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  • Here's the Taiwanese animation take on Samaje Perine's record (Video)

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 3 hrs ago

    This may be the best college football animation parody yet.

    Here's the Taiwanese Animators' take on Samaje Perine's record-breaking day on Saturday. Perine rushed for 427 yards, breaking Melvin Gordon's week-old record that he had set against Nebraska.

    It's hard to watch the video and not laugh, especially the part about the bad punt snap for Kansas. And if the person with the cameo at the end of the video breaks the rushing record on Saturday, well, that's the fastest recovery to an ACL injury we've ever seen.

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  • FSU's Derrick Mitchell Jr. was in library at time of shooting

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 4 hrs ago

    Florida State defensive tackle Derrick Mitchell Jr.  was in the library early Thursday morning during the shooting on FSU's campus.

    Mitchell was working on a group project and was about to leave when he said he decided to wait for the others in his group.

    From the Tallahassee Democrat:

    "Something told me to turn around, wait for the other group members, and we all can walk out together," Mitchell said. "And I turned around and I waited. And thank God I waited those extra minutes because I was right there.

    "If I would have walked out two minutes earlier, I would have been right there in the line of fire."

    Three were wounded in the incident and the gunman was killed by Florida State police.

    Mitchell said he never saw the gunman but that he heard the shots and saw wounded library worker Nathan Scott warning others about what had happened. He had originally thought a bookshelf had fallen.

    “I was probably 10 feet from where he laid down at.”

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  • Georgia Southern guaranteed part of Sun Belt but needs a bowl waiver

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 5 hrs ago

    Georgia Southernis guaranteed at least a share of the Sun Belt Conference title after Lousiana-Lafayette's loss. But it's very likely the Eagles won't be going to a bowl.

    At 8-3 and 7-0 in the Sun Belt, Georgia Southern is already two games above the bowl-eligibility threshold with a game to play. The number of wins isn't the issue. It's GSU's newbie status as a member of the Sun Belt.

    It's Georgia Southern's first year playing at the  FBS level and the Eagles are officially classified as a transtional team (Remember, the upset of Florida in 2013 happened as GSU was in the FCS). By rule, transitional teams are ineligible for postseason play. To get to a bowl, the Eagles would need a waiver. And in October, Georgia State athletic director Tom Kleinlein called the possibility of a waiver "slim."

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  • This Virginia fan and his fake goose enjoyed win over Miami

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 7 hrs ago

    When you've had a long, fun-filled day in college and your team is in the midst of a blowout victory, you need to let goose, er, let loose in the fourth quarter.

    As Virginia played Journey over the loudspeakers at the stadium Saturday night, this Virginia fan sang along as loud as he could, even without a microphone. Why? Because he had a fake goose. We all wish we could go on stage with a goose.

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  • Center judge deemed contact by Jameis Winston to be insignificant

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 18 hrs ago

    The ACC said Sunday that the contact Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston made with an official during Saturday's game against Boston Collegewas believed to be incidental and insignificant by the center judge who Winston contacted.

    "The center judge's positioning, which was due to the experimental year of having an eighth official, combined with the late substitution and by rule the need to allow the defense to matchup, led to contact between himself and the player," ACC coordinator of officials Doug Rhoads said in a statement. "The official believed the contact was incidental and insignificant and did not rise to the level of unsportsmanlike conduct and automatic disqualification."

    If you haven't seen the incident, here it is. According to the NCAA rulebook, intentionable and forcible contact with an official is punishable with a 15-yard penalty and ejection. Winston was not flagged on the play.

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  • Hawaii scores touchdown with no time left to beat UNLV (Video)

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    There was drama in Hawaii while you slept.

    Trailing 35-31 with a second left, Hawaii had time for one more play against UNLV from the Rebels' 20-yard-line. Ikaika Woolsey dropped back to pass and found Marcus Kemp just inside the goal line.

    It was close, as you can see, but Kemp was indeed inside the end zone before he was pushed out by the defender. The plays was upheld upon review and the Warriors won 37-35.

    It's a great way to end the home season for Hawaii too. The Warriors, at 4-8, aren't going to a bowl game (neither is 2-10 UNLV) and play at Fresno State to end the year on Saturday.

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  • Lewis Hamilton seals Formula 1 title with win at Abu Dhabi

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles 1 day ago

    Lewis Hamilton got his 11th win of the season Sunday at Abu Dhabi and clinched the 2014 Formula 1 championship.

    The points leader entering the race, Hamilton needed to finish second if teammate Nico Rosberg won the race to clinch the title. But as the race unfolded, Rosberg faded from the front and Hamilton would have been the champion had he cruised home in fifth or pushed for the win.

    He pushed for the win.

    Rosberg, who started on the pole, had a terrible start and it allowed Hamilton, who started second, to sprint away into the first corner with the lead. Rosberg never got close again, and a brake issue derailed any chances he had of finishing the race in the points. As Rosberg's car slowed over the last half of the race, he ended up 14th and a lap behind Hamilton.

    The title is Hamilton's second of his career. He won his first in 2008 in a driving rainstorm at Brazil, snatching positions at the end to finish fifth and a point ahead of Massa, the race winner, in the season standings.

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  • Missouri is a win away from second consecutive SEC East title

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    Only Arkansas now stands in the way of Missouri's second-straight SEC East title.

    If you were filling out a comment card about Missouri's season, the phrase you'd probably write first would be "ugly, but effective." And the theme continued Saturday night during the Tigers' 29-21 win over Tennessee in Knoxville, Tenn., as Missouri's offense sputtered for much of the game after an opening touchdown drive.

    But as soon as quarterback Maty Mauk hit Jimmie Hunt on a 73-yard touchdown pass to give Missouri a 23-13 lead, the Tiger offense was reinvigorated.

    Early in the fourth quarter, Mauk had Hunt in single coverage and threw a jump ball for his receiver, who reached over the Tennessee defender and snagged it before holding off another on his way to the end zone. On Mauk's next pass after a Tennessee punt, he hit Bud Sasser for a 35-yard gain. The two passes netted Mauk 108 yards of passing. His previous 22 throws had gained 109 yards.

    Five plays after finding Sasser, Mauk hit him again for a 13-yard touchdown and the Tigers final score of the night.

    The Tigers sacked Dobbs five times and Tennessee finished with just 53 total rushing yards and two turnovers.

  • Western Carolina coach slams Kirk Herbstreit for GameDay comments

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    Western Carolina coach Mark Speir took offense to ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit's feelings about FCS teams playing FBS teams.

    Four SEC schools – Alabama, Auburn, Florida and Georgia – played FCS schools on Saturday and on GameDay, Herbstreit, an avowed critic of the ability of FBS teams to play FCS schools, expressed his disdain for the practice again. Western Carolina played Alabama, and Speir made this comment after the game, which Alabama won 48-14.

    He didn't name Herbstreit, but the direction of the comment was clear given that Herbstreit used to play quarterback at Ohio State.

    "A guy had a silver spoon in his mouth all his life, Ohio State, primadonna state quarterback talking about, 'It's an embarrassment,'" Speir said via "He ain't ever coached."

    Speir complimented Herbstreit's GameDay partner in Lee Corso, who doesn't share Herbstreit's stance.

    For more Alabama news,via

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  • Tennessee scores TD on fake field goal and fan falls out of stands

    Nick Bromberg at Dr. Saturday 1 day ago

    Tennessee converted a beautiful fake field goal for a touchdown and one fan was so overcome with joy that he tumbled out of the stands in celebration.

    Holder Patrick Ashford threw a strike to Alex Ellis, who ran a go route and got behind Missouri's defenders for the 31-yard touchdown. While you can see the defenders on the perimeter recognize the fake, the middle of the defense didn't, and Ian Simon was too late to get to Ellis.

    And as Ellis' momentum carried him out the back of the end zone, he was joined by a fan on the field. A man tried to reach down and pat Ellis and his momentum sent him over the brick wall separating the stands from the field.

    We feel for the woman in the black coat who was suddenly in the midst of chaos and had no chance to get out.

    Thankfully, the fan who fell out of the stands was uninjured and back in his spot after the fall. The fake gave Tennessee a 10-7 lead and the Vols and Tigers were tied 13-13 at halftime.

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