Mike Oz

  • The time a Mets beat writer jinxed the Mets — a comedy in two acts

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew4 days ago

    Hilarious things tend to happen to the New York Mets. If they didn't, LOLMets wouldn't be a thing. These 2014 Mets don't have much to play for at the moment, but they did have one thing going for them. Now even that has turned sadly hilarious.

    Coming into Thursday's game, Mets pitchers hadn't committed a balk all season. If they were able to last four more games, they'd be the first team NL in 15 years not to balk. It's not quite as cool as a playoff berth. But not everybody can go to the playoffs. Some teams have to chase balk records.

    Anthony DiComo, the Mets beat writer for MLB.com, sent out a tweet during Thursday's game about the Mets balk-less streak. Part of his job. No big deal. 

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