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  • Kobe Bryant on massive deal with the Lakers: 'I really don't care.'

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 1 day ago

    It will remain a game day staple for the duration of the length of Kobe Bryant’s contract, and (though we hope this isn’t the case) the rest of his stay in the NBA. Kobe will hit a town with his Los Angeles Lakers, and be asked by both local and Los Angeles press alike about his contract – a two-year, $48.5 million deal that just about everyone save for the Buss family (at least on record), Kobe (at least on record), and the more ridiculous of the Kobe defenders (they’re on record) agrees is not commensurate with what Kobe Bryant is currently contributing on the basketball court.

    Bryant has produced when it has come to the Lakers negotiating their own local TV rights, however, and his Pacific cellar-dwelling club will still take in an ungodly amount of national television appearances this year. On top of that, even though Bryant signed maximum extensions with the Lakers in 1999, 2004, and 2010, Bryant has really never made with the Lakers what he would earn in a fully open market – one pitched without a salary cap or maximum salaries.



    Unless our name was “Tim,” or “Dirk,” I guess.

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  • Andrei Kirilenko has left the Nets, and may not be coming back

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 1 day ago

    When versatile forward Andrei Kirilenko took what felt like a massive pay cut to join the Brooklyn Nets in 2013, many cried shenanigans. AK had just come off of a very good year with the Minnesota Timberwolves, and he was a few weeks removed from declining the option on the second year of his two-year contract that would have paid him $10 million to stay in Minnesota during 2013-14. When Kirilenko signed for nearly $7 million less per year to play with the Nets, most rightfully assumed that the Mikhail Prokhorov-owned team had sneakily provided him with a cruise ship or two that would stay docked until his two-year, $6.5 million contract ran out.

    Sadly, it appears as if AK might be headed toward those calmer waters midseason, because he could be finished with the Nets. The team announced on Friday that Andrei would stay behind on the team’s road trip …

     And the Nets?

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  • Shelly Sterling wants her Los Angeles Clippers to win so that she can get a championship ring

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 2 days ago

    The Sterling family continues to be the NBA’s great shame.

    The league can argue away using Donald Sterling’s wife Shelly Sterling as a means to an end to oust the former Clippers owner that they should have ousted years ago, but it will never be able to step down from the fact that the league sold out in letting Shelly Sterling remain a technical member of the Los Angeles Clippers as its bogus “Number One Fan” – and by extension a member of the NBA family. The league failed in that regard.

    Because Los Angeles is Los Angeles, and because the Sterlings are still the Sterlings, TMZ decided to stake out Donald and Shelly Sterling after a dinner date out on Wednesday night in order to ask how the “couple” is handling their half-estrangement from the NBA.

    “I pray they do good,” she said smiling. “I want to get rings. We just want to see ‘em win.”

    And the NBA should be ashamed about that.

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  • The NBPA, doing its job, will appeal Jeff Taylor's 24-game domestic violence suspension

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 2 days ago

    When the NBA suspended Charlotte Hornets forward Jeff Taylor an unprecedented 24 games after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor domestic abuse charges, it was quite obvious what new’ish NBA commissioner Adam Silver was doing. In the wake of the NFL’s shameful handling of its own domestic violence problems, a harsh penalty was needed in order to reinforce the message that We’re. Not. Putting. Up. With. This. Stuff. Anymore.

    Even Silver himself admitted that the penalty, which will lapse after Taylor sits out 13 more games following the 11 he’s missed already, is unprecedented:

    The NBA is committed to vigilance with respect to domestic violence. We will continue to work closely with the Players Association to provide education, awareness training, and appropriate resources to NBA players and their families. We recognize our responsibility to do all that we can to prevent this destructive and unacceptable conduct from happening in the future.

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  • Jason Kidd to Joe Johnson prior to a typical Joe play: 'We know it's coming to you!' (Video)

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 2 days ago

    Dating back nearly one decade, when the Atlanta Hawks franchise wrapped its well-heeled arms around him, Joe Johnson’s isolation-heavy style of play has been an NBA staple. “Iso Joe” plays on the Brooklyn Nets now, and though he’s on his sixth coach in six seasons, the practice continues unabated.

    One of those coaches, former Nets coach and current Milwaukee Bucks coach Jason Kidd, took great delight in both anticipating the Nets’ inevitable choice to go to an isolation set featuring Joe Johnson late in the second overtime on Wednesday evening, with the YES Network cameras catching Kidd not only calling out the play to his young defenders, but also informing Johnson himself that he knows exactly what was coming next.

    With the game knotted at 112-112, via Deadspin, you’ll never guess what came next:

    Lionel Hollins would be the veteran now charged with running the Brooklyn Nets from Kidd’s old seat.

    Two sides, havin’ a conflict. Jason Kidd loves this stuff.

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  • Vince Carter breaks down in tears after watching Toronto's tribute to him (Video)

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 3 days ago

    There are no second acts in American life, but that may not be the same for the wonderful country of Canada.

    Memphis Grizzlies reserve swingman Vince Carter returned to Toronto on Wednesday night in a game that pitted his Western Conference-leading squad against a just as game Toronto Raptors team. Carter, who played for the Raptors from 1999 until late 2004, has long been reviled by Raptors fans for more or less quitting on his team during his final season with the franchise, but that didn’t stop the team from launching a video tribute to the former All-Star prior to the game.

    Because the tribute includes Vince Carter highlights, you have to watch:

    Because Toronto is full of mensches, they stood up and applauded the man, and because Vince Carter does appropriate things, he broke down and cried as a result:

    The Raptors went on to win a 96-92 contest, with Vince Carter coming off the bench to shoot 3-11 from the floor. Nobody will remember any of these numbers from Nov. 2014.

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  • Vince Carter returns to Toronto in face of a video tribute, and complicated legacy

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 3 days ago

    The Vince Carter story, starting around the midpoint of his third season in the NBA, will always remain a complicated one. Vince will retire in the next year or so as a top-25 all time scorer, he’ll have made eight All-Star games, and if his 10-1 Grizzlies keep up their winnin’ ways, possibly a championship ring.

    He’ll also be known for squandering the above the rim promise his first two years showcased, choosing to live life as a perimeter type. On top of that, there is the question of his final year and a half in Toronto, one that saw him just about outright sabotaging a disappointing Raptors squad that thought they had a franchise cornerstone in the man once nicknamed “Air Canada.”

    Not surprisingly, some Raptor fans don’t know what to think. The very good Raptors blog Raptors HQ opened the floor to the diehards to ask them if it was appropriate, in their eyes, to pay tribute to Carter’s 403 games in Toronto. The response was expectedly mixed:

    He was routinely mocked for milking every trip to the floor he took after injuries that didn’t quite take …

    … and then 2004-05 hit.

  • Revisiting the 'Malice at the Palace,' 10 years on

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 3 days ago

    Two things were kind of a big deal in 2004. Quoting "Anchorman" was of paramount importance to your social appeal, and Detroit Pistons/Indiana Pacers matchups were well worth the price of theater admission.

    The NBA may have scheduled for those two Eastern Conference combatants to play on a relatively anonymous Friday night on ESPN on Nov. 19 of that year, but it also decided to play the two in Indiana on Christmas afternoon in a nationally televised affair. The league certainly understood that the over/under on either game could have been listed at around 150 points, but it hardly mattered. These were championship contenders with a bit of history behind them, and the league rightfully wanted to take advantage.

    The season prior, a very young Indiana team finished with a league-best 61 wins. It met a still-developing Pistons squad in the Eastern Conference finals, a Detroit team peaking at the right time, and Indiana fell in six games. A year older and presumably better, with Reggie Miller playing in likely his final NBA campaign, the Pacers figured to be the favorites in 2004-05. Many of us selected them to win the franchise’s first NBA title once June swung back around.

  • Paul Pierce doubts he'd be drafted in modern NBA

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 4 days ago

    When Kansas product Paul Pierce fell all the way to 10th in the 1998 NBA draft, many people (including those who worked with the Boston Celtics, the team that drafted him) were shocked. Once the shock wore off, and NBA observers moved on to peg Pierce as the top Rookie of the Year candidate, people began to understand why. Top selection Michael Olowokandi felt like the NBA’s next great center, standout Arizona guard Mike Bibby appeared to come straight out of central casting for the Vancouver Grizzlies and each of the other top 10 picks seemed to have great arguments for going wherever they ended up. Even Robert Traylor. Even Dirk Nowitzki, the draft’s great unorthodox unknown, had significant hype in the weeks leading up to the draft.

    What we’re saying is that it made sense at the time. And if a 20-year-old Paul Pierce, coming off of an All-American year, decided to declare for the 2015 NBA draft? Where would he go? Top overall?

    According to Pierce, he might not be selected at all. From an interview on the Dan Patrick Show:

    For those who cannot play the video:

    Only one, as Dallas worked its way toward a trade for Nowitzki, was successful in that regard.

    More NBA coverage:

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  • Blake Griffin says Bulls fans in Los Angeles' Staples Center were loud in 'the wrong way'

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 4 days ago

    It’s beyond clichéd to suggest that nobody in Los Angeles is actually from Los Angeles, but the city does attract its fair share of interlopers hoping to use the burgh’s facilities to make it in their chosen field.

    Along the same lines sit the Los Angeles Clippers, a hopeful championship contender that you can actually root for without feeling like a sellout in a post-Sterling world. It costs far less to see Clippers games than it does Lakers contests, stars Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have ingratiated themselves with the area’s comedy community, Chris Paul is in a trillion commercials … and the Clippers actually win games.

    Not every game, as the team’s slow 5-4 start has many worried their upstart pick for Western Conference champions may not pan out. And apparently, in the team’s nationally televised contest against the visiting Chicago Bulls on Monday evening, displaced Chicagoans (or out and out California-bred Bulls fans) were in full force, rendering the Clippers’ home court advantage somewhat meaningless.

    Don’t think the players didn’t notice:

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