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  • Soak in the sights and sounds of Rutgers' dance-off (Video)

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 7 hrs ago

    Everyone loves watching football players dance, right? Here's the video from the dance-off Rutgers held at the conclusion of fall camp.

    If there's any portion of the video that is mandatory viewing, fast-forward to the 2:15 mark. You get to see this. Well done, Kevin Wilkens.

    We are a bit disappointed that the players weren't told of the dance-off via emails from Kyle Flood to their professors in the upcoming sector. Though it would be hilarious if the dance-off was the subject of the emails Flood allegedly sent to a Rutgers faculty member that has prompted a university investigation into the contact.

    Rutgers opens the season against Norfolk State on September 5.

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  • Watch Dartmouth's robot tackling dummy in action (Video)

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    Dartmouth players can take their practice field frustrations out on a robot.

    Though we're guessing that the robot can cause some frustration too. The school developed a tackling dummy that can move and change directions. Here's a look at it in action.


    The Mobile Virtual Player – MVP of course – was designed by Dartmouth students at the behest of coach Buddy Teevens. He had eliminated tackling during practice and wanted his players to still be able to practice with a reduced risk of injuries.

    From NPR:

    "To my knowledge, no one else does it at the Division I level," Teevens said about his no-tackling protocol, acknowledging that his players were initially skeptical. "It was not received well to be honest with you because [tackling] is sort of fundamental, but I was committed to it."

    The MVP may even be more athletic than you are too.

    He said the 5-foot-11-inch, 200-plus-pound MVP can weave, cut, stop and start — even "run" a respectable 4.8-second 40-yard-dash.

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  • Maryland TE leaving football after 2015 for Wall Street job

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    Maryland tight end P.J. Gallo realized his professional goal wasn't in football. And when he got the opportunity to achieve it in the near future, he decided to chase it.

    After a 10-week internship over the summer with Goldman Sachs, Gallo was offered a job on Wall Street as a security analyst. He could start working in July of 2016, too. But there was a catch. He'd have to give up playing football to take the job.

    So the junior told Maryland coach Randy Edsall he was leaving after the 2015 season. From the Washington Post:

    “It was actually an easier conversation than I thought it was going to be because he was very supportive of it,” said Gallo, who is on schedule to graduate from Maryland in the spring and move to New York shortly after. “I made the right decision for myself, for my future. Hopefully, five years from now, I can still look back and say it was the right decision.”

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  • Minnesota RB Rodrick Williams Jr. takes his lizard for walks

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    Rodrick Williams has a leash and a harness for his lizard so he can take it on a walk.

    Yes, that sentence is true.

    The Minnesota running back has a savannah monitor, which is a two-foot lizard. The lizard is named Kilgharrah from the dragon on Merlin. And as you can guess, the nickname for the lizard is the same as his coach's last name. So Minnesota coach Jerry Kill has given Williams a nickname too.

    From ESPN:

    Williams has shown pictures and videos of his pet to its namesake, Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill. After laughing, Kill --the coach, not the pet -- began referring to Williams as "Lizard Boy." It's an appropriate nickname, as Williams used to bring all sorts of amphibians and reptiles into his house while growing up in Lewisville, Texas, much to his parents' chagrin.

    The lizard lives in a 75-gallon cage in Williams' apartment and his girlfriend doesn't let him bring roaches in to feed Kill. The monitor, now 10-months-old, could grow to be five feet long and Williams got it because his apartment complex doesn't allow dogs

  • Sam Ukwuachu victim hires attorney John Clune

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    An attorney who represents the woman who accused former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston of sexual assault has been hired by the woman raped by former Baylor defensive end Sam Ukwuachu.

    John Clune confirmed to the Dallas Morning News that he's been retained by the former Baylor soccer player. She's also being represented by a Waco-area lawyer.

    Baylor announced earlier in the week that it was starting an internal investigation into the handling of the incident. Ukwuachu was sentenced to six months in prison and 10 years probation on August 20. He was not indicted regarding the October 2013 incident until June 2014 and news of his trial didn't break until shortly before it began.

    “We are glad to see that President Starr and Baylor have chosen to conduct their own investigation and look forward to learning the outcome of that process,” Clune said in a statement released by his firm, Hutchinson Black and Cook, LLC of Boulder.

    “We could hear the whole conversation,” he said.

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  • Happy Hour: What off week? Pit road, Darlington and throwbacks

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles 2 days ago

    Throughout the week you can send us your best questions, jokes, rants and just plain miscellaneous thoughts to or @NickBromberg. We'll post them here and have a good time .

    Welcome to an off week edition of Happy Hour. Got anything planned for the weekend? We'll likely watch both the Xfinity and Truck Series races this weekend. Road courses can be appointment viewing. Remember when Max Papis got slapped two years ago?

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    Best part of that whole episode was that the race was Mike Skeen's only Truck Series start. Come back, Mike! We need more drama.

    Let's get to the questions this week.

    @NickBromberg nascar usually isn't into transparency, but couldn't they provide data in instance like ky busch's pit road speeding penalty?

    This is a great question.

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  • Report: Auburn athletic department pushed to ensure survival of major

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 2 days ago

    Did Auburn's athletic department influence the school's decision to keep its public administration major?

    According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the school had decided to eliminate the major in 2013. However, following discussions with the athletic department, the major survived.

    From the Wall Street Journal:

    In addition to meeting with the school’s provost to urge him to spare public administration, the documents show, top athletic officials also offered to use athletic department funds, if necessary, to help pay its professors and support staff. Gary Waters, Auburn’s senior associate athletic director for academic services, wrote in an email in January 2013 that athletics had made “similar investments in academic programs during the last few years,” although in those cases, he added, “it has not been publicized.”

    It also states that fewer than one percent of Auburn students pursue a public administration major. 26 football players on the 2014 team had public administration majors.

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  • UConn unveils gray alternate uniforms (Photos)

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 2 days ago

    UConn now has a completely gray uniform to wear in 2015.

    The Huskies unveiled the uniform on Wednesday.


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    The best part of this uniform is easily the helmet. Gray is an overplayed color in college football to begin with, and going all gray just seems really drab. But Nike loves gray and UConn is a Nike school, so it made sense that the Huskies were going to have gray uniforms at some point.

    Simply adding blue pants or a blue jersey to the other gray elements would be a huge step up. We'll see when UConn wears this uniform in 2015. Hopefully it's not on an overcast day in Storrs. That may be too much gray to handle.

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  • Vanderbilt wants Nigel Bowden's voice to be more 'authoritative'

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 2 days ago

    Vanderbilt linebacker Nigel Bowden is the man who makes the defensive play calls for the Commodores. And Coach Derek Mason wanted his voice to be more "authoritative" in 2015.

    “Since the beginning of time that position has been a leader. You go where you’re middle linebacker goes,” Mason told the Tennesseean. “I just asked Nigel to step outside his comfort zone. … As he is authoritative, guys will start to understand who the leader is, and that’s a strong position.”

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    Bowden was a redshirt freshman in 2014 and led the team with 78 tackles. He made the play calls last year as Vanderbilt went 3-9 and 0-8 in the SEC. The 6-1, 240 pound player was a four-star recruit in the class of 2013 and the No. 9 inside linebacker in the country.

    “(My voice) has to come out hard and aggressive this year,” Bowden said. “We’re not here to be nice to each other.”

  • Report: Rutgers coach Kyle Flood 'likely' emailed part-time lecturer

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 2 days ago

    The Rutgers faculty member that Scarlet Knights coach Kyle Flood emailed about cornerback Nadir Barnwellwas reportedly "likely" a part-time faculty member making less than $5,000 per class.

    According to,the faculty union at Rutgers believes Flood, who made $987,000 last year as head football coach, was contacting a part-time teacher.

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    But union officials suspect the instructor who received Flood's email related to an academic issue involving his player is a part-time adjunct professor in the Mason Gross School of the Arts on the New Brunswick campus, said David Hughes, president of Rutgers' faculty union.

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