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  • Blake Griffin suspended for four games by the Clippers

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    The Los Angeles Clippers have suspended Blake Griffin four games for his role in an altercation with the team’s equipment manager. That suspension will be served following his return to playing action after his rather frightening swollen hand heals, a return that could still be over a month away.

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    From a statement on the team’s website:

    The L.A. Clippers announced today that forward Blake Griffin has been suspended without pay for four games for striking a team employee on Jan. 23 and his wages will be withheld for one additional game for injuries he sustained. The NBA has assisted us in this process.

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  • Monta Ellis doesn't think he could have won a ring in Golden State

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    When the Golden State Warriors traded Monta Ellis to Milwaukee at the 2012 trade deadline, fans were not happy. The team received center Andrew Bogut in return, a supposedly offensively-challenged big man who was dealing with the same sort of ankle woes that guard Stephen Curry was working through. Later in the season, at a function designed to celebrate the career of W’s legend Chris Mullin, Golden State fans booed new’ish owner Joe Lacob mostly in reference to that deal.

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    In a discussion with Jared Greenburg and Rick Mahorn on Tuesday on SiriusXM’s NBA channel, Ellis made an odd claim. He posits that he’s the only person in the NBA that can stop the Warriors from winning a championship – merely by remaining a member of the team. Listen:

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  • Local NBA ratings are way up, with you-know-who leading the way

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    The news for the NBA keeps getting better. Local ratings are up just about all over the league’s landscape, with the champion Golden State Warriors taking in a massive 120 percent increase on their local telecasts as they traipse across the league.

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    The Dubs are also enjoy a massive spike in share, which is rare for teams in larger markets with myriad entertainment options. Via Pro Basketball Talk, here’s the grab from Sports Business Daily:

    The defending champion Golden State Warriors have seen their local TV ratings more than double this season compared with last year’s midpoint. With an 8.42 average rating on CSN Bay Area, the Warriors’ 120 percent spike in ratings is easily the largest increase in the league.


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  • Dennis Rodman offers himself up for the Knicks coaching gig

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    Former Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman was probably tweeting with tongue in cheek on Monday when he sent this invitation out to former coach and current New York Knick president Phil Jackson:

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    Hey @PhilJackson11 @nyknicks, I have a pretty decent resume on the court and I can coach; and I'm available. Call me. @nba

    Rodman has never coached at any level, forever telling reporters that he had no interest in the profession during his playing days. His post-retirement career, since 2000, would seem to confirm as much, as the Hall of Famer seem more interested in working the paid-party circuit than getting back into a basketball gym.

    Jackson fired another one of his former players, Derek Fisher, on Monday. The Knicks have lost nine of 10 and Jackson was not happy in the way Fisher’s offense was performing. Longtime Jackson friend and sideline seatmate Kurt Rambis, whom Jackson replaced as Lakers coach in 1999, will take over on an interim basis.

  • Bobby Jackson: I can do a 'better coaching job' than George Karl

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    The narrative comes easy. The Sacramento Kings will play a terrible Philadelphia 76ers team on Wednesday, and they might lose to a Sixers squad that is trying to lose. The road trip that started with DeMarcus Cousins saying his team “had to get three” wins in four tries will probably end in “nil,” and the team will fire head coach George Karl. The Kings will play at home against Denver on Friday, try really hard and probably win, and re-take to a run at the playoffs after digging itself a 22-32 hole.

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    Last weekend began with former King Bobby Jackson, an integral member of the championship-contending Sacramento squads from the early aughts, diving into Karl on local TV:

    “I think i could come off this set and do a much better coaching job right now.” - @TheBobbyJackson NOT holding back on George Karl

    … and it continued with the embarrassment of fielding an “optional shootaround” in the hours before its eventual loss to Cleveland on Monday.

    Rajon Rondo, who is rarely pleased with anything but himself, was not pleased:

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  • Gregg Popovich, up 21 points, laughs off some trash talk (Video)

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    The San Antonio Spurs got out to a ridiculous start to the proceedings on Friday night. After 24 minutes of play, the team had more than doubled up the Dallas Mavericks – they straight up reversed them. The contest was locked at a 62-26 score when the two teams went into the locker rooms for halftime, even with Spurs star Tim Duncan sitting out his sixth straight game with right knee soreness.

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    Duncan, however, had a front row seat for a very Gregg Popovich-like moment when Mavs reserve big man Salah Mejri decided to talk a little smack to the Spurs bench after scoring with his team already down 21 points. Via SB Nation, watch:

    Pop and Tim laughing about Meijri @poundingtherock

    We’re not sure which is best: Pop being Pop, or Duncan wearing a 1997-styled blazer.

    Or, maybe not:

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  • Oklahoma City is the NBA's next contender to take on Golden State

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    In June 2012, the Oklahoma City Thunder bowed out of the NBA Finals in rather respectable fashion. It was assumed that OKC was in its first of what would be several consecutive pairings with the LeBron James-led Miami Heat, and that this league had its next Lakers/Celtics-styled Finals rivalry on its hands.

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    A million miles away, the Golden State Warriors were a few months removed from watching as their team’s new owner was booed on the squad’s home court, while Rick Barry had to act as the chastising dad telling a sold-out crowd to not chew with their mouths open. The team’s core, Stephen Curry and newly-acquired Andrew Bogut, had zero working ankles between them. Mark Jackson was still the team’s coach. Draymond Green, then at Michigan State, still played basketball for free.

    They play on Saturday night, thank goodness, and the Thunder still employs Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Call it a coin flip.

    Right, Russell?

    Is Westbrook looking forward to Saturday?

  • Jimmy Butler leaves game on a stretcher after a hard fall (Video)

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    Jimmy Butler was in the middle of dominating Friday night’s Chicago Bulls/Denver Nuggets game, working with 18 points and five assists, mostly culled off of fearless drives to the hoop. With just over a minute left in the half, however, he took yet another foul and fell down hard:

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    A combination stretcher/wheelchair was brought out from the back hallways of the arena, which Butler initially got into, then waved off prior making his way back to the free throw line. Archaic NBA rules dictate that if a player is unable to shoot free throws due to injury, he must be ruled out of the game.

    Butler made one of two to bring his point total to 19, then asked for the wheelchair’s return prior to being carted off.

    The two-time All-Star and 2015 NBA Most Improved Player missed Wednesday’s Chicago win over Sacramento with left knee soreness, but he’s easily been the healthiest member of his team both this year and in years past.

    Here's Chicago's initial diagnosis:

    Jimmy Butler has a left knee sprain and will not return tonight.

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  • Should the Knicks attempt to move Carmelo Anthony?

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    As is often the case, even just two weeks removed from it, the NBA seems to have no clue as to how busy or impactful its trade deadline is going to be. We could have another deadline starring Anthony Johnson as its top transaction, or a February surprise that involves Deron Williams (then, a franchise player) being shipped unexpectedly to the Nets.

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    All it takes is the first domino to fall, with the rest of the league reacting as they pursue their various motivations. A shot at the Warriors. Cap space for this summer. More draft picks for a brighter future. Team chemistry improvements. A bright, shining, star.

    Phil Jackson’s plan conflicts with Anthony’s win-now plan. It always did. Kristaps Porzingis, the future of the franchise, is 20. Carmelo is 31 with 12 seasons under his belt and nearly 32,000 minutes on his legs.

    “Why not trade him now when you could get something for him,” said one opposing team executive.

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  • Larry Bird: Not 'many 7-footers walking around at the age of 75'

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    The NBA, relative to its counterparts in pro baseball and football, is a young league. This is why the ‘In Memoriam’ reel that NBA TV played in its 2015 year-end wrap-up show was so heartbreaking.

    The league, which typically can reliably call up any number of retired legends to judge a Slam Dunk Contest or swap stories in league-run documentaries, lost far too many from its ranks last year.

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    In the wake of the passing of several big men came the good news of the encouraged free medical screenings, funded by the Players Association.

    More saddening, however, are the comments from NBA legend Larry Bird in a recent and typically-brilliant Jackie MacMullan feature:

    (Don’t go. Seriously, don’t go.)

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