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  • Random NBA Players: Darius Miles

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    The internet is filled with hundreds of thousands of nostalgic tales, but that’s to be expected. As a wise man once said, “Nostalgia is a mild form of depression,” and everyone can get a little blue when thinking back to 1997. With the summer sun shining, however, we’re in a cheery mood. And with the NBA having settled down after a busy first few weeks of offseason transactions, we thought it best to highlight some random NBA players who may have done their best work a decade or two ago.

    This isn’t a list of your “Top 12 File Sharing Services of 2002” or “27 Ways Britney Ruled the VMAs.” No, this is …

    Random Players, NBA Edition

    We continue with Darius Miles.

    By 2000, the NBA was ready for 18-year olds to move the needle.

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    The Los Angeles Clippers, widely regarded as the worst franchise in sports, selected him third overall. It was the highest a prep star had ever gone in the NBA draft, bettering Garnett by two spots.

    Almost immediately, Miles became a martyr.

    He may … he may have been right.

  • LeBron James goes to bat for the 'great' teams that never won a title

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    This is, without a doubt, some late-summer navel-gazing. Trying to deduce some semblance of meaning from a throwaway line from a very famous basketball player, filmed into a smartphone, sent out to fans on a whim. Still, it is Sept. 2, and this is what we do.

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    On Monday, via Uninterrupted on Bleacher Report (and also via Pro Basketball Talk), LeBron James offered this warming take after watching the toe-curling classic that was Game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference finals:

    If you don’t know the history of the game, man, you’ll forget how many great teams didn’t win championships. And that doesn’t mean they wasn’t great, though.

    They're so many great players in this game right now. 2000 Western Conference finals. Crazy!!

    So, LeBron might be covering his tracks – but let ‘im, because you know he’s right.

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  • BDL 25: What the heck will the Dallas Mavericks even look like?

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    The NBA offseason has brought many changes to rosters, coaching staffs, and the list of championship contenders. As we draw closer to opening night, it's time to move our focus from the potential impact of each offseason event and onto the broader issues that figure to define this season. The BDL 25 takes stock of, uh, 25 key storylines to get you up to speed on where the most fascinating teams, players, and people stand on the brink of 2015-16.

    All things considered, everything turned out pretty well for the Dallas Mavericks!

    So, they lost out on their top free-agent candidate, a young center about to enter his prime. Still, the team didn’t have to overpay to keep Tyson Chandler into his mid-30s, and it scored in landing the quite capable and versatile Zaza Pachulia for the pittance of a second-round draft pick.

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    All of these sentiments are, honestly, genuine. The Mavericks actually did very well to carve out something after a brutal few months and, if we’re to be completely transparent, a rough four years in the wake of the 2011 NBA championship.

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  • The Phoenix Suns reportedly have no plans to deal the disgruntled Markieff Morris

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    You’ll recall that Phoenix Suns forward Markieff Morris suffered through a terrible season, mostly of his own design, in 2014-15. He clashed with the team’s coaching staff, the league’s referees, allegedly an assault victim in Philadelphia, the Phoenix fans; and in the Suns’ pursuit of LaMarcus Aldridge during the free agency period Morris’ twin brother Marcus was dealt to Detroit in a salary purge.

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    Eric Bledsoe, Devin Booker, Archie Goodwin, Brandon Knight, Alex Len, Jon Leuer, Ronnie Price, P.J. Tucker, T.J. Warren and Sonny Weems have been playing at US Airways Center since Monday.

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  • Jim Buss on Kobe Bryant playing past 2016: 'It's his decision'

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    Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak has been the most vocal amongst the team’s brain trust about 2015-16 possibly being Kobe Bryant’s last year in the NBA. Bryant’s two-year, $48.5 million contract extension is up at the end of 2016, at the same time that the NBA’s salary cap rises and the team can offer huge heaps of money to free agents to help the Laker franchise turn it over.

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    Co-owners and business and basketball chief operators Jeannie and Jim Buss haven’t been as direct. In fact, if anything, Jim Buss was as direct as he could be in a recent interview in pointing out that Bryant’s 2016 retirement isn’t a fait accompli.

    From a talk with Eric Pincus at the Los Angeles Times, when asked if this was Kobe Bryant’s final season:


    So is this Bryant's final year with the team? "My arms are like this," Buss said, holding his arms wide open, about Bryant's future.

    The hedging at the end is important.

    The question, here, is “his decision”

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  • Shaq and Kobe say they regret their past actions. Some of them, at least.

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    There have been little fissures in the ice dividing former Los Angeles Lakers teammates Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal through the years. The two feuded heavily in both times good (those three NBA championships) and bad (embarrassing playoff ousters to Utah, San Antonio, and Detroit that saw the duo just manage a combined 4-20 record), and they’ve had their moments in the days since Kobe forced a trade that sent O’Neal (happily) to Miami.

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    Well, Shaq has a podcast now; hosted by John Kincade. And in the great Marc Maron tradition of righting past wrongs with his guests, he’s decided to bring Kobe on for a discussion that will clear the air while positing (as Shaq has in the past, while Kobe demurred) that the relationship wasn’t all that bad to begin with.

    John Kincade: Is there anything, Shaq, that you would like to take back in the give and take over the years?

    Kincade: Anything you want to take back Kobe?

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  • Stephanie Ready will become the NBA's first full-time female local TV commentator

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    Stephanie Ready won’t be the first female analyst to work NBA games. Ann Meyers, Nancy Lieberman, and Ready have all worked occasionally on the local level, while Doris Burke routinely works nationally televised games for ESPN.

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    She will, however, become the first full-time local NBA game analyst and color commentator in 2015-16. The Charlotte Hornets announced as much on Thursday:

    FOX Sports Southeast , entering its eighth year as the Charlotte Hornets regional television partner, announced today it will have a three-person telecast team for the Hornets upcoming 2015-16 regular season. Broadcasting veteran Eric Collins joins the FOX Sports Southeast telecast team as the new Hornets play-by-play announcer. He will be partnered with Stephanie Ready , who will become the first full-time female NBA game analyst and former Hornets standout  Dell Curry , who returns to FOX Sports Southeast as a game analyst.

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  • Random NBA Players: John 'Hot Rod' Williams

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    The NBA is a smarter league now. Even if things are about to get silly.

    The league’s salary cap, benefiting from an influx of new television money, is set to hit around the $90 million mark (and possibly more) in 2016. It will shoot well over the nine-figure in 2017, and the league’s players, executives, owners, media and fans are all well aware of this.

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    News about the impending TV money has been around since the 2014 offseason, and this is why the outrage of a then-so-so player like Gordon Hayward signing a four-year, $63 million contract that summer was so brief. It’s why the four-years and $52 million handed to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, a small forward who didn’t take a single three-pointer last season, was referred to in many circles as the bargain of the 2015 offseason.

    That wasn’t the case in 1989, when the Cleveland Cavaliers signed John “Hot Rod” Williams to a contract that genuinely infuriated just about everyone involved.

    What they offered blew everyone away.

    So they did, making Hot Rod the second-highest paid player in the first year of the deal.

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  • Reminder: NBA cheerleaders aren't paid nearly enough

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    The NBA is a multi-billion league featuring a legion of teams that are worth anywhere from half a billion to $2 billion apiece, run by owners who are mostly billionaries at this point.

    And they pay their cheerleaders what essentially amounts to a stipend.

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    We’ve discussed this before, when the New York Post relayed that a cheerleader’s seemingly solid per-game take dissipates quickly once the hours of expected practice, the unpaid promotional work for the team on off-days, and massive personal upkeep that it takes to act as the prettiest person in the arena are factored in. To say nothing of no health insurance, for most.


    That’s how most internships go, though. The difference here is that this is an internship without a future.

    Hell, I’m sure they’d even settle for 77 cents on Kobe’s dollar.

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  • The NBA's all-time starting five: New Orleans Pelicans

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    You’re in your second semester of AP Basketball History, you love really good teams, and you love lists. With precious little drama left in the NBA’s 2015 offseason, why don’t we hit the barroom and/or barbershop, pour ourselves a frosty mug of Barbicide, and get to arguin’ over each franchise’s most formidable starting five-man lineup.

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    Because we don’t like making tough decisions, the lineups will reflect the All-NBA line of thinking. There will be no differentiation between separate forward and guard positions, and the squads will be chosen after careful consideration of individual merits only – we don’t really care if your team’s top shooting guard and point guard don’t get along.

    These rankings will roll out based on when each franchise began its NBA life. We continue with the New Orleans Pelicans, who will soon have a league MVP on their hands.


    This means that, effectively, the NBA’s most recent expansion team, the former New Orleans Hornets, was born in 2002.

    And that this effectively ends this series. Thank you for reading.


    That’s our five. Who are you going with?