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  • 2012 Year In Review: Buzzing The Net’s Top 5 junior hockey stories of the year

    Neate Sager at Yahoo! Sports1 yr ago

    Know this much: junior hockey provides plenty of drama.

    As 2012 draws to a close, it is time to reflect on the controversial, the riveting, the breathtaking, the simply out-there and buzzy moments that make the junior game so fun to follow. There was probably too much going on this calendar year to distill it down to just five stories, but here is BTN's best effort at taking in the zeitgeist of the junior game from the past 12 months.

    Season of scandals

    Wow, that photo is Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon-worthy.

    Three recruiting stories involving CHL powerhouses grabbed huge headlines. The first, foreshadowing what was to come, involved Winnipeg Jets first-round pick Jacob Trouba, who plays for the University of Michigan. The latter two ensnared the teams of his fellow Team USA defencemen Seth Jones and Patrick Sieloff. (Do I really have to explain that's not meant to link either to anything, just that it illustrates the links between each story? )

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