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  • Oscar Pistorius Trial Day 37: Prosecution goes after defense's star witness

    Nastasya Tay at Yahoo Sports2 mths ago

    PRETORIA, South Africa – It was a cross-examination that turned into a standoff.

    Professor Wayne Derman, in a neat dark suit and tie on the stand, his right arm outstretched in front of him, his left grasping an imaginary wall.

    Prosecutor Gerrie Nel inspected the witness' stance – allegedly a demonstration of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius' movements as he approached the danger he believed lurked at the end of his bathroom passage on Valentine's morning last year.

    Derman cocked his head. "Are you happy, sir ?" he challenged the prosecutor.

    "Mr Derman, the court indicated to you that you should address the court , and not me," Nel retorted.

    "Those sarcastic questions is not doing your credibility good," he added, waving his glasses around with a pitying smile. "It does nothing to me."

    Embarrassed, the professor looked to the judge for support, only to be met with a stern stare.

    "My lady, I'm sorry. It's in response to being asked to show, to demonstrate certain things. I just get the feeling that I'm being on trial here," Derman told Judge Thokozile Masipa.

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  • Oscar Pistorius Trial Day 36: Blade Runner's defense gets a huge boost

    Nastasya Tay at Yahoo Sports3 mths ago

    PRETORIA, South Africa – It was a good day in court for Oscar Pistorius.

    After 19 days of presenting evidence, Oscar Pistorius' defense finally got to the crux of its case with its – allegedly – last witness.

    Sports Medicine Professor Wayne Derman, seemingly the defense's star expert witness in the Paralympian's murder trial, says people with disabilities live under greater threat of attack, and have a different fight-or-flight response to able-bodied adults.

    It is crucial testimony in support of the athlete, who maintains that when he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours of Valentine's morning last year, he believed her to be an intruder and was trying to protect them both.

    In a blow for the prosecution, the findings of psychologist Jonathan Scholtz – one of the mental health experts who conducted Pistorius' 30-day psychiatric assessment – also supports Derman's testimony.

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