Mike Oz

  • Blue Jays bring lion, tiger into clubhouse as they claw at a postseason spot

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew3 days ago

    Clinging to postseason hopes that honestly don't look great at the moment, the Toronto Blue Jays are trying to find their "Eye of the Tiger" (you know, from "Rocky III.") On Wednesday, they took things a step further than just jamming the Survivor song in the clubhouse. 

    They brought in an actual baby Tiger. And a baby Lion too. Let's check the Instagrams!

    That's straight out of the Joe Maddon "Keep your clubhouse loose" playbook and it worked for a day at least. The Blue Jays pummeled the Chicago Cubs 11-1. They're 3 1/2 games back for the second AL wild card at the moment, which isn't an insurmountable number, but with the Mariners, A's and Tigers all in the wild-card mix too, the Blue Jays need a very strong finish to sneak in there.

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