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  • Oscar Pistorius Trial Day 23: Steenkamp told Blade Runner 'I love you' for first time on night she died

    Nastasya Tay at Yahoo Sports1 day ago

    PRETORIA, South Africa – On the envelope, there's the word "Ozzy", "with hearts and a squiggle," Oscar Pistorius said on the stand.

    Inside: a card, from the girlfriend he shot and killed on Valentine's morning last year.

    "Roses are red, violets are blue …" Pistorius opens it. "And then inside she wrote, 'I think today is a good day to tell you that … I love you,' " he read, his voice trembling but clear.

    The note, in neat black ballpoint letters, is signed "Reeves," with a smiley face and three kisses.

    It is the first time Reeva Steenkamp told the athlete – her boyfriend of a little more than three months – "I love you." A card she asked her "baba" to only open on Valentine's Day itself.

    "No further questions."

    With that, defense attorney Barry Roux ended his brief re-examination.

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  • Oscar Pistorius Trial Day 17: Blade Runner wakes to the 'smell of blood'

    Nastasya Tay at Yahoo Sports9 days ago

    PRETORIA, South Africa – These days, Oscar Pistorius is too scared to sleep.

    Some nights, the Blade Runner wakes to the "smell of blood," terrified.

    "I have terrible nightmares about things that happened that night," he told the court Monday. "If I hear a noise, I wake up, just, in a complete state of terror."

    It was fear of a different kind, he contends, that led to what happened in the early hours of Valentine's morning last year, when he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

    In the months after the shooting, Pistorius says he couldn't sleep for weeks, losing a significant amount of weight. He is now on a changing cocktail of sleeping tablets and anti-depressants.

    It is the first time the court has heard testimony from his own mouth.

    The athlete has so far given two written statements – a detailed account of events during his bail hearing, which he then supplemented at the beginning of the trial – both of which were read aloud to the court Monday by his lawyers.

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  • Oscar Pistorius Trial Day 15: Unclear whether athlete takes stand when trial resumes Friday

    Nastasya Tay at Yahoo Sports22 days ago

    PRETORIA, South Africa – As the prosecution in Oscar Pistorius' murder trial rested its case Tuesday, a member of the star athlete's family told journalists from the front row of the public gallery, "He's ready" to take the stand.

    Pistorius appeared resigned but resolute, murmuring as he left court, "It's a tough time. We've got a lot of stuff ahead of us."

    The Paralympian, accused of premeditated murder of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's Day 2013, is expected to testify Friday. It is respected practice in the South African legal system for the accused to give evidence before any other defense witnesses are called.

    But when asked if the athlete would be on the stand before the end of the week, his legal team remained cagey. "We'll see about that," defense lawyer Kenny Oldwadge said.

    "I don't think we've got a choice, it's a question of when," Pistorius' advising attorney, Brian Webber, said of the likelihood of his client's testimony. South Africa's constitution allows Pistorius to refrain from testifying in his own defense.

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