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  • Twins' fan who once shaved Joe Mauer's jersey into back hair now supports Brian Dozier

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew10 hrs ago

    He's back!

    The traveling Minnesota Twins fan who once made headlines for shaving Joe Mauer's name and No. 7 into his back hair, jersey style, has returned to the national spotlight. This time around, he's showing his support for shortstop Brian Dozier, who on Monday night will represent the Twins during the Home Run Derby. 

    Ultimate Dozier fan @geoffreytweets @thecheeseball19 @nickgroke

    When we first saw the fan in 2011 he was in Milwaukee taking in an interleague game against the Brewers. He also made an appearance at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City in 2012 reppin' Mauer. On Friday, he ventured to Coors Field to watch as the Twins fell to the Rockies 6-2. Probably not the result he was looking for, but, hey, at least his guy Dozier had a nice game with a single, double and walk.

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