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  • Football Thursday: Big Irv's legend ironclad 10 years later as Brett Favre reflects on magical game after his father's death

    Les Carpenter at Yahoo Sports11 mths ago

    FENTON, Miss. – Down by the Beneshewa Bayou, past the iron gate and the Spanish moss, there runs a winding road named for a man who loved his children so much he could never say the words. They called him "Big Irv," ironic because Irv Favre wasn't tall, but he had those wide, stocky shoulders, buzz cut and a bark that made everybody jump.

    Big Irv was tough. Once he fell off the roof and split open his head. He refused to go to the hospital even as blood spilled from the wound. "Put some ice on it," he said. Big Irv was demanding. When storms blew through, he had his four kids out cleaning up debris before the wind and rain had stopped. For 24 years Irv coached football at Hancock North Central, naming his three sons – Scott, Brett and Jeff – quarterback but rarely letting them throw the ball even as his middle son showed a remarkable ability to pass.

    And when he died of a heart attack while driving his truck on that December day 10 years ago, the country watched in awe the next night as his heartbroken boy Brett played one of the greatest games of his life, throwing four touchdown passes as the Green Bay Packers beat the Oakland Raiders 41-7.

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  • Cowboys' collapses leave door open for RG3, Redskins to steal NFC East from everyone

    Les Carpenter at Yahoo Sports11 mths ago

    The best reason the Washington Redskins can still win the NFC East was sprawled on the field in Denver on Sunday afternoon holding his knee.

    By Monday it was clear that Robert Griffin III should be able to play this weekend which is a good thing for the Redskins. Because as long as he is on the field, Washington still has an excellent chance to win a division that nobody wants.

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    In an ordinary year, the thought of Eli Manning telling reporters on Sunday that his 2-6 New York Giants "still believe" would be absurd.

    In an ordinary year, the Redskins' season would be all but done at 2-5.

    In an ordinary year, the 35 points by which the Philadelphia Eagles have been outscored overall would have banished them to the bottom of the NFC East. Instead they are but a game out of first place and very much alive for the postseason despite having scored just 10 points in two weeks.

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