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  • George Hill learned about his trade to Utah via a voicemail from Larry Bird

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    The NBA moves fast. It’s a league dominated by individual players, and the resulting movement. If you’re not up on everything, you’ll fall behind; and Woj and Shams already know what you’re having for dinner. On August 18th.

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    This is why it’s understandable that Indiana Pacers president Larry Bird left a voicemail for former Pacers guard George Hill to inform him that he’d been dealt away from his hometown team and to the Utah Jazz. If Bird hadn’t left that voicemail, the thinking goes, Hill would have to hear the news via Twitter, website, a TV station’s ticker, or any number of text messages asking “Utah?”

    Via 8 Points, 9 Seconds, here’s Hill’s side of things from a talk with Vigilant Sports:


    Again, Larry Bird had to say something , right?

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  • Dwight Howard thinks his back woes are over 'for the rest of my career'

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    Dwight Howard underwent back surgery in 2012, and co-incidentally or not he hasn’t looked like the same player since. Back and knee issues limited him to half a season in 2014-15, his penultimate year with the Houston Rockets, and though Howard only missed 11 games in his final season with Houston in 2015-16, his presence wasn’t enough to pair with James Harden and turn the Rockets into the championship contender they should have been.

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    In response, the Rockets hired former Howard nemesis Mike D’Antoni as coach during the offseason prior to watching Dwight move back home to Atlanta and the Hawks’ offer of a three-year, $70.5 million deal.

    And his back? Dwight doesn’t want to hear about it. He’ll be fine, he says. From Steve Hummer at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    Will his health hold up, specifically a back that was surgically repaired in 2012 (he also missed 52 games in his first two seasons in Houston with a variety of ailments, mostly knee)?

    Wait, what?


  • Pat Riley discusses Miami's 'tough summer,' divorce from Dwyane Wade

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    Pat Riley says he still has not spoken with Dwyane Wade, a three-time titlist with the Miami Heat that left the team after 13 years to join the Chicago Bulls as a free agent earlier in July. The Heat president, now entering his 22nd season with that title, says he has only begun to draft a long email to his longtime superstar, as yet unsent.

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    As organizations tend to do while burying the bad news, Riley faced the media on Saturday afternoon for his first official offseason press conference of the free agent season. Unsolicited, Riley dove right into the “great regret” that he has for not doing all he could to keep Wade in Miami, even though such a separation (while unseemly in the interim) might be in Riley’s franchise’s best interests eventually.

    From Barry Jackson at the Miami Herald:

    Wow. That must be some hell of an email to look forward to.

    wade: ill sign w the bucks

    riley: ok

    wade (goes to door): ill do it!

  • Kevin Garnett might not be up to returning for his 22nd season

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    When the Minnesota Timberwolves dealt for Kevin Garnett back in 2015, it was initially assumed by most that the future Basketball Hall of Famer was taking one last farewell lap around the Target Center. That he would bow out as an active NBA player once his contract ran out following the 2014-15 season. That his time on the court was just about up.

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    Instead, KG surprised by signing a two-year (!) deal with Minnesota during the offseason, happily taking to a leadership role that would still demand the 2004 NBA MVP would suit up for most contests, even though he could barely get on the court for what turned out to be a cellar-dwelling Timberwolves team down the stretch of 2014-15.

    “I just asked him, ‘Kevin, what are you going to do?’ His answer was, ‘I’d really like to play next year ‘cuz I’d like to go out knowing we got into the playoffs,’ ” Taylor said.

    “Then he said, ‘I don’t know if I can.’


    Tom Thibodeau can relate.

  • Nate Thurmond, Warriors great, dies at age 74

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 7 days ago

    Basketball Hall of Famer and Golden State Warriors great Nate Thurmond died on Saturday, the seven-time NBA All-Star was 74. Thurmond, who was named to the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players list in 1996, had reportedly been battling leukemia.

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    Thurmond was a burly, all-around center whose work in the middle last through two NBA generations. He entered the NBA in 1963 out of Bowling Green State and immediately made an impact as a power forward on a West-leading San Francisco Warriors team that featured Wilt Chamberlain at center. Thurmond made the NBA’s All-Rookie team as the Warriors made the Finals in 1963-64, and he was pressed into service in the pivot (making the first of his All-Star Game appearances along the way) the next season when Chamberlain was dealt back to Philadelphia.

    “We needed a maturity, a guy that had been down roads that we hadn’t been,” said Fitch, who had a master’s degree in psychology. “We got the whole thing with him. We needed what he gave us on the floor and we needed what he gave us off the floor.”

    Nate Thurmond is survived by his wife, Marci.

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  • On Dwyane Wade's 'bittersweet' departure, and the 2016 free agency fallout

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    On Sunday, Udonis Haslem signed a contract with the Miami Heat, the fifth and presumably final agreement of his career with the franchise. The 36-year old veteran is the team’s all-time leader in rebounds, and he’s never played a minute in the NBA outside of a Miami Heat uniform.

    Dwyane Wade, whom Haslem entered the league with in 2003, can say the same. This will change this autumn, though, when Wade dons the colors of his hometown Chicago Bulls, ending a 13-year run with the only franchise he’s ever known.

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    Upon the occasion of Haslem’s re-signing, as we’re sure he’s used to, the questions eventually made their way toward the subject of Wade – a player that shocked the Heat and the NBA as a whole when he agreed to a two-year, $47.5 million deal with the Bulls as a free agent.

    It turns out that Haslem is scratching his head just like the rest of us. From his press conference:

    Relationships are important people!

    … we’re certain we know where he’s coming from.

  • Bryan Colangelo: One of Philly's many bigs 'has to go at some point'

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    The Philadelphia 76ers are set to enter 2016-17 with center Nerlens Noel, forward/center Jahlil Okafor, (hopefully) center Joel Embiid, and top overall pick Ben Simmons – an all-around player whose best position might be point power forward. That’s … a luxury?

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    Perhaps not. It’s why Okafor has seemingly been on the trade block since Day One of his NBA career, and why he chafed so vociferously at an odd-yet-understandable anonymously-sourced report that stated that the Sixers were shopping him, as opposed to listening to offers for him.

    Well, when has the Colangelo family ever passed on the chance to sneer and indirectly rip on the work of Sam Hinkie?

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  • Charles Barkley claims he turned down $3 million to join Twitter

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    Turner Sports analyst Charles Barkley wants nothing to do with social media, and Twitter especially, which is fine. It’d be nice to see a quip or two from the Chuckster on that website from time to time, but between his October-through-June work on TNT (with shows that sometimes go on for over six hours at a time), his many promotional appearances and his ubiquity on the chat show and sports talk radio circuit, it’s not like we’re dying for more Chuck Content. And we love Chuck Content.

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    Though Twitter seems designed for funny dads always on the ready to make bad jokes they later regret, Barkley has kept it at arm’s length. So much so that, he claims, he turned down a $3 million offer to join the website (sponsor as-yet unidentified). Via Uproxx, here’s Barkley on the Dan LeBatard Show on Tuesday morning:

    And why turn down more money than he made in 1990-91, when he averaged 27 points, 10 rebounds and four assists?

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  • Contract-less Gary Neal hops on Facebook to complain about ex-teammates' salaries

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    NBA players aren’t all about the money. Players regularly give up more guaranteed money (or longer guaranteed contracts) at some outposts so as commit to squads that are either more conducive to championship contention, a greater fit, or (happily, save for the lost cash) both at once. For several superstars, merely signing a maximum contract extension means leaving tens of millions of dollars on the table that would have been there had the league and its players’ union not negotiated for maximum salary limits.

    You can be damn sure, though, that when there is a rift in the locker room it probably has something to do with money. There are the occasional personality crises or a potential dance club partner that ended up in the arms of another forward on the team, but by and large the frustration will stem from jealousy over money. Even playing time issues can be tied directly to advanced minutes and the ability to gather more minutes, better numbers, and eventually a nicer position at the bargaining table.

    8 Mil Per Year 6.5 Mil Per Year 10 Mil Per Year 3 Mil Per Year


  • Jason Kidd: Declining Tim Duncan's Spurs was my 'biggest disappointment'

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    The swift and still-shocking “nice guy turns heel by joining those that had previously vanquished him”-storyline that Kevin Durant recently handed us on maxed-out platter has precedent. Almost.

    Durant’s former Oklahoma City Thunder crew fell to the defending champion Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference finals, and though Stephen Curry’s team wouldn’t go on to defend its title, the NBA’s MVP still led the squad that downed Durant’s Thunder. The last NBA player to win MVP before Curry ended up signing with the team that beat him, in a move that almost exactly mirrors what then-New Jersey Nets guard Jason Kidd nearly attempted in 2003.

    It’s a decision he apparently regrets to this day, even after seeing and hearing the backlash that Durant is still taking in a week after his own decision. From ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk: