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  • Troy Tulowitzki takes in Yankees game in New York

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew3 days ago

    Let the speculation begin.

    Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki — yes, he's still with the Rockies — is currently on the disabled list nursing a thigh injury, but he was still turning heads on Sunday afternoon. Not on the field, of course, but for making a rather curious appearance at Yankee Stadium to watch New York take on the Toronto Blue Jays.

    Troy Tulowitzki at the Yankees game today in an Arrested Development shirt (original was deleted)

    On Saturday, the Denver Post reported that Tulowitzki was headed to Philadelphia to visit with Dr. William Meyers, a surgeon who specializes in sports injuries. That explains why he's on the east coast. But the fact that he made time to visit New York, and, more specifically, Yankee Stadium, is notable. 

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  • Rockies misspell Troy Tulowitzki's name on 15,000 giveaway jerseys

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew4 days ago

    The Colorado Rockies attempted to do something nice for their fans on Saturday.

    Based on their recent history, we shouldn't be a bit surprised that they failed.

    OH NO RT @_Bwoss_: .@purplerow dear god the #rockies misspelled the giveway Tulo jerseys. photo credit: vanessa wos

    #Rockies give away Troy Tulowitzki jerseys, misspell Tulowitzki. #YouHadOneJob

    Those are the shirt jerseys (aka, shirseys) the team was giving away to fans prior to their game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. It's supposed to be a Troy Tulowitzki No. 2 jersey. Instead, it says Tulowizki, which is pretty much the saddest thing we've seen all season in MLB. 

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