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  • Lance Armstrong says he would never have won TDF without doping

    Matt Grassie at NBC on Yahoo Sports 3 mths ago

    Lance Armstrong joined The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday morning to discuss the use of PEDs in the sport of cycling and to explain his use of performance-enhancing drugs during several years of competing at the Tour de France.

    While the seven-time champion of the world's biggest cycling event (all titles of which he's been stripped) maintained a tone of contrition during the interview, he did call doping during his career a "necessary evil of that era."

    Armstrong admitted that his opinions on peformance-enhancing drugs as a necessity are unpopular, but he went on to say that he would never have won a yellow jersey without their assistance. When asked if he could have won the Tour de France without doping, Armstrong again referenced the circumstances of the early- to mid-2000s.

    "Not in that era, no. I think most people would recognize - especially people that were on those battlefields would agree - that it was an arms race at the time. It was a high-octance era, and there were no tests. You couldn't detect certain things like you can now. So, no, certainly not at that time."


  • DPS: NFL never looked at Ray Rice elevator tape

    Matt Grassie at NBC on Yahoo Sports 3 mths ago

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    The NFL's two-game suspension of Ray Rice has come under a lot of criticism for its leniency, especially after security footage of the incident in question went viral. The majority of Internet surfers have probably seen the clip of the Ravens' star running back dragging his unconscious then-fiancee -- now wife -- out of a hotel elevator. The video that far fewer people have seen is the security footage from inside the elevator containing the actual physical contact that led to Mrs. Rice being knocked out.

    That tape, which would seem crucial to determining the egregiousness of the abuse, was reportedly never viewed by the NFL league offices.

    PFT's Mike Florio joined "The Dan Patrick Show" to discuss the fact that the league never looked at the footage during the process of determining the length of Rice's suspension. Since, according to Florio, the tape should have been easy to acquire, the league's failure to view the piece of evidence begs the question: Did the NFL deliberately avoid the video footage?

    Clearly, the security tapes would fall into the category of available information.

  • Jennifer Garner says Ben Affleck is one of those obnoxious sports parents

    Matt Grassie at NBC on Yahoo Sports 7 mths ago

    We all know one. That dad in the little league stands who takes the game way too seriously. He's at every pint-size sports venue in the country. That dad with his nose pressed against the mesh fence, yelling about outfield alignment and plate discipline while the youngsters struggle to put the ball in play. Or the one at the basketball court screaming that his child is open as the scoreboard ticks down in the fourth quarter with a score of 8-6.

    Jennifer Garner, star of the upcoming film Draft Day, knows one of these dads, too. It's her husband, Ben Affleck.

    The actress joined The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday and revealed that when Affleck isn't making movies, he can be found playing the role of "Obnoxious Dad No. 1" on the sidelines of their daughters' basketball games.

    "Nobody cares, Ben," said Garner, who is typically the one in the stands urging her husband to keep quiet. "Please, please stop."

    With all the criminal activity out there, you'd think Batman would have bigger fish to fry than trolling the coaches at a girls' youth hoops game.

  • One Thing to Know: Look for preseason answers to these questions

    Matt Grassie at NBC on Yahoo Sports 1 yr ago

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    With the first full weekend of football in sight, Mike Florio has three things to focus on during the opening slate of preseason games.

    1.) Browns-Rams: How does Tavon Austin stack up against NFL corners? The rookie receiver was able to run past anyone who tried to cover him in college, but the West Virginia product will have to create separation against much better players if he hopes to continue his success on Sundays.

    2.) Redskins-Titans: What will the "Pistol" formation look like with Jake Locker under center for Tennessee? The third-year quarterback has had difficulty staying healthy during his young career, but he is at his best when he's on the move.

    3.) Broncos-49ers: Will Peyton Manning be able to throw the deep ball? The 12-time Pro-Bowler had some difficulty with driving the football down the field in 2012, but if his arm strength returns it will take the Denver offense to another level.

  • The Hype: Lolo has a little fun with drug testers

    Matt Grassie at NBC on Yahoo Sports 1 yr ago

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    Testers requested that Lolo Jones submit a sample just hours before her 31st birthday party, but there was a problem. She wasn't ready -- ahem -- to go. So the drug testers' only course of action was to follow Jones around her party as they waited. Jones, by the way, lightheartedly documented the whole process via Twitter.

    Michelle Beadle is a major fan of the way Jones handled what could have been a bummer of a situation, and she appreciates the small touches. Like Jones' decision to program her mom in her phone as "Ryan Braun" while the testers were around.

  • DPS: King says Manziel comes with major red flags

    Matt Grassie at NBC on Yahoo Sports 1 yr ago

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    Johnny Manziel has made nearly as many headlines this offseason as he did while he was leading Texas A&M to a Cotton Bowl victory last fall. It came to a head at the Manning Passing Academy, when last year's Heisman winner, expected to participate as a counselor, left without notice.

    Some experts have brushed off Manziel's actions as youthful inexperience. Others, including Peter King, think the 2014 draft hopeful has "monumental red flags."

  • One Thing to Know: Vikings will go as far as Ponder lets them

    Matt Grassie at NBC on Yahoo Sports 1 yr ago

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    Desmond Bishop joined Mike Florio to discuss his upcoming campaign with the Vikings, his first in Minnesota following six years in Green Bay. While the linebacker says his ultimate source of motivation is helping the Vikings win their first Super Bowl, Florio says it might not have much to do with the team's play on the defensive side of the football.

    In Florio's opinion, Minnesota's success will be determined by Christian Ponder's play under center.

  • One Thing to Know: Pacman back at rookie symposium

    Matt Grassie at NBC on Yahoo Sports 1 yr ago

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    Adam “Pacman” Jones, who has endured multiple suspensions and arrests over the course of his seven-year career, is heading back to the rookie symposium to warn incoming rookies about possible pitfalls. Though he'll serve as a perfect example of what not to do, Mike Florio argues that he might not be the NFL’s best choice, citing his recent run-in with the law.

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  • Michael Vick wants starter named before camp

    Matt Grassie at NBC on Yahoo Sports 1 yr ago

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    The quarterback situation in Philadelphia has been a little bit hairy since Chip Kelly made his entrance as head coach, prompting weekly questions about the status of the competition for both the head coach and the QBs themselves. With Matt Barkley, Nick Foles and Michael Vick all vying for the starting gig, Kelly has opted to spread the first-team reps evenly and the competition at the position seems to be taking its toll on one of the participants.

    Vick, who is "getting frustrated" according to's Geoff Mosher, issued a statement about the quarterback situation, saying he "won’t continue to answer those questions until Chip makes a decision."

  • The Hype: Rodgers spoils ‘Game of Thrones’ episode with tweet

    Matt Grassie at NBC on Yahoo Sports 1 yr ago

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    For those of you who watch the HBO series "Game of Thrones," you know that Sunday's episode was momentous to say the least. Aaron Rodgers, a viewer of the program himself, sent out a tweet Monday that should have come with a spoiler alert, revealing some crucial plot points in the process. Needless to say, the faction of Rodgers' followers who DVRed the episode were not pleased.

    Michelle Beadle offers her take on the matter, and it's simple: If you haven't watched the episode within 24 hours, stay off Twitter. (Spoiler alert: In the video above, Beadle spills the beans about the "Game of Thrones" episode in question.)