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  • Geno Smith has not earned shot to win back Jets' starting QB job

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 3 days ago

    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Three things in life are a certainty: Death, taxes and a quarterback controversy for the New York Jets. 

    Under first-year head coach Todd Bowles, the Jets might be 2-1 and off to their best start since 2011, but that doesn't mean that there aren't whispers that Geno Smith should replace Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starting quarterback. Of course, there were other whispers during training camp that Fitzpatrick might be better than Smith, the team's incumbent starter the past two years.  

    It was a Week 3 home loss to the Philadelphia Eagles that caused murmurs for Smith to start became louder, after Smith was active for the first time this season. It was a sucker punch from former teammate IK Enemkpali that sidelined Smith in August, causing him to miss preseason and the first two games. In his place, Fitzpatrick has been steady and calm. 

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  • New contact lenses help Jets rookie LB Lorenzo Mauldin's migraines

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 9 days ago

    FLORHAM PARK, N.J.  — Two weeks ago, New York Jets rookie linebacker Lorenzo Mauldin suffered a scary injury in his NFL debut. 

    The game against the Cleveland Browns was delayed for several minutes, Mauldin was carted off the field and went straight to the hospital. It was later determined he had suffered a concussion, which was made worse by one of his frequent migraine headaches, a condition that is now being treated, he says, by tinted contact lenses. 

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    The science is developing but the theory goes that certain migraine conditions can be treated through tinted lenses. Migraines can develop for a variety of reasons, and one of which is exposure to light and in particular, fluorescent lights. The tinting of contact lenses can help limit the impact of light entering the eye.

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  • Titans' Jurrell Casey says Manziel hasn't earned 'Johnny Football' nickname

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 17 days ago

    Just call him "Jurell Football.”

    Tennessee Titans defensive lineman Jurrell Casey refuses to call Johnny Manziel by anything other than his legal name, even though most of the sports world loves to call the Cleveland Browns quarterback by his "Johnny Football" nickname. Casey's Titans play Manziel's Browns on Sunday.

    Casey, who had three tackles and a sack last week, seemed almost offended by the nickname. He said Manziel hasn't earned it.

    “That's more so what the media likes to hype on,” Casey said, according to “You've got to earn your respect in this league. As of right now, he really hasn't done too much to really go out there and call him Johnny Football. He's Johnny Manziel to me. We've got to out there and put a hat on him as much as possible."

    While Casey has a point in that Manziel has done very little at this level to earn himself such a bold nickname, the public clearly loves themselves some "Johnny Football." Or at least fans enjoy talking about him. 


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  • Between UFL and coaching high school, Josh McCown's NFL career survives

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 23 days ago

    Josh McCown had just been cut by the Chicago Bears in 2012, and his wife was waiting for him at the airport. This wasn't the first time in his career the longtime quarterback been cut and  — unbeknownst to him at the time  — it wouldn't be his last, either. 

    But McCown's thoughts weren't on the NFL at that moment. He wondered why his wife was holding a shirt in her hands as he walked towards her, luggage in tow.

    It wasn't a shirt of an NFL team or a college polo, but a shirt from the Marvin Ridge High School coaching staff. The year before, the well-traveled veteran quarterback had spent part of the NFL lockout on the coaching staff of the high school team in North Carolina.

    McCown was an NFL quarterback with the Bears just hours earlier, but he didn't even stop at home before he took over his duties as the team's quarterbacks coach, going straight from the terminal to the sideline. Marvin Ridge won the game 31-13 over Cuthbertson, by the way. 

    McCown spent the 2010 season in the now-defunct UFL with the Hartford Colonials. But McCown's NFL career lives on in part due to that season. 

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  • Facebook study: Chiefs fans NFL's most optimistic, Chargers bring up rear

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 25 days ago

    Social media is supposed to be an interactive experience involving the sharing of life and experiences. Who knew that it could also gauge an entire fanbase's expectation levels prior to the NFL season? Apparently it can via Facebook's newly unveiled "sentiment analysis for sports."

    Facebook recently examined the posting habits of NFL fans via their postings on the site to determine their hopefulness or despair ahead of the upcoming season. They determined, utilizing several factors, that Kansas City Chiefs fans were the most optimistic ahead of the season, based off their social interactions.

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    Most glum about their team's prospects? San Diego Chargers fans — by a clear margin — who seem to be hitting the unlike button on their season despite the recent contract extension given to quarterback Philip Rivers. Perhaps rumors of the team possibly relocating to Los Angeles have something to do with it.

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  • Brandon Marshall: Race shapes players' views of overturned Brady suspension

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 27 days ago

    Brandon Marshall is not alone among NFL players in having an opinion on deflate-gate, but the New York Jets wide receiver has interjected the idea that race might be playing a part in how NFL players view the recent overturning of Tom Brady's suspension. 

    Brady was suspended four games this offseason by commissioner Roger Goodell for his alleged role in the controversy. A federal court vacated the suspension last week. On Tuesday's edition of "Inside the NFL" on Showtime, Marshall said that players' views of the controversy are shaped by a few factors.

    One factor is race. 

    "And the last [type] is the race card. There are a lot of players out there that believe that white players, specifically at the quarterback position, are treated differently.” 

    This is Marshall's second year on the show. He described his role as “to give the viewers an inside look at the locker room. I am a player right now. This is not just from our locker room, this is from locker rooms across the states. This is how guys are feeling. This is not just my opinion. These are conversation I’m having with guys.” 

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  • Why Bedoya's MLS deal fell through

    Kristian Dyer at FC Yahoo 28 days ago

    The list of Americans playing overseas who left to join Major League Soccer almost increased by one during the recent transfer window.

    Alejandro Bedoya, who played a prominent role with the United States men's national team at the 2014 World Cup and has been a regular starter for Ligue 1 club Nantes, agreed to a contract in principle with the Philadelphia Union, but Nantes pulled out of the deal at the last minute, a source told Yahoo Sports.

    The contract would have paid Bedoya close to $1.2 million a year and the transfer fee was north of $1 million for Nantes, according to the source.

    Nantes currently has Bedoya under a long-term contract, but the Union were under the impression that their transfer offer was going to be accepted by the French club when they came to terms with the midfielder.

    Bedoya would have joined Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey and Mix Diskerud in continuing the recent trend of U.S. national teamers leaving Europe for MLS.

  • Former Jets player doesn't expect Rex Ryan to change in Buffalo

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 1 mth ago

    Damien Woody knows Rex Ryan pretty well. The former New York Jets right tackle played the final two years of his NFL career under the man who is now the head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

    And Woody doesn't expect Ryan to change his larger-than-life ways with his new team.

    During his six years in New York, Ryan's Jets were long on controversy (player arrests, the Ines Sainz harassment issue, his foot fetish video) and short on actual success (AFC championship game appearances his first two years followed by four straight seasons without the playoffs). But Ryan was always the consummate players' coach, sometimes to a fault. 

    His ship was often loosey-goosey in nature and the criticism from outside (and sometimes from within) was that the inmates ran the asylum. There seemed to be a lack of discipline in recent years, something that mirrored Ryan's own penchant for being a free-flowing personality and a vortex for all conventional norms. 

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  • Jets receiver weighs risk of playing football with history of concussions

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 1 mth ago

    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Chris Owusu is certainly not short of options. The New York Jets wide receiver has a degree from Stanford, after all. He's from a family of high achievers with a brother at Stanford, another at Harvard and a sister at Columbia. But Owusu realizes that his NFL career might go at any moment because of his history of concussions.

    He was an undrafted free agent signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2012, bypassed by all 32 teams despite his strong college career and a good showing at the NFL combine. One possible reason was a history of concussions, and it was something that happened to him again just a couple weeks ago.

    Owusu has had a total of four concussions since he started playing college football, three while at Stanford including two his senior year and then one this August in training camp. At 25 years old, he should be entering the prime of his NFL career, especially after a camp where he was the best wide receiver on the Jets' roster after Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker.

    "Football is a very, very fun sport," Owusu told Shutdown Corner. "It can be rewarding, but it is also going to take a lot of sacrifice."

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  • Jets center Nick Mangold helps police arrest five car burglars

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 1 mth ago

    Last weekend, Mangold was awakened in his north Jersey home about 10 minutes from the team's training facility when his car alarm went off. After finding his garage door open, Mangold then phoned the police with the information about the break-in.



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