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  • Michael Jordan plays basketball with Tom Brady, talks trash, does his thing (Video)

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 2 hrs ago

    You guys have the YouTube? No?

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    OK, how about the Instagram?

    Yes, that’s Michael Jordan nailing a step-back jumper in low-tops in the Bahamas while working on the same pickup team as Tom Brady – talking trash, calling for the foul, demanding that his defender look up “Michael Jordan career” on the internet dot com.

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    Brady, thankfully for New England Patriots fans, is taking a less frightening approach to his extended holiday, while Jordan is no doubt pondering just how much he’d be able to help his middling and injury-plagued Charlotte Hornets as they attempt one last playoff push. Also, pro golfer Keegan Bradley was involved. Lots of khaki going on, ‘ere.

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  • NBA Playoff Picture Update: Oklahoma City comes back to ruin the Suns' season

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 14 hrs ago

    With just a few weeks remaining until the NBA postseason, every night can impact the standings. NBA Playoff Picture keeps you up to date on all the most important news for all 16 berths and seeds.

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    Oklahoma City Downs a Dream: The Phoenix Suns aren’t entirely out of the playoff picture at this point, but it will be hard to recover from what the Thunder managed to do to them in 24 swift minutes on Sunday evening.

    Down 20 early in the offering, the Thunder utilized small lineups and desperate chances on its way to a borderline stunning 109-97 win. The team outscored Phoenix by 20 over the game’s final 24 minutes, with Russell Westbrook nearing yet another triple-double (33 points on 27 shots, nine rebounds, seven assists), Dion Waiters offering his bi-weekly “this is why we still take chances on him” contribution of 18 points on 20 shots, and bench performers D.J. Augustin and Anthony Morrow combined for 30 points on only 15 attempts from the field.

  • Craig Sager's leukemia has returned, according to his son

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 18 hrs ago

    Craig Sager, the famed sideline reporter beloved by fans and athletes alike, is suffering once again from leukemia. The Turner Sports legend, who returned to airwaves earlier in March to much deserved fanfare, recently had to cancel plans to call several NCAA tournament games for TNT and TBS.

    Sager’s son Craig Sager Jr. released the news via Twitter on Sunday.

    We wanted to ensure he was taken care of & that we knew what the next steps were before we shared this #SagerStrong

    It nearly goes without saying that the NBA is a poorer place without Craig Sager on the sidelines. Last season’s playoff run and the first chunk of the 2014-15 season just didn’t feel the same without Sager’s mid- and postgame interviews. Everyone at Yahoo Sports wishes Mr. Sager a full and speedy recovery.

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  • Former Knick coach Mike Woodson brought the heat when asked about his ex-team

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 3 days ago

    Assistant coaches rarely speak on record to members of the media, partially because it’s discouraged by most teams but mostly because assistant coaches don’t have to and they’d rather do anything else in the world besides spending time in front of a reporter’s recorder.

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    Special occasions do allow for assistants to bend the rules a bit, such as the setup we saw in New York on Wednesday night when the Los Angeles Clippers visited the Knicks. Former Knicks head coach Mike Woodson was fired by Knicks president Phil Jackson last spring, and Woodson is currently an assistant on Doc Rivers’ Clippers staff. Woodson decided to go on record with a few statements about the current state of the Knicks – only after Rivers asked Woodson to act as the Clippers' spokesman in the face of the media following the Clippers' win.

    "They've had a tough season so far and hopefully they can rebound this summer and put some pieces together and get back to winning basketball games."


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  • Bob Cousy saves his first Bill Russell comparison in 40 years for Hassan Whiteside

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 3 days ago

    Since retiring from the NBA in 1963 and again after a brief return to action in 1970, Bob Cousy has seen plenty of incredible defensive-minded big men. The 86-year old, who winters in Florida, doesn’t have to hover over NBA League Pass every night to see all manner of rim protectors cabled to him on either national TV, or through local Miami Heat broadcasts.

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    Those Heat have had an up and down year, as partially exemplified by the ascension or former journeyman center Hassan Whiteside. And just 41 games into Whiteside’s career with the Heat – that’s half an NBA season – Bob Cousy has seen enough.

    In a good way. He's now comparing Whiteside to the legendary Bill Russell. From Bill Doyle at the Telegram & Gazette:


    "I don't get excited too often about these guys," Cousy said, "but this kid looks to me like a turn-around guy.

    Cousy paused for a moment and added, "Maybe I'm overreacting."

    Still, Bill Russell ?

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  • Randy Wittman and the Washington Wizards seem to be sick of one another

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 3 days ago

    Over a four-day stretch that began last Friday, the Washington Wizards lost road games to the Los Angeles Clippers, the Sacramento Kings, and the Golden State Warriors by a combined 68 points, and the NBA barely blinked. The team’s coaching staff and players may have gone sullen, and the team’s fan base may have lost its collective mind, but the league as a whole chalked it up to just another case of Wizards going Wizard.

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    Wednesday was supposed to change that. A seemingly alert and angry Wizards team lined up against the only other Eastern Conference playoff contender struggling just as much as the Wizards were (and, spoiler alert, are ) – an Indiana team that had lost six straight games. The Pacers then proceeded slap the Pacers around in their own building for three quarters before John Wall’s 24-point second half dragged an unwilling Washington squad back into a tie game during the final stages.

    With under ten seconds left, as he’s done for most of the season, George Hill went to work:

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  • Report: John Calipari 'desperately wants' to return to the NBA

    Kelly Dwyer at The Dagger 4 days ago

    This will always and forever be a yearly thing, so as long as Kentucky Wildcat head coach John Calipari decides to stay at the University atop his perch as coach of the best team in college basketball, while thought by some to be the best coach in college basketball. Of course John Calipari wants a chance to prove himself in the NBA, so says Unnamed and Anonymous NBA Guy, because it’s the supposed logical next step and because he failed badly in his lone NBA attempt as head coach. Because who could possibly be happy making millions as the head coach of college basketball’s great destination team?

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    The one name that could return the Nets to all of those things they thought they could be, that they seemed primed to be, is currently guiding the best college basketball team in the nation, a coach who crashed and burned with the Nets once already. The Nets can be saved by John Calipari.


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  • Dwight Howard is set to return to the Rockets, but he won't solve all Houston's woes

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 4 days ago

    The Houston Rockets, as it is with just about every single NBA team of record, are full of comings and goings. Thanks a lot, injuries.

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    The team confirmed on Wednesday morning that star center Dwight Howard would indeed be returning on Wednesday night, as the Rockets gear up for their playoff push:

    McHale confirms: Dwight Howard will return tonight in New Orleans. He will start and be on a minutes restriction.

    The minutes restriction has not been set, but Dwight has a solid guess:

    McHale said he would keep Dwight Howard on a minutes restriction tonight. Howard thought he might play around 16 minutes in his return.

    If anyone has a solid guess as to what happens to the Houston Rockets from here on out, with 12 games to go in the regular season, go right ahead and shout it out.

    “He is going to meet more people [Wednesday] and get a final determination as to what is going to happen,” McHale said. “There probably won’t be any major decisions made for a week-10 days, see what happens.”

  • Joel Embiid won't play NBA hoops until the Summer League, as the 76ers do

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 5 days ago

    In late June, NBA prospect Joel Embiid underwent surgery to repair the broken navicular bone in his right foot. The initial prognosis, in the days before the 2014 NBA Draft, stated that he’d be out four-to-six months. Depending on the team that selected him, Embiid could theoretically have returned in time for the opening week of the 2014-15 season.

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    Then the Philadelphia 76ers selected him.

    From Dei Lynam at CSN Philly:

    "He is feeling better without a doubt," Brown said. "He is ticking boxes with regards to increased time on the court and reduced weight."


    Whether or not any of this works, as is always the case with the Philadelphia 76ers, will take a long time to determine.

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    Wouldn’t a few late season reps with Noel help Embiid, in this regard?

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  • DeMarcus Cousins is frustrated as he works through a 'circus' of a season

    Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don't Lie 5 days ago

    Towards the end of another crushing season, these last few days should have acted as a respite of sorts for Sacramento Kings fans.

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    The team came through with an impressive win over a tough Charlotte Hornets team on Friday, prior to a one-sided beat down of a reeling Washington Wizards club on Sunday evening. A game against the lowly Philadelphia 76ers and a chance at a three-game winning streak awaits on Monday evening.

    The 23-point win over Washington allowed Kings center DeMarcus Cousins to play the third-fewest minutes he’s played all season, just under 23 in the contest, and it also allowed for Washington Post NBA scribe Michael Lee to sit down with Cousins to allow the All-Star to give his take on a season gone wrong.

    Cousins, as he should be doing, did not hold back:

    And none of them are the most famous name in the room, and for good reason.

    He’s not wrong.