured servant checks."

    Idk how the NCAA thinks we supposed to eat right with these lil indentured servant checks they give us..I Should've stayed in the dorms smh

    I'm about to eat my first meal of the day & that's Oodles and noodles smh

    Yes, it's easy to turn Peppers' posts into a debate about the NCAA paying athletes, but we won't do that. His stipends will go up in August after the new cost of attendance benefits voted on by the Power Five conferences go into effect.

    One provision already in effect is the NCAA's rule that athletes can more food provided from schools than was originally allowed in their scholarships. However, the utilization of the rule is not as simple as going over to campus and getting food whenever you want.

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