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  • Looking ahead to Game 2: Atlanta vs. Cleveland

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    Previously, on The Hawks and The Cavaliers …

    Any amount of good cheer that was supposed to emanate from Atlanta’s first hosting of a Conference finals game since the Nixon administration was shot to bits in a chaotic second half. Cleveland Cavalier supersub J.R. Smith went off to the tune of 28 points in Cleveland’s 97-89 win, with 17 of those points coming in the second half and 24 of those tunes coming from behind the three-point line as he tied an Cavs playoff record with eight three-pointers.

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    LeBron James, meanwhile, went all LeBron all over ATL, scoring a game-high 31 points while adding eight rebounds and six assists. In one game, James’ team stole the home court advantage that Atlanta spent the whole of the autumn and winter earning, while looking all the more like a world-beater despite the injuries that continue to plague the team.

    Three Things to Look For in Game 2

    Kyrie vs. Kyle


    LeBron’s Isolations

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  • Assessing the myriad injuries that have plagued the 2015 NBA postseason

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    This has gotten out of hand, and there isn’t much our hands can do about it.

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    Wednesday night’s DeMarre Carroll injury marked the latest in a significant strain of nasty setbacks that has made the 2015 playoffs a walkthrough of the walking wounded.

    Carroll will be just fine, in terms relative to the scare we saw in Game 1 of his team’s loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He’s still in significant pain and questionable for the rest of his team’s series, however long that lasts. We start with him, as we document a postseason gone twisted. Literally.

    DeMarre Carroll, sprained left knee.

    It looked bad. It really looked bad.

    It wasn’t intentional, but it sure looked like it.

    Donatas Motiejunas, back surgery .

    Jrue Holiday, right leg injury.


  • Looking ahead to Game 2: Golden State vs. Houston

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    Previously, on The Warriors and the Rockets …

    After an initial scare, the top-seeded Warriors roared back to life by doubling-down on the top three facets of the team’s 67-win attack – ball movement, expert defense, and knockout shooting. Houston attempted a comeback behind James Harden’s stellar 28-point night, but Golden State hung on for the Game 1 win with a 110-106 victory. Stephen Curry led the W’s with 31 points, 24 of which came after halftime. Reserve Golden State guard Shaun Livingston had the game of his life with 18 points and seven rebounds, slithering to the goal repeatedly to take advantage of opportunistic buckets while Houston looked elsewhere.

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    Three Things to Look For In Game 2

    Medium Ball

    Dwight’s Knee

    Stephen Curry’s MVP game

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  • Vlade Divac chides coach George Karl for stepping 'it up further than he should'

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    Just before the end of the regular season, one that saw the Sacramento Kings miss the postseason for the ninth straight campaign, Sacramento Kings coach George Karl said a very sensible if somewhat too-honest thing about his top player, DeMarcus Cousins.

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    You’ll recall:

    “I’ve had some great players and I’ve never had one player that I have said is untradeable,” Karl added. “You always got to be ready for the possibility of a great trade that could come your way.

    “I know I respect him (DeMarcus Cousins) a tremendous amount . . . I think our give and take and our communication has been almost on a daily basis . . . until we can really get to a special place together, I think we’ve got to continue to communicate, what he wants and what I want.”

    Cousins played in the first year of a five-year, $65 million contract last season, and 29 other NBA teams would happily line up to offer the Kings a package in exchange for his services.

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  • Dwight Howard officially listed as 'questionable' for Game 2 with a knee sprain

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    The best possible news for the Houston Rockets is still the worst possible news.

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    From the team’s Twitter account:

    Dwight Howard diagnosed with a left knee sprain and is listed as questionable for Game 2.

    This, after this play from the first quarter of the Western Conference finals:

    In a lot of ways, this is fantastic. His scary collision with teammate and longtime friend Josh Smith had all the markings of an MCL or ACL tear. It doesn’t take your knee bending completely the wrong way or some gruesome fall for these things to go pop, and Dwight Howard is lucky he came out of there with just a sprain.

    It’s also not outrageous for players to return to game action right after spraining an ACL – it’s been done in both pro basketball and pro football several times – prior to an MRI and diagnosis. Howard’s return to Tuesday’s Game 1 allowed many to play armchair doctor, but his presence shouldn’t have served as any considerable proof.


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  • Jamie Foxx does a spot-on imitation of Doc Rivers' croak (Video)

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    Doc Rivers’ season as coach and general manager of the Los Angeles Clippers is over. He’s spent the better part of eight months having to talk endlessly to his players, referees, the media, and even his own son. The man needs some tea and honey.

    Don’t think Jamie Foxx, appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s nationally broadcast late night television show, hasn’t noticed:

    (For some reason, the embed go-to isn't working, so you'll have to skip to the 5:42 mark manually. What bother!)

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    I suppose this is better than interrupting a struggling neophyte at an otherwise-unfunny roast Emmett Smith, hosted by Shaquille O’Neal.

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  • The Washington Wizards? Gone till November

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    So, the Washington Wizards may have saved coach Randy Wittman’s job. It’s OK, for those both in the District and out, to wonder if this is the best thing.

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    Nobody should be after a Wittman firing. Though he has his embarrassing missteps this is still a guy with a gig and it’s not exactly cool to call for it. It’s easy to presume the man was coaching for his lunch during this postseason, and in the Wizards’ mangling of the Toronto Raptors and inspired fight (mostly worked without John Wall) against the top-seeded Atlanta Hawks may have earned him a stay.

    In spite of the 82-game test run he put his team through before discovering that small sizes work best in small or large sample sizes. In spite of acting rather prattish in the face of growing (or, “very much in place trending back decades”) evidence that pull-up long two-pointers might not be the preferred option for your very talented scoring guards.

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  • Phil Jackson says the Lakers had 'a handshake agreement' to land Kevin Garnett in 2007

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    The NBA as a whole giddily rubbed its hands together when it became more and more obvious that Kevin Garnett was available on the trade market in 2007. KG, for a few years by then, had always technically been available, but his loyalty toward the Minnesota Timberwolves always got in the way of Garnett waiving his unofficial no-trade clause and being moved on for younger contributors and financial or draft assets. Several teams called up in 2005 and especially 2006, but the Wolves had to waive them all off.

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    By 2007, after three straight seasons in the lottery, something had to give for the 31-year old Garnett. And when Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson, then working on a team that featured a rather angry Kobe Bryant, got wind of the Garnett rumors he saw the perfect opportunity to pair the (at the time) most celebrated preps-to-pros players in the history of the league.

    Phil Jackson, Lakers head coach, 1999-2004; 2005-2011: When I realized that [Garnett] was available and wanted to leave Minnesota, I put a big push on (to acquire him).


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  • BDL's 2014-15 NBA Playoff Previews: Atlanta Hawks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

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    How They Got Here

    Atlanta : It is fair to say that Atlanta shocked the basketball world during its stellar regular season. It’s also fair to say the Hawks have disappointed the basketball world in the postseason, which is a bit of a bummer.

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    The Washington Wizards are a tough out, and there is no shame in needing six games to down the Wiz, but it was the way the Hawks downed Washington that unnerved. Atlanta’s sometimes-frustrating play from the first round carried over into the Eastern Conference semifinals. It’s understandable for the team’s offensive marks to fall against a superb defensive squad like Washington, but despite some strong wins and two 4-2 series victories at no point in this postseason run, have the Hawks given you encouragement that they can come up with the same sustained execution and activity that marked their regular-season turn?

    Yahoo Sports' Grandstanding podcast: Talking NBA playoffs with Kelly Dwyer


    Likely Starting Lineups

    Matchups to Watch

    Jeff Teague vs. bad habits

    LeBron James vs. bad habits

    Kyle Korver vs. The Glare

    How Atlanta Can Win

  • The Memphis Grizzlies? Gone till November.

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    The Memphis Grizzlies remain a weird team. A tough team, a championship contending team, and at times an inspiring team. Still a weird one, though, a squad that flies in the face of what has become the new NBA orthodoxy and is, again, out in the second round. The Grizzlies have run the Western Conference gamut, losing in the semifinals twice, the finals once, and the first round two different times over the last five seasons. All the hallmarks remain, the grits and the grinds and the way they make life hell for opposing teams even when falling in defeat.

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    The run hasn’t given Memphis a championship, and there is rightful fear that the Grizzlies could be prone to break things up. Not by choice, mind you, but because the team’s best player might leave the only NBA team he’s known, and the only American city he’s known since 2001.

    This is where the weirdness comes in.

    Then pray that the 2016 cap increase allows the team the opportunity to build something different – even with Z-Bo and potentially Gasol, Conley and Koufos still around. To acquire shooters, even!

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