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  • Spencer Gallagher and John Wes Townley wrestle after truck crash

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles 6 hrs ago

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    Spencer Gallagher and John Wes Townley had themselves a new kind of NASCAR fight on Saturday night.

    The two Camping World Truck Series drivers ended up in an on-track wrestling match after they crashed in the late stages of the race at Gateway Motorsports Park. Townley came after Gallagher and then the two slow-danced for a bit before Townley attempted what appears to be a WWE-style DDT on Gallagher.

    It also looks like Gallagher could have been saying something funny to Townley after Townley landed the DDT. Why? It appears Townley is smiling for a brief moment.

    The crash with six laps to go was the second crash between the two drivers on the evening. In the first, Townley went spinning off Gallagher's bumper as the two appeared to attempt to occupy the same piece of track at the same time.

    Hence Townley's frustration. And the need to wrestle on the track. It's certainly a fight that's going to be replayed over and over again the rest of the season for a number of factors.

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  • Carl Edwards beats AJ Allmendinger for pole at Sonoma

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles 1 day ago

    Carl Edwards looks like he's a heavy favorite at Sonoma.

    Edwards was fast in both practice sessions Friday and put up the fastest lap of Saturday's qualifying session in both the first and second rounds, beating AJ Allmendinger for the pole.

    Allmendinger, the pole winner last season, provisionally posted the fastest lap of the final round. But then Edwards knocked him off the top spot and no one else was even close. Edwards got the top spot with a great turn 11, the final turn (a hairpin) on the 2-mile road course.

    Allmendinger, who won at Watkins Glen in 2014 to make the Chase, was considered the favorite last year after he started first. But he had mechanical issues and ended up 37th, 12 laps down.

    Edwards got his first road course win the same season. He won at Sonoma. His pole Saturday is his third of the season; the most of anyone in the Cup Series.

    Here's how the field will line up on Sunday. Cody Ware, attempting to make the race in the No. 55 car, missed the race.

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  • No. 95 team's data got hacked this spring and paid ransom to get it back

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles 1 day ago

    Circle Sport Leavine Family Racing had a run-in with hackers this spring.

    The team said its data got hacked in April and it was forced to pay the hackers a ransom to get it back. The team said it houses everything on Dropbox and first noticed odd activity when a flurry of files was being uploaded to the file hosting and sharing service.

    When the team went to open the files after noticing the activity, they all were encrypted and had a ransom note on them, demanding the ransom be paid or the files would be destroyed.

    “First you don’t want to believe it, but every file I tried to open had the same thing,” Dave Winston, the team's crew chief told Fox Sports. “You know in this sport, the computers have so much information on them, whether it’s track data or wind-tunnel data, engine data, personnel issues, parts issues — all sorts of information.”

    So the team decided to pay the ransom. And had to pay it in BitCoin.

    The team has since taken significant steps to protect its information.

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  • Jeff Gordon 'flattered' by possible talk show interest

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles 1 day ago

    Jeff Gordon certainly isn't ruling out the possibility he could become a talk show host.

    Gordonhas been mentioned as a candidate to succeed Michael Strahan as Kelly Ripa's co-host on "Live!" Gordon was asked about the possibility on Saturday at Sonoma and said he was flattered about the interest.

    “Well, I’m flattered that my name has been associated with that," Gordon said. "I’ve always maintained a great friendship with the show and some of the producers and folks within the show. I had a great time co-hosting on that show, and I certainly would welcome it. My priority is Fox and Fox Sports and NASCAR, so I will definitely be back in the booth next year. If there was something that would fit into and around that, great. I don’t know if that’s a reality. It’s been really interesting seeing that unfold, but I really don’t have anything that I can say about it.”

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  • Baylor and Art Briles officially part ways

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    Baylor and Art Briles are officially done with each other.

    The two parties released a joint statement Friday evening announcing their separation. Briles had been suspended with intent to terminate as an independent investigation regarding the school's handling of sexual assault cases had been released in May.

    Baylor University and Art Briles have mutually agreed to terminate their employment relationship, effective immediately. Both parties acknowledge that there were serious shortcomings in the response to reports of sexual violence by some student-athletes, including deficiencies in University processes and the delegation of disciplinary responsibilities within the football program. Baylor is addressing these shortcomings and making ongoing improvements.

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    Two players who were members of the Baylor team while Briles was coach are currently serving prison sentences for rape while other former players have been accused of sexual assault.

  • Tony Stewart: driving in Cup 'does not make me happy right now'

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles 1 day ago

    Tony Stewart's frustration from the first practice session was evident when he spoke of his retirement plans. The three-time Sprint Cup Series champion is retiring at the end of the season.

    “Because I’m ready to go run stuff that makes me happy and driving a Sprint Cup car does not make me happy right now," Stewart, who has two (official) top-10 finishes in seven starts this season. " ... I’ve dedicated 18 years of my life to this series and it’s done great by me. I’ve made a great living doing it, but at the same time there are other things in life I want to do other than be at a NASCAR track three days a week for 38 weekends out of 52 weeks a year. There are just other things I want to do now. I never dreamed there was going to be a time that I was going to think about something like this.

    The two-time Sonoma winner made the comments after he was inducted into Sonoma's Wall of Fame.

    After the two made contact, Stewart flipped McMurray, a driver who made his debut three years after Stewart and at 40, is five years younger, off.

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  • Jimmie Johnson details what outlines could be made to plate racing

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles 1 day ago

    Jimmie Johnson revealed Friday what drivers would like to see change at restrictor plate races.

    The style of racing that happens at Daytona and Talladega was a dominant topic following the Talladega race in May when three cars got airborne. Many ideas (including here) were bandied about as possible ways to tweak or outright change the style of plate racing currently in place.

    The season's second race at Daytona is next weekend and Johnson, a member of the Driver's Council, was asked about what drivers would like to see change.

    “I know following Talladega there were a lot of suggestions made," Johnson said. "I certainly had some opinions of why passing was as difficult as it was and the energy that it created in the pack and the need to kind of bump-draft and slam-draft and then crash, like that whole process that took place. I know that they don’t want to over-react and we’re going to a different track in Daytona that works a little bit differently than Talladega does.

    The side draft has increased in influence with the downforce level of the cars and as the front-to-back draft (for lack of a better term) has decreased in importance.

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  • Dale Earnhardt's grandson to run tribute scheme at Darlington

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles 1 day ago

    The No. 32 GoFas Racing car will look familiar at Darlington in September.

    The team unveiled its throwback paint scheme for the event and it's a tribute to Dale Earnhardt's Wrangler-sponsored car. Earnhardt had Wrangler sponsorship before his iconic No. 3 was black and sponsored by Goodyear. Jeffrey Earnhardt, Dale's grandson and the son of Kerry Earnhardt (Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s half-brother), will drive the car.

    Go Fas Racing Announces Darlington Throwback Scheme

    We still love that a Ford is sponsored by a Corvette parts site.

    Jeffrey Earnhardt is 40th in the points standings and has competed in nine of the 15 Cup Series races in 2016. The No. 32 is driven by Patrick Carpentier this weekend. Carpentier last made a Cup start in 2011.

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  • Clemson won't charge for student tickets in 2016

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 2 days ago

    Clemson students don't have to worry about paying for good seats at football games in 2016.

    The school tabled a proposal that would have charged students if they wanted to sit in the lower level of the stadium. The fee would have been $225 and would guarantee students lower-level seats for the entirety of the season.

    Upper-deck tickets would have still been free on a first-come, first-serve basis. The student-body elect told the Charleston Post and Courier at the time of the proposal in April that it was like segregating the stadium based on socioeconomic status.

    Mind you, that's kind of what happens when a team charges more for seats with a better view.

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    Meal plans will rise 4 percent per semester on average, from $1,860 to $1,940, and housing will go up an average of 6 percent, from $2,698 to $2,865.

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  • Bob Diaco knows John F. Kennedy's fettuccine alfredo recipe

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 2 days ago

    UConn coach Bob Diaco can make you some presidential pasta.

    The coach says he has former President John F. Kennedy's recipe for fettuccine alfredo. Diaco explained how he obtained the recipe in a lengthy Q&A with Sports Illustrated.

    It's not mine. And I wasn't there, but the person that told me was one of the greatest, finest men I had met in my life. Jim Hayes, who's a world-renowned lawyer, is a great, great friend. He went to Loras College, a small Jesuit school in Iowa and was president of student body. When JFK was campaigning, doing the Iowa caucus, he did a speech at Loras College. All the finite details, I'm not sure of. But the speech ended and Jim, JFK, the monsignor of the school and another priest find themselves hungry. And there's no place to eat, but they do have access to the cafeteria. JFK says, "You know? How about I cook you guys my Fettuccine Alfredo recipe?" Jim Hayes is taking diligent notes of this moment, and then he taught me.


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