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  • WWE physician slaps CM Punk with defamation lawsuit for podcast

    Marcus Vanderberg at Cagewriter 13 days ago

    Last year’s podcast “pipe bomb” from CM Punk could ultimately be a costly one.

    WWE senior ringside physician Dr. Chris Amann filed a defamation lawsuit against CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) and Colt Cabana (real name Scott Colton) on Thursday in a Chicago court for comments that were  made on “The Art of Wrestling” podcast last November that "repeatedly and falsely impugned his integrity" as a doctor . Dr. Amann is seeking more than $1 million in compensatory damages and an undisclosed amount in punitive damages. Cabana, the real-life best friend of CM Punk, is the host of "The Art of Wrestling."

    The two-part podcast was the first time CM Punk spoke publicly about his abrupt departure from the company and one of the main reasons for quitting was alleged medical malpractice.

    CM Punk claimed the WWE didn’t follow proper concussion protocol, rushed him back to the ring following elbow surgery and misdiagnosed a “fatty deposit” that allegedly developed into staph infection. Those accusations were directed in part at Dr. Amann.

  • 'Macho Man' Randy Savage to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame

    Marcus Vanderberg at The Turnstile 1 mth ago

    Another year, another mended WWE relationship.

    Two years ago, Bruno Sammartino — who was the longest-reigning WWE champion of all time and outspoken critic of the current wrestling product — was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

    Last year before his tragic death, the Ultimate Warrior headlined the class of 2014 following an 18-year absence from the company.

    This year, it’s finally Randy Savage’s time in the spotlight.

    The WWE announced on “Monday Night Raw” that the “Macho Man” will be part of the class of 2015 on the eve of WrestleMania 31 on March 28 in San Jose, Calif.

    "I had no thoughts. I was so excited,” Savage’s brother, Lanny Poffo, said Monday on the WWE Network. "Intellectually, there was nothing. It was all emotional. I was happy for the fans. They waited for Bruno Sammartino for so many years and now they waited for Macho Man."


    Not so much.


    Dig it.

  • Our 10 favorite MS-DOS sports games

    Marcus Vanderberg at The Turnstile 1 mth ago

    Long before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, your video game options as a kid consisted of a home console like the Nintendo Entertainment System or a floppy disk and computer that ultimately took up half your desk.

    Well, we are happy to tell you that you can now relieve your childhood memories of playing sports video games (and while on the clock at work) thanks to The Internet Archive, a non-profit library that has added 2,500 MS-DOS games to play for free.

    We’ve gone through the extensive list and picked out our 10 favorite sports titles.

    Happy gaming!

    John Madden Football— The O.G. of video football games. Nobody does it better. 

    NHL '94 — Jaromir Jagr is the last active NHL player from the iconic hockey game.

    Double Dribble — Nothing says slam dunk like a slow-motion graphic.

  • CM Punk signs multi-fight deal with UFC

    Marcus Vanderberg at Cagewriter 2 mths ago

    Phil “CM Punk” Brooks has signed a multi-fight deal with Ultimate Fighting Championship and will make his Octagon debut in 2015, the promotion announced Saturday night.

    The UFC teased a big announcement following the first match of the UFC 181 pay-per-view portion and delivered. Joe Rogan interviewed Brooks cageside at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Brooks, 36, wasn’t sure of a weight class yet, but said both middleweight and welterweight were options.

    “I have a background in kempo and I’ve been doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for a long time," Brooks told Rogan. " This is my new career, 100-percent.  I'm going to go full steam ahead, all systems go after today, and it's going to be fun.  I have nothing but respect for everybody here at the UFC, everybody who steps in the Octagon to fight.  And when it's all said and done, when I'm finished, everybody's going to have to respect me because I have come here to fight. "

    “I felt like it was now or never," Brooks added. "I have a limited window most fighters don't have.  I'm either here to win or get my ass kicked.

  • WWE chairman Vince McMahon apologizes to CM Punk

    Marcus Vanderberg at The Turnstile 3 mths ago

    World Wrestling Entertainment chairman and CEO Vince McMahon apologized Monday night to former wrestler CM Punk for firing him on his wedding day.

    “I would like to apologize,” McMahon said on a special episode of the Steve Austin Show on the WWE Network. “Sometimes in a big corporation, the legal people don’t necessarily know what talent relations are doing and conversely and Punk got his severance papers on the day he got married. And that was a coincidence. So, I want to personally apologize for that.”

    It was the first time McMahon spoke publicly following CM Punk's now infamous podcast interview last week where he torched the WWE for how he was treated during his time with the company. Considering CM Punk’s wife, AJ Lee, is still on the active roster, McMahon’s apology about the wedding snafu makes sense.

    And yet, despite all of the damming comments and accusations, McMahon would still like to work with CM Punk one day.

    My reaction to that? Well, see below:

  • CM Punk rips WWE, doctors in interview about his departure from company

    Marcus Vanderberg at The Turnstile 3 mths ago

    Former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar CM Punk spoke publicly for the first time since walking out on the company in January during an explosive podcast with friend and fellow wrestler Colt Cabana.

    Spoiler alert: He’s never going back to the WWE again. Ever.

    CM Punk, real name Phil Brooks, ripped his former employer on the Art of Wrestling podcast for a variety of things — the most damning being some questionable medical tactics by WWE doctors.

    The main reason for the former WWE champion leaving professional wrestling was his health. Shortly after leaving WWE, Punk discovered he had a full-blown MRSA infection that was reportedly misdiagnosed as a “fatty deposit” by company doctors.

    Prior to that, Punk was pressured on more than one occasion by the WWE to return to action while injured:

    CM Punk on returning from a concussion:

    CM Punk on returning from elbow surgery:

    Things were so bad that Punk admitted he looked forward to surgeries for the time off the road. The final tipping point was when the WWE withheld CM Punk's royalty check and eventually fired him on the day of his wedding.

    UPDATE (7:25 p.m. ET):

    The WWE sent the following statement to Yahoo Sports:

  • Sting makes long-awaited WWE debut at Survivor Series

    Marcus Vanderberg at The Turnstile 3 mths ago

    It's @STING!! #SurvivorSeries!!

    And then there were none.

    Sting, the last major active professional wrestler who has never stepped in a World Wrestling Entertainment ring, made his debut Sunday night at the 2014 Survivor Series in St. Louis.

    The former World Championship Wrestling icon interfered in the main event match featuring Team Cena and Team Authority and confronted Triple H. After an intense stare down, the 55-year-old laid out the WWE’s top villain with his patented “Scorpion Death Drop.”

    .@TripleH and @Sting ... FACE TO FACE!!! #SurvivorSeries

    With WrestleMania 31 — the WWE’s flagship pay-per-view — just five months away, all signs point to a match between two guys who both worked for WCW in 1994.

    (Look at that hair on Triple H!)

  • Conor McGregor steals the show at UFC news conference

    Marcus Vanderberg at Cagewriter 3 mths ago

    LAS VEGAS — Behind the slogan, “The Time is Now,” the Ultimate Fighting Championship rolled out its 2015 calendar on Monday at a news conference in Las Vegas. Of the 45 events slated for next year, 13 will be on pay-per-view. The other 32 will be UFC Fight Night events, including 18 on Fox Sports 1, 10 on UFC Fight Pass and four shows on FOX.

    And if Conor McGregor somehow fought on all 45 UFC cards next year, the sport might be better off.

    The brash Irish featherweight — scheduled to fight Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 59 in Boston on Jan. 18 — stole the show at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts. McGregor has never been shy and it didn’t take much probing from the media in order to get the instant quote machine rolling in discussing his competition in and out the featherweight division.

    “It is a mismatch,” McGregor said on fighting the veteran Siver. “I’m going to whoop his a**, collect a check and then I’m gone.”

    McGregor was just getting started as champions Ronda Rousey and Jon Jones tried to hold back their laughter whenever “The Notorious” one grabbed the mic.

    And as for the big announcement the UFC teased, well …

    Let the speculation continue.

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  • Stephanie McMahon Q&A: 'I love to play the bad guy'

    Marcus Vanderberg at The Turnstile 4 mths ago

    The most powerful family in wrestling will always and forever be the McMahons.

    World Wrestling Entertainment has come a long way from the days of Vince McMahon Sr. starting and running the company up until passing the reigns to the Vince McMahon wrestling fans learned to despise during the “Attitude Era.”

    And one day the most powerful person in wrestling might be Stephanie McMahon — Vince McMahon's daughter. When Stephanie isn’t playing one half of “The Authority” on WWE programming alongside her husband Paul “Triple H” Levesque, she’s the chief brand officer for the company.

    Stephanie recently chatted exclusively with Yahoo Sports about making her return to a WWE ring as a competitor following an 11-year layoff, the WWE’s policy on domestic violence and a rumor regarding the stars of “Total Divas.”

    YS: You made your return to a WWE ring as a competitor at SummerSlam — and your first match as a mother. Did you have to sit down with your daughters ahead of time and did they watch the match?

    YS: Your on-camera persona is so vastly different from the Stephanie McMahon in real life. Do you ever struggle with turning the switch on when the cameras are rolling?

  • Dunk History: Kobe Bryant hits the jackpot on Ben Wallace in Las Vegas

    Marcus Vanderberg at Ball Don't Lie 6 mths ago

    As the summer wears on, with training camps and preseason play still off in (what feels like) the distant future, we turn our attention to the past. Join us as we while away a few late-summer moments recalling some of the most scintillating slams of yesteryear, the most thunderous throwdowns ever to sear themselves into our memories. This is Dunk History.

    Today, coverage editor Marcus Vanderberg recalls watching preseason basketball on a school night in 1997 only to see a 19-year-old Kobe Bryant's posterize Washington's Ben Wallace.

    Television time for this 14-year-old, too cool to study high schooler back in 1997 was hard to come by — especially on a school night. But for some reason I either managed to con my parents into letting me watch preseason basketball or I just snuck into the office to watch the Los Angeles Lakers and Washington Wizards from the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas.

    Preseason games are meant for guys like Bryant to show the coaching staff all of the hard work they put in during the summer in hopes of earning more playing time. It’s also the one time a year for fans who don’t live in a city with a NBA franchise to see pro hoops in person.