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  • Giants' Steve Weatherford details grisly crash scene, dramatic rescue

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 14 days ago

    Steve Weatherford is used to the bright lights and the cheering crowds as the New York Giant has forged a reputation as one of the best punters in the league. But in the early morning hours of June 1, away from the fans and the adulation, Weatherford put forth another clutch performance, this time saving a man who was involved in a horrific car accident just moments after skirting death on his own right.

    The wheels for the whole ordeal were set in place two days earlier when Weatherford was in San Diego for the birth of his fourth child, a daughter. The next day, Weatherford and his whole family went to the hospital to visit the newest member of their family. From the hospital, he took an Uber to the airport for a flight that was supposed to get him back to New Jersey around 8:30 P.M. but about 90 minutes from arrival, the pilot announced that there were delays and they might not be able to land.

    The plans further changed when the plane ran low on fuel and was forced to land in Washington D.C. He needed to be at the Giants facility in a few hours for offseason workouts and things just weren't going right.

    “I touch all my arms, my chest, my head – I'm alive.”

  • Antonio Cromartie offers below-the-belt retort to Kellen Winslow's criticism

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 19 days ago

    It doesn't appear that Kellen Winslow will be invited to the home of New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie anytime soon.

    Winslow, a former NFL tight end perhaps best known for his off-field issues, inexplicably took to Twitter on Wednesday to tell former teammate Antonio Cromartie to stop his burgeoning feud with Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

    Worry about yourself cro. Stop talkin. Your not even close to the best. You got bad feet and are scared to jam. #NFL

    Winslow's tweet didn't include Cromartie's Twitter handle, yet the Jet took time out to respond to Winslow, who he played with in New York during the 2013 season. What happened was a low-blow that underscores how stupid this whole thing really is.

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    Yikes. Keeping it classy.

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  • Source: American Pharoah's stud fee will be north of $175,000

    Kristian Dyer at Yahoo Sports 21 days ago

    American Pharoah won't retire until next year, but when he does, his stud fee will be north of $175,000 and could go as high as $200,000, a source told Yahoo Sports.

    Fresh off a win at Saturday's Belmont Stakes that made American Pharoah the first Triple Crown winnerin 37 years, the horse is expected to continue to racethroughout this year with a source saying that the current plan appears to be for him to run in the Travers Stakes at Saratoga and then in the Breeder's Cup in October. This is, of course, provided that the horse emerges healthy from Saturday's race.

    Last year, California Chrome came into Belmont like American Pharoah with wins at the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. But his fourth-place finish saw his stud fees drop to an estimated $20,000, quite a drop-off from the echelon where American Pharoah projects to reside.

    So the $200,000 fee – which would rank second behind Tapit – could rise … or fall, depending on how the little American Pharoahs fare.

  • No one is cashing in their American Pharoah bets

    Kristian Dyer at The Turnstile 21 days ago

    American Pharoah's final payout from the Belmont Stakes may not have been on Saturday afternoon for venerable Belmont Park and the New York Racing Association (NYRA). There's still one final cash cow left for the racetrack from the sport's first Triple Crown winner in 37 years.

    There were 94,128 minimum $2 bets made on American Pharoah to win on Saturday afternoon and a racetrack official tells Yahoo! Sports that 90,237 wagers remain in a category considered "live" or uncashed.

    With each ticket yielding $3.50, that's $315,829.50 of unclaimed tickets.

    Bettors have until March 31, 2016, to claim their winnings, which would be minimal given the odds (3:5 at time of the call to the post). But it is a near lock that most who placed the bet did so to have a piece of history with which to remember the sport's first Triple Crown since Affirmed in 1978.

    All of which means that the racetrack will get one, final payday from Saturday's historic day as the money from those $2 unclaimed tickets will go back the state of New York. It is unlikely that fans will want to cash-in those wagers given the perceived souvenir value of the moment.


  • What's next for American Pharoah?

    Kristian Dyer at The Turnstile 21 days ago

    ELMONT, N.Y ‐ There could be a victory lap or two for American Pharoah after Saturday's win in the Belmont Stakes, as the horse's racing days may not be over.

    American Pharoah may not be ready for the rock star stud life, at least not quite yet, as owner Ahmed Zayat said just minutes after his horse took the Triple Crown on Saturday afternoon that if he gets his way, the horse's racing days are not done. The move is a bold one from the charismatic Zayat and could be a huge boon for the horse racing industry.

    American Pharoah won the Belmont Stakes in a time of 2:26:65, the fastest since 2001. Winning more races remains paramount to Zayat right now, who sounds like someone who wants another trip or two to the winner's circle along with trainer Bob Baffert.

    "As long as Bob is telling me he's healthy and he has it in him, I would like to enjoy him as much as I have him."

    Zayat does still own American Pharoah's racing future, but would Coolmore allow the horse (ie. its investment) to continue to run?

    Still, consider what's at stake:


  • Secretariat's owner: American Pharoah doesn't measure up to all-time greats

    Kristian Dyer at The Turnstile 24 days ago

    There's no doubt that American Pharoah could accomplish a historic feat with a win at Belmont, becoming the sport's first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978. But even as history might be made at Belmont, Chenery doesn't think that this current contender has proven enough to be called an all-time great. Good, yes, but not a great.

    Thoughtful and charming, Chenery told Yahoo! Sports that she hopes to see history made from her seat at Belmont Park, as she will be in attendance for American Pharoah's bid at history. But she gives a hard, objective look at this horse and his performance through the first two legs of the Triple Crown and says that American Pharoah isn't quite there

    His time of 2:03:02 at the Kentucky Derby is the fourth-slowest time for a winner of that race since 2000. Then when he took the Preakness two weeks later with 1:58:46 time, it represented the slowest winning pace (albeit in a torrential downpour) at Pimlico since Citation in 1948.

    Chenery doesn't see a resumé for greatness. When asked where American Pharoah would rank among the all-time greats should he win the Triple Crown, Chenery was honest if this horse was great.

  • What a horse goes through physically to win the Triple Crown is crazy

    Kristian Dyer at The Turnstile 24 days ago

    What does a horse go through physically to win a race like the Kentucky Derby, and what kind of toll does a run for the Triple Crown – three races, galloping 3.93 miles in 36 days – put on said horse?

    If you're wondering why no horse has won the Triple Crown since 1978 – why 13 times since then a horse has won the first two legs only to come up short in the mile-and-a-half Belmont Stakes – the answers to these two questions may provide an explanation.

    According to Dr. David Marlin, one of the world's most respected equine consultants and scientists, a thoroughbred's heart will:

    • Be beating around 240 times a minute, or four times a second, within 30 seconds of the start of the race.

    • In one minute will pump enough blood around the body to fill a large bath tub – about 300 liters, or 80 gallons.

    His lungs will:

    • Produce one breath per stride, resulting in 120 breaths per minute.

    • Inhale enough air to fill a bathtub in 12 seconds.

    • Inhale air faster than a fire hose squirts out water.

    To win, American Pharoah must overcome not just a talented field of contenders but his own physiology.

    More Belmont Stakes coverage on Yahoo Sports:



  • Computer: American Pharoah will win the Triple Crown

    Kristian Dyer at Yahoo Sports 25 days ago

    The nation wants American Pharoah to win Saturday's Belmont Stakes and become the first horse to capture the Triple Crown since 1978. Turns out a computer analysis predicts it will happen.

    Breaking down the race using a bevy of factors – the length of the race, trainers, jockeys –'s model shows American Pharoah is "the clear favorite, just over 50 percent likely to win the race," Paul Bessire, the site's general manager, told Yahoo Sports.

    "The only legitimate contenders are Madefromlucky, Frosted and Materiality," Bessire said. "The other four horses are projected to be at least six lengths off the lead. Based on current betting odds, Madefromlucky is the only horse with decent win bet value.

    "… With a smaller field and only half of that field competitive, we do not expect quite the excitement of recent years down the stretch, but that is actually good for a chance at a Triple Crown."

    Pre-race odds put American Pharoah as the 3-5 favorite, with Frosted at 5-1, Materiality at 6-1 and Madefromlucky at 12-1.


  • Antonio Cromartie not buying Richard Sherman as top NFL corner

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 26 days ago

    Antonio Cromartie has never been one to hide his emotions and the New York Jets cornerback was at it again on Tuesday, this time calling into question those who think Richard Sherman is the top cornerback in the league.

    Which is basically everyone in the free world not named Antonio Cromartie.

    Currently, Sherman is considered to be the game's best cornerback, with the Seattle Seahawk being as close to a shutdown corner as they come. In the NFL Network's Top 100 Players of 2014, in which players vote for who they consider to be the best in the league, Sherman was No. 7 on the list. No other cornerback made the top 20 on the list. Sherman is a good bet to land pretty high on this year's list too, which the NFL Network is unveiling this month.

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    That didn't stop the Jets cornerback from his own take, which flies in the face of conventional wisdom as well as what his fellow players voted on last year.

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  • NFL pass rusher has unusual hobby: Competing in dog shows

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 1 mth ago

    This offseason, Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end George Johnson has been engrossed in film study. It isn't film from last season, when he had six sacks with the Detroit Lions, or even clips from other defensive ends around the NFL.

    Johnson has his DVR set for something entirely different than football. He watches dog shows.

    It may be the most unusual off-the-field interest for any player currently in the NFL. Johnson, who is entering his sixth NFL season and first with Tampa Bay, loves competing on the dog show circuit. He is involved in a local kennel club near his home in Florida and he spends time in the offseason watching dog shows such as the Westminster Kennel Club and other videos online to pick up some tips.

    Johnson has two American bullies — like a pit bull, he says, but with more density. His girl, Pepper, has competed in and won several shows and his voice speeds up when talking about her accomplishments. Mambo is a boy and will start competing this summer. Johnson has high hopes for Mambo, and people at the kennel club have begun asking when Mambo will compete.

    Then there is no hesitation.

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