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  • Jose Fernandez added to list of athletes who died far too soon

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew 8 hrs ago

    Of all the lists baseball fans thought Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez might make one day, no expected this one: athletes who died far too young.

    Fernandez, 24, was one of three people killed early Sunday morning in a boating accident in Miami. The boat he was on struck a jetty and overturned, according to authorities. All three victims were found around 3 a.m.

    It’s a tragedy that has gripped the sporting world, as Fernandez is universally regarded as one of the best pitchers in MLB. He won the Rookie of the Year in 2013 and pitched well enough to be a Cy Young candidate this year. So when people say Fernandez was one of the top talents in the game, it’s no exaggeration.

    Rare is the loss of an athlete who is as good and as young as Fernandez. So now, when we think of athletes such as Reggie Lewis, Len Bias, Sean Taylor and Hank Gathers, we’ll think of Fernandez too. It’s tragic company to be in.

    Here’s a slideshow by Yahoo Sports’ Amber Matsumoto looking at more athletes who died prematurely:

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  • Jose Fernandez's death crushed Don Mattingly and the Marlins

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew 10 hrs ago

    The news of Jose Fernandez’s death shook the sports world on Sunday morning, but nowhere was it more crushing than at Marlins Park, where fans and teammates gathered to remember a talent taken far too soon.

    With Sunday’s game canceled, the Marlins gathered anyway. They met as a team, talked about Fernandez together, trying to process the loss together and grief together. Then, they stood united for a press conference. Players wore their jerseys, surrounding a table where manager Don Mattingly sat along with execs David Samson, Michael Hill and veteran player Martin Prado.

    They were moved to tears as they talked about Fernandez — their 24-year-old ace,who was found dead early Sunday morning after a boating accident that killed two other people. Mattingly was particularly emotional, breaking down in tears while talking about Fernandez.

    — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) September 25, 2016

  • Steve Clevenger suspended by Mariners after controversial tweets

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew 2 days ago

    The other shoe has dropped in the Steve Clevenger saga: The Seattle Mariners have suspended the injured catcher for the rest of the season because of racially-charged tweets about the Charlotte protests, the Black Lives Matter movement and President Obama.

    General manager Jerry Dipoto said in a statement:

    “As soon as we became aware of the tweets posted by Steve yesterday we began to examine all of our options in regard to his standing on the team. Today we have informed him that he is suspended for the remainder of the season without pay.”

    Clevenger was already on the 60-day disabled list and wasn’t going to play this season anyway. This isn’t about playing time, rather they’re punishing him in his wallet. He’ll now forfeit the remainder of his $516,500 salary for this season. That comes out to about $31,900 for the final 10 games.

    Here are screenshots of his Clevenger’s tweets taken before he made his Twitter account private. The most incendiary part was Clevenger saying “everyone involved should be locked behind bars like animals.”

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  • Podcast: How likable are the teams in the MLB postseason chase?

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew 3 days ago

    This is The StewPod, our baseball podcast with a dash of pop culture. If you dig the show, please subscribe and review us on iTunes.

    Are the Boston Red Sox likable? This week’s podcast started with that question and morphed into something else. On the StewPod, we’re assessing the likeability of each team involved in the MLB postseason chase. Basically: Are they baseball’s heels or a team to cheer for?

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    Here’s a full rundown of the show:

    [Music: “Gorgeous” by Kanye West]

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  • Video: The five MLB teams that blew it the most in 2016

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew 3 days ago

    Ah yes, September. That time of the baseball season when we can obsess over magic numbers, wild-card spots, postseason rotations and who has the best odds to win the World Series. Speculating the spoils of the future is fun.

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    But I also like talking trash about the past, so on this week’s installment of Open Mike, I’m roasting the teams that blew it the most in 2016. Sidenote: One of them is actually still in the playoff hunt and I’d suggest maybe not looking at their ace).

    Keep in mind here, I’m not just talking about the teams with the worst records. Because we knew a team like the Cincinnati Reds was going to be bad. I’m talking about the teams who had opportunity in front of them or momentum to build off and punched themselves in the face instead.

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  • David Ortiz's daughter designs his fantastic retirement T-shirt

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew 3 days ago

    When people say David Ortiz is going out in style, they really mean it. And not just because of all the home runs.

    The final weeks of David Ortiz’s MLB career are here, and like the man himself, they’ll come with a special bit of flair and heart. Ortiz has partnered with Teespring to release a limited-edition retirement T-shirt that looks cool and will raise money for the David Ortiz Children Fund.

    And get this, it was designed by Ortiz’s daughter Alex — fitting for a guy nicknamed Big Papi, right? We’re giving you the first look at it, right here at Yahoo Sports:

    Retired But Not Expired. That fits him — and his amazing farewell season — to a T. These are on sale as of 10 a.m. Thursday exclusively at Teespring, but only for a limited time. Sales stop Oct. 6.

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  • Guess what? The Giants bullpen didn't blow it for once

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew 4 days ago

    Welcome to The Walk Off, the nightly MLB recap from Big League Stew. Here we’ll look at the top performers of the night, show you a must-see highlight and rundown the scoreboard. First, we start with a game you need to know about.

    When Johnny Cueto cringed on the mound and shook his head at the dugout, signaling he was hurt and done for the night, the San Francisco Giants had to be thinking the worst. Something like, “Oh, please no, not the bullpen.”

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    They were up 1-0 in the sixth inning against the rival Los Angeles Dodgers. This had all the makings of the horror movie the Giants have seen too many times this month and this season — the one where the S.F. bullpen just keeps on dying.

    But guess what? Not on this night.

    The Giants bullpen has blown 30 games this season — 30! And it has blown eight saves in September, including Monday’s gut-punch loss to the Dodgers, in which a 1-0 lead disappeared in the ninth.



  • Jose Fernandez was so good that Barry Bonds just had to kiss him

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew 4 days ago

    How do you turn surly Barry Bonds into the 2016 Kissing Bandit? Give him a front-row seat to watch Jose Fernandez and apparently the smooching just can’t be contained.

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    Fernandez had another fantastic outing on Tuesday night, throwing eight shutout innings in the Miami Marlins’ 1-0 win over the Washington Nationals. Fernandez struck out 12, allowed just three hits and finished his night with about 762 kisses from Barry Bonds.

    Get a load of this:

    "Come here, you!"@JDFernandez16 @BarryBonds pic.twitter.com/sleRhObACN

    — Miami Marlins (@Marlins) September 21, 2016

    You can bet he never gave Jeff Kent this kind of love in the Giants clubhouse.

  • David Ortiz has perfect response for fan who taunted him

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew 4 days ago

    Here’s the latest history-making homer news for David Ortiz: He hit home run No. 36 on Tuesday night, as part of the Boston Red Sox’s 5-2 win over the Baltimore Orioles. The three-run homer gave Ortiz the most ever by a player in his farewell season, topping Dave Kingman’s mark from 1986.

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    But there’s a great secondary story to Big Papi’s dinger homer that probably won’t make the history books, so we should tell it. It involves Ortiz, a Baltimore heckler and the best kind of response — a ball flying over the fence.

    When Ortiz flied out in his previous at-bat, a heckler near the Red Sox dugout caught his ear and eye. Ortiz motioned to him that he just missed a homer by “this much,” making a gesture with his thumb and pointer finger. Next at-bat, Papi goes deep and the story could end there.

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  • Yes, the Dodgers are already wearing ‘Don’t Look at Me’ T-shirts

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew 5 days ago

    The troll is strong with this one. Not even 24 hours after Madison Bumgarner and Yasiel Puig incited a benches-clearing shouting match, the Los Angeles Dodgers have found a creative way to ratchet up their never-ending feud with the Giants.

    Someone in the Dodgers clubhouse quickly made “Don’t Look at Me” T-shirts, referencing what Bumgarner shouted at Puig to start their altercation. Adrian Gonzalez debuted them to the world via his Twitter account, with the help of Kenley Jansen and Justin Turner, who are making sure they don’t look at you:

    #PuigYourFriend #DontLookAtMe ???? #Puignotlookingatyou ???? @JDL_87 @Adrian_ElTitan pic.twitter.com/2r1JULNyMK

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