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  • Joe Namath gets results from hyperbaric chamber treatments for concussions

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 7 days ago

    In Namath's playing days, they called a concussion “getting their bell rung,” as he recalls. Not much was known about concussions or the long-term effects. The former New York Jets star, who was as influential off the field as he was on it, is now leading the charge for treatment of brain injuries for those who played when concussions weren't fully understood.

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    Over the past few years he has seen teammates scared and confused mentally and physically, as they age and suffer the effects of playing in the NFL. Seeing that led Namath to consider the avenues to treatment.

    Until recently, the NFL had been lacking in helping players with their medical issues after their careers were done. Namath knew that more needed to be done, so he reached out to Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter, Fla. and asked about possible ways that brain injuries could be dealt with. He was willing to be tested to see how possible treatments may – or may not – work.

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  • After growing up in 16 foster homes, Lorenzo Mauldin gets drafted by Jets

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 14 days ago

    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – Lorenzo Mauldin hopes he can finally call a place home, something that the New York Jets' third-round pick hasn't had for much of his life.

    A tough-as-nails linebacker for the past four years at Louisville, Mauldin can point to a childhood that was anything but stable to explain his character and convictions in life. He has been told that he grew up in 16 foster homes in and around Atlanta but he truthfully can remember only “10 to 12 of them.” It was a life that could have pointed him in the wrong direction, but instead he landed in the NFL.

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    Neither of his parents were in the picture. His father was incarcerated and his mother sold drugs as a way to make ends meet, a choice that eventually landed her in jail too. Mauldin said she never took drugs and they were never around the house but when times got tough to the point that she couldn't provide for her family, she would take to the streets to sell drugs.

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  • Jets top pick Leonard Williams has a goal: Getting his first driver's license

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 22 days ago

    Defensive end Leonard Williams won't just be getting a playbook from the New York Jets over the next couple of days. He also will be getting a driver's manual in the not too distant future.

    The sixth player taken in the first round of the NFL draft, Williams is many things. He's a freakish athlete with incredible length and a tremendous motor. He was an all-conference selection and team MVP last year at USC. He was also coveted by the Jets, despite the fact they already have two star defensive ends in Sheldon Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson.

    One thing he isn't, however, is a licensed driver.

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    It's a bit surprising he landed a multi-million dollar job before he could drive, but somehow it happened.

    “ They were saying that people don’t really drive in New York so I might not need one.”

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  • Former NFL linebacker Aaron Maybin has first-hand look at Baltimore unrest

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 24 days ago

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  • What are odds on Tim Tebow throwing a TD pass? Or just making the Eagles?

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 1 mth ago

    Tim Tebow is likely not a betting man but that doesn't mean that his future with the Philadelphia Eagles can't be bet upon.

    He has been a quarterback without a team since the New England Patriots cut him at the end of the 2013 presason, a former first-round pick who won a division title and a playoff game in his only year as a starter. The most polarizing quarterback in the history of the NFL is back in the league, creating a stir among fans and pundits alike. And it got the attention of the gambling site Bovada, as well.

    The former Denver Bronco, former New York Jet and (very briefly) former Patriot is an underdog to make the Eagles. The odds are 5-2 that he will make the Eagles 53-man roster for Week 1, this according to Bovada's odds. And the odds are 3-1 that if he does make the roster, he will eventually start for Chip Kelly's team.

    Other Tebow odds from Bovada, with the first three contingent on him making the 53-man roster:

    Will throw a TD pass: 2-1 Will rush for a TD: 2-1 Will record a TD reception: 20-1 Gets cut, traded, released or retires: 1-1

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  • Despite request, NFL gives Jets a home game on Rosh Hashanah

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 1 mth ago

    It will not be a happy start to the NFL season for some New York Jets fans, who may end up choosing to celebrate a religious holiday over celebrating touchdowns.

    The NFL decided that the Jets will play a home game against the Cleveland Browns at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 13 to start the season. This game coincides with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which starts that night and runs until Tuesday. That the NFL would start the Jets' season at home on this date is beyond a head-scratcher, especially considering it had eight road games it could have chosen for the Jets for that week (though, the league also had to juggle the same issue with the New York Giants).

    It is, simply put, a  shmo  decision.

    The team did win over the league when it asked for a 1 p.m. start to the game if it had to begin the season at home. Since the holiday officially begins at sundown that Sunday evening, the team hopes any Jewish fans wishing to ring in the New Year will still be able to watch the Jets game before observing the day. The game will begin at 1 p.m.

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  • Blind Patriots season-ticket holder gets the game better than anyone

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 1 mth ago

    Randy Pierce is not able to see the New England Patriots play right in front of him, even though he has a front row seat and season tickets.

    Pierce is totally blind, the result of a debilitating neurological disease. Yet, ironically, he may have a better idea of what is happening on the field than anyone else around him, despite the fact that he can't see the field just feet away from him.

    Being blind doesn't stop Pierce from rabidly following his Patriots and it won't stop him this Monday as he attempts to become the first totally blind person to run the Boston Marathon.

    Blind for nearly 27 years, Pierce has one of the best views at Gillette Stadium, something that would seem to be wasted on someone who has zero vision in either of his eyes. But Pierce's senses are honed so tightly onto the team he loves that he knows and understands all the nuances of the game and his Patriots. With an ear bud in one ear giving him the home team's radio broadcast and a buddy to one side chiming in with details (his dog guide Autumn sits on the other side in the aisle, diligently watching the game), Pierce knows exactly what is going on.

    “ At least it was a phenomenal play.”

  • Draft prospect Justin Hardy emulated Jerry Rice, including catching bricks

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 2 mths ago

    Growing up, East Carolina wide receiver and NFL draft prospect Justin Hardy had Jerry Rice as his football icon. He loved everything about Rice and the way he played. But for Hardy, looking up to Rice meant more than just having a San Francisco 49ers No. 80 jersey or buying his football cards or playing with him on video games. 

    It meant emulating Rice in every way, and for Hardy this meant spending his downtime catching bricks.

    One day in elementary school, Hardy read how when Rice was growing up he would work with his father, a brick mason, and got strong hands by catching bricks tossed to him from his father. So Hardy went out and found a brick of his own so he could begin down a path he hoped would take him to the NFL. Since his father wasn't a brick mason Hardy would have a friend stand a few feet away and underhand toss him a brick.

    He'd try to catch it dead on with a full grip, just like Rice would. Then he'd toss it back and repeat.

    Over and over and over again.

    “ After school, weekends, whenever I could,” Hardy said. “In the summer when you're looking for things to do we'd do that.”

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  • What are the odds Michael Sam ever plays in the NFL?

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 2 mths ago

    Michael Sam's immediate future may be on the dance floor, as the aspiring NFL player will appear in the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars." But according to one sports book, Michael Sam has a better chance at being in the league again than becoming the next Fred Astaire.

    According to gaming website, Sam is currently at 9-to-1 odds to win the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars," which includes the likes of Nastia Liukin (a 3-to-1 favorite), Suzanne Somers and Patti LaBelle. But Shutdown Corner was curious if Sam's chance at a foxtrot title might be as good as any chance he might have of doing a sack dance in the NFL.

    The answer, according to the good people at Bovada, is that the NFL's first openly gay player has a better chance of playing in the league and being on a 53-man roster than winning the reality show. That is reflected in Bovada's 6-to-1 line that he will be on an NFL roster for the season opener.

    Sam has yet to play a snap in a regular-season game.

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  • Fan surprised to find out picture with Nick Mangold wasn't him at all

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner 2 mths ago

    New York Jets center Nick Mangold crushes defensive linemen during the NFL season and now, apparently, he also crushes the dreams of NFL fans as well during the offseason.

    A couple days ago, a fan by the name of Jackie Nolan thought she had taken a photo with the Pro Bowl center, posing next to a smiling bearded man who holds a slight resemblance to Mangold. It seemed like the ultimate fan moment and one that had Nolan showing off her pearly whites:

    S/o to @nickmangold for being one of the nicest NY Jets player and taking a picture with me tonight. 🏈

    But then Nolan had that moment rudely awakened when she tweeted the photo and tagged Mangold in it. Mangold, who can be quite the comedian on Twitter, wasn't joking when he responded back, putting a pancake block to what she thought was her recent celebrity sighting.

    @JackieNolann thank you but thats not me

    (h/t to Erik Manassy of

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