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  • Roach: I'm watching tape to prepare for a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight

    Kevin Iole at Boxing 40 mins ago

    MACAU -- Freddie Roach has spent the better part of the latter three months preparing Manny Pacquiao to face Chris Algieri. But Roach also reserved a bit of that time to watch some video of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    Roach said not long after Pacquiao's dominant victory over Algieri Saturday before 13,202 fans at Cotai Arena that he is at least guardedly optimistic a bout with Mayweather, the pound-for-pound king, may occur next year.

    Roach said he facilitated a summer meeting at Arum's Beverly Hills, Calif., home between the veteran promoter and Leslie Moonves, the chairman of CBS Corp., in the hopes of them arranging a fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather. Roach said Moonves was angry at Arum because Arum had promised Moonves that Pacquiao would fight three times on Showtime and he only fought once.

    But Roach said he maneuvered to get the men together and talking.

    Asked to rate his level of optimism, Roach smiled and said, "I'm watching tape again."

    There is a long way to go between talks in the summer and the fight boxing fans have been desperate to see since 2010, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

    Pacquiao said he's down for it.

  • Manny Pacquiao knocks down Chris Algieri six times in lopsided decision win

    Kevin Iole at Yahoo Sports 1 hr ago

    MACAU – During the build-up to his fight with Manny Pacquiao, actor Sylvester Stallone called Chris Algieri "a real-life Rocky." And, as it turns out, he was.

    Just like Stallone's fictional Rocky Balboa didn't win the title in "Rocky," Algieri came up short as well.

    Manny Pacquiao knocked Algieri down six times Saturday and was never threatened as he cruised to a laughably easy unanimous decision victory before a sell-out crowd of 13,202 in their bout for the WBO welterweight title at Cotai Arena.

    Algieri offered no resistance, appearing from the early stages of the fight as if he were more interested in surviving than in fighting and trying to win.

    His plight was complicated by the bizarre advice he was getting in the corner from trainer Tim Lane. After the ninth round, when Algieri had already been down five times, Lane said to him, "We are exactly where we need to be."

    Pacquiao still hasn't had a knockout since he stopped Miguel Cotto in the 12th round in Las Vegas in 2009, but this was far different.

    As a result, Pacquiao chased him aggressively and was cracking him with big shots.

  • Chris Algieri makes weight on second try for Manny Pacquiao fight

    Kevin Iole at Boxing 1 day ago

    MACAU -- Chris Algieri needed about 50 minutes to make weight Friday (Saturday in China) for his WBO welterweight title fight with Manny Pacquiao at Cotai Arena.

    Algieri, the unbeaten WBO junior welterweight champion, weighed 144.4 when he first stepped on his scale. After stripping naked and removing a large chain, he still weighed 144.2. At that point, he had two hours to make the weight.

    Algieri said he successfully made weight Thursday night in the room of a Top Rank employee.

    "Maybe something happened when the scale [got] moved here," said Algieri, who has a master's in clinical nutrition.

    Pacquiao weighed 143.8 pounds, making the contract limit of 144 easily on the first try.

    "I'm disappointed," Pacquiao said after he was asked about Algieri's weight. He also said that Algieri looked dehydrated when they did the staredown.

    Algieri ate a breakfast of oatmeal, eggs and coffee before heading to the arena for the weigh-in.

    "I'd rather be well fed and feel good than sucked out and drawn," he said.

    Algieri trainer Tim Lane said Algieri did not work out to make the weight and simply used the bathroom.

    That, though, didn't bother Lane.


  • Why the pressure is on Manny Pacquiao to put on a show

    Kevin Iole at Yahoo Sports 1 day ago

    MACAU – Manny Pacquiao has something to prove. The WBO welterweight champion and Filipino congressman wants to prove that not only does he remain relevant, but that he's still capable of the explosive displays that once made him the world's most popular boxer.

    It's been five years since Pacquiao last knocked out an opponent. His pay-per-view numbers are down, and he's seemingly in the homestretch of a career that will one day land him in the Hall of Fame.

    But he wants to avoid the trend of a series of losses that many legendary boxers endure in their final bouts and the ignominy of losing to a largely unheard of opponent.

    His opponent, Chris Algieri, also has something to prove. Algieri is desperate to prove he belongs on the world stage and isn't simply showing up to Cotai Arena on Saturday (Sunday in China) as cannon fodder for Pacquiao.

    So, much will be at stake when the HBO Pay-Per-View card kicks off Saturday.

    Pacquiao is saying all the right things, and he's attacked with a vengeance in his training sessions with Freddie Roach.

    An Algieri win would spoil forever the possibility of Mayweather-Pacquiao, if the likelihood hasn't already been exhausted.

  • Antonio DeMarco dedicates title fight to cancer-stricken 13-year-old sister

    Kevin Iole at Boxing 2 days ago

    MACAU -- Life has never been simple for Antonio DeMarco, who grew up so poor in Mexico that he had to search through trash cans and dumpsters in hope of finding something to eat.

    Despite the many hardships he endured in his early life, DeMarco found success as a professional boxer and once held the WBC lighweight title before losing it to Adrien Broner.

    He's reeled off three consecutive wins since then and added Hall of Famer Freddie Roach as his trainer as he prepares Saturday (Sunday in China) to face Jessie Vargas for the WBA junior welterweight title on the HBO Pay-Per-View card headlined by a welterweight title clash between Manny Pacquiao and Chris Algieri.

    But DeMarco (31-3-1, 23 KOs) will fight with a heavy heart on Saturday. While he was in training camp in the Philippines, he learned that his 13-year-old sister, Mariana Soto, is suffering from bone cancer. A large tumor was growing on her shoulder  that DeMarco said was life-threatening. He said doctors had considered amputating her arm, but have put that off for now.


  • Why is Manny Pacquiao fighting in Macau? Because of this rising star ...

    Kevin Iole at Yahoo Sports 2 days ago

    MACAU – Outwardly, Zou Shiming is an unremarkable man. He's a slender 5-feet-4 and has neither the fierce countenance nor muscular build one would associate with an elite boxer.

    He's largely quiet and respectful and does little to call attention to himself.

    But Manny Pacquiao would not be headlining a lucrative pay-per-view card in this lavish casino resort were it not for Zou, a three-time Olympic medalist who may be transforming the sport as we know it.

    Millions of words will be written and said about Pacquiao and his bout on Saturday (Sunday in China) with Chris Algieri for the WBO junior welterweight championship at the Cotai Arena in the Venetian Macao.

    If it weren't for Zou, however, the fight likely would be taking place on the Las Vegas Strip, where for decades the overwhelming majority of major fights have been held.

    Ed Tracy, the CEO of Sands China Ltd., the parent company of the Venetian Macao, did not hesitate: Were it not for Zou's immense popularity in China, there would be no boxing in Macau.

    He also won a silver and three golds in the world amateur championships.

    Zou also appeared in "Transformers: Age of Extinction."


  • Manny Pacquiao spreads word about Christian-based project

    Kevin Iole at Yahoo Sports 2 days ago

    MACAU – This is a rare occurrence. Manny Pacquiao is doing an interview and he's engaged, involved, eager to speak. This is not his usual stance.

    Pacquiao does dozens, if not more, interviews a day during fight week, usually answering questions in an emotionless, monosyllabic style as often as possible.

    This time, though, is different. Even when the time allotted for the interview has passed, Pacquiao is eager to keep speaking.

    "It's important for me – for all of us – to spread the message," Pacquiao said.

    On Saturday (Sunday in China), the WBO welterweight champion will put his title at stake when he faces Chris Algieri at the Cotai Arena in the main event of an HBO Pay-Per-View show. But the message that Pacquiao is eager to spread is not about his fight but about the church, school and community center he's building on 5.7 acres in General Santos City, Philippines.

    Boxing is his job; evangelizing is his life's work.

    Pacquiao purchased prime commercial real estate at a cost of $1 million U.S. in General Santos City in order to build the Christian-based facilities.

    And he became an evangelical Christian as opposed to a Roman Catholic.

  • Why UFC featherweight contender Frankie Edgar isn’t stressing about a title shot

    Kevin Iole at Yahoo Sports 2 days ago

    An opportunity to fight for a championship can be a life-changing event for UFC fighters. It's why Georges St-Pierre once so famously dropped to his knees in the Octagon and pleaded with UFC management to give him a title shot.

    Former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar knows full well its value, but he's not going to grovel for a chance at a title.

    Edgar will meet Cub Swanson on Saturday in the main event of a card at the Erwin Center in Austin, Texas, but nothing is guaranteed for him, even with a win.

    UFC president Dana White has promised Swanson a shot at featherweight champion Jose Aldo if he's victorious Saturday, but he has yet to extend the same courtesy to Edgar.

    But instead of begging publicly, or venting to the media, the low-key Edgar will take the same approach that has worked so well for him as he's fashioned a 16-4-1 mark in his mixed martial arts career.

    He plans to fight so hard, and make his bout so memorable, that he hopes White will have little choice but to give him another crack at the belt.

    Edgar has long been one of the UFC's best and most exciting fighters. He's regularly engaged in some of the promotion's most memorable fights.

  • Manny Pacquiao gets a chuckle out of meeting his mini doppelganger

    Kevin Iole at Boxing 3 days ago

    MACAU – Manny Pacquiao sat placidly throughout much of Wednesday's news conference at the Venetian Macao until promoter Bob Arum introduced  Kwanpichit Onesongchaigym.

    As Onesongchaigym, who fights double gold medalist Zou Shiming on the pay-per-view portion of Saturday's card (Sunday in China), walked to the microphone to make a few remarks, Pacquiao did a double take and then laughed heartily.

    Onesongchaigym combed his hair forward like Pacquiao does and could be mistaken for his (much smaller) twin brother. Pacquiao several times shot glances at Onesongchaigym as if he could hardly believe what he was seeing.

    When Pacquiao and Chris Algieri, who meet in the main event of Satuday's bout, were posing for photos, Onesongchaigym jumped between them.

    Algieri played along with the joke. He pointed at Onesongchaigym with a quizzical look on his face and held up two fingers, as if he were facing two Pacquiaos.

    Onesongchaigym (27-0, 12 KOs) was a good sport and played along, but said he doesn't want to be known for looking like Pacquiao.

  • Aspiring physician Chris Algieri nearly quit boxing a year ago

    Kevin Iole at Yahoo Sports 3 days ago

    MACAU – As he was preparing for what would be by far the most important fight of his life, Chris Algieri awoke before the crack of dawn to get to the gym.

    But he wasn't doing roadwork or studying the nuances of Ruslan Provodnikov's style. Rather, Algieri pulled himself out of the comfort of his bed to put some middle-aged housewives through their paces at a fitness center near his home on Long Island, N.Y.

    He was a personal fitness trainer who charged $45 for a 30-minute private session, making some extra income to supplement his meager boxing earnings.

    Prior to the $115,000 he made to face Provodnikov for the WBO junior welterweight title at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn in June, Algieri's biggest purse was only $15,000.

    He paid off his student loans with the money he made from his bout with Provodnikov, in which he survived two hard first-round knockdowns to win a gut-check decision. That landed him a bout, along with his first $1 million-plus purse, against Manny Pacquiao on Saturday on HBO Pay-Per-View in one of the year's high-profile events.

    Medical school can wait, he said, while he pursues his boxing dreams.