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  • Watch a Japanese baseball player try to hit a 186 mph fastball (Video)

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew2 days ago

    It's tough to figure out exactly what's going on in the video above because it's in Japanese, but we know the important stuff: That's former Nippon Pro Baseball home-run king  Takashi Yamasaki guesting on some sort of funny Japanese TV show.

    His goal is to try to hit a 186 mph fastball from a pitching machine. Yikes.

    You know how fast that is? It's so fast Yamasaki couldn't even swing before the ball passed him. It's so fast that all he could do was laugh. By all means, watch the video above, but check out this slow-motion GIF. Notice how everything is slow except the ball.

    After watching this, my life won't be complete until someone rounds up 20 of the best MLB hitters and makes them try.

    Mike Trout could do it, right?

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